Dutch Royal Family Participate in NL DOET 2014

  March 22, 2014 at 7:08 pm by

View the full gallery at Het Koninklijk Huis

The Dutch Royal Family participated on Friday March 21 in the National Volunteer Day, NL DOET.

King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima helped at the zoo Akkertje in Rijswijk. At this zoo, people with intellectual disabilities take care of the animals under supervision. The King, in the rain, helped out by placing poles along a ditch, along which later a fence was tensioned and he also painted.

Queen Maxima worked with sandpaper and painted a barn and aviary, the windows of the quarantine barn and doors. The King and the Queen stayed at the zoo almost two hours.

View the full gallery at Het Koninklijk Huis

Princess Beatrix, Princess Margriet, Princess Marilène and  Tjalling ten Cate helped at the Institute for Nature Education and Sustainability (IVN) in Zeewolde. IVN is a national organization that aims to involve people in nature. Princess Beatrix and Princess Margriet painted bird houses and exhibition tables. Princess Marilène and Tjalling ten Cate worked outdoor despite the rain; they helped along the nature trail, pruning and the maintenance of the trail.

Around 325,000 volunteers participated in the National Volunteer Day. NL DOET is organized by “The Oranje Fund”. King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima are patrons of the organisation. “The Orange Fund” was created in 2002. This was the 10th edition of NL DOET.

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  1. Dutch The Royal family may our creator keep you in His Light,and your people for a peaceful Nation you have.Your country enjoyes the careing and nurturing you are investing be a mentoring for all those countries ,who are not blessed with the Royalhead for their country.Peace be upon you your country.

  2. Gabrielle Choo says:

    The Dutch Royal family is AMAZING !!!!!!

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