Crown Princess Mary launches “Turn Down the Sun” Campaign 2009

  April 29, 2009 at 11:51 pm by

Yesterday, Crown Princess Mary donned her sun-smart hat to attend the launch of the Danish Cancer Society’s Sun Awareness Campaign for 2009 at the Technological Institute in Tostrup. The campaign has the theme, “Turn Down the Sun between 12 and 3pm.”

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Arriving at the event accompanied by her lady-in-waiting, Tanja Dorky, the Crown Princess viewed a quick fashion show to prove that being UV-safe doesn’t have to be unfashionable, with all the models wearing clothing which are UV-safe. Mary then gave a brief speech, in which she mentioned that she always uses sunscreen with a “sun-factor of 25”.

The Australian-born Crown Princess also told of the joy she feels that the Cancer Society’s campaign has helped the Danish population follow sun-smart policies. She also drew on her Australian upbringing when speaking of UV radiation, “In Australia it has taken 25 years with many different initiatives to get where they are now. Today, they are a pioneer country in the area…{the Australian prevention} is good inspiration for our sun campaign in Denmark.” This is the third year Crown Princess Mary has launched the Danish Cancer Society’s Sun Campaign.

More information about Mary’s attendance at this event, and her work with the Danish Cancer Society, can be found here.

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