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Trekking Across Bhutan with The King!

  November 4, 2016 at 5:47 am by

During the last two weeks, His Majesty King Jigme Khesar Mangyel Wangchuck has been on an intrepid adventure by trekking across some of the most remote and difficult to access places in Bhutan.

The adventure started off in Laya in the far North of the country where the King participated in an event called the Royal Highland Festival before embarking, on 20th October, with a six-day trek to Lunana across a route known as the “snowman trek“, from where His majesty’s trekking continued.

The region of Lunana, which in parts can be completely inaccessible for five months a year, is sparsely populated and notoriously treacherous to reach having an altitude upwards of 5000 metres.  His Majesty spent time visiting numerous villages to meet the local populations as well as glacial lakes from which many of Bhutan’s rivers are sourced.  Due to climate change, the risk of these lakes being breached and causing flooding downstream has increased.  As such, a number of warning systems have been put in place, which the King inspected.

During his visit to Lunana, King Jigme spent a night with a local family before continuing on to Lhedi, where he was met warmly by the people who celebrated the royal visit with traditional songs and dance.

On 1 November, Coronation Day, His Majesty arrived at the last of the settlements to visit – Sephu – where the administrative head of the region spoke of the privilege of having the King to visit, saying:

His Majesty has always placed service to the people above personal comfort. Today, after completing a very long and difficult trek, His Majesty chose to spend this very special day with the people….”

For more images of this event, please click here.  For more news, information and images of the Royal Family of Bhutan, please click here.

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