Belgian King and Queen at inauguration of Magritte Museum

  May 20, 2009 at 3:11 pm by

King Albert and Queen Paola of Belgium attended the inauguration of the opening of the Magritte Museum. The museum collected over 250 works of the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte, and can present the largest collection of Magritte’s works in the world. the museum is part of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels, and will be open to the public from 2 June onwards.

Prince Laurent and Princess Astrid also came into action today. Prince Laurent visited a school in Diksmuide, while Princess Astrid and her husband attended the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics Belgium at the Charles Tondreau-stadium in Mons.

For a discussion of the activities of King Albert and Queen Paola, visit this thread.
For a discussion of Prince Laurent’s activities, see here.
For a discussion of the activities of Princess Astrid and Prince Lorenz, see here.

There is also a belga picture gallery of the visit to the Magritte Museum here, and an article in French here.

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