Dutch Royal Family Participate in NL DOET 2019

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The Dutch Royal Family participated in the National Volunteer Day, NL DOET, over the weekend. On Friday March 15, King Willem-Alexander helped at the De Veenweide children’s farm in Soest, a municipality in the province of Utrecht. The King helped with the construction of a fairytale garden. Queen Máxima missed this year’s the National Volunteer Day because last week she “underwent a small, planned medical procedure” and she had to rest.

On the same day Princess Beatrix, Prince Constantijn, along with Prince Bernhard and Princess Annette helped at the warehouse of the Leerende Instrument Orchestra Foundation in Huizen, a municipality in the province of Noord-Holland.
The Royals helped sort and clean musical instruments, Prince Constantijn cleaned the bows of violins and cellos while Princess Beatrix cleaned a silver horn, Princess Bernhard and Princess Annette also helped with the maintaining of various wind instruments.
Hundreds of thousands of Dutch people participated in the National Volunteer Day. NL DOET is organized by The Oranje Fund. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima are patrons of the organization, which was created in 2002.

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  1. Heavenly RESPECT to the Dutch Royalties !

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