Charles’s Detox Saga continues…

  March 21, 2009 at 11:45 am by

… as the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) have upheld complaints from the public on the herbal medicine additions to the Prince of Wales’s Duchy brand.

The Duchy Herbals line includes ‘Echina-Relief Tincture’, ‘Hyperi-Lift Tincture’ and the ‘Detox Tincture’ which was branded ‘outright quackery’ by the UK’s leading complementary medicine professor Edzard Ernst. Though the MHRA gave Duchy Originals a license to sell the tinctures, the regulatory body didn’t give permission for the potential health benefits of the products to be advertised as there was no proof of their efficacy.

As a result, the Duchy Original’s site has been ordered to remove the adverts for the products until the wording is changed to something ‘less misleading’. There’s been no word from Clarence House on the matter, but surely this new step into healthcare is a long way from the brand Prince Charles created way back in 1990 which was apparently focussed on organic food and farming.

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  1. Santo Tommaso says:

    I feel sorry, for Charles. He and I are the same age but, he’s had a much more difficult life, than I. As a consequence, it’s evident on his face. Gordon Ramsay’s F Word. showed how Charles’ line of prepared foods were worst for one’s health than a steady diet of McDonalds. I hope that he gets a handle on this situation and brings his products up to a level befitting his station in life. I wish him the best in his future endeavours.

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