Danes in Verbier

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The Danish Crown Prince Couple, Prince Frederik and Princess Mary, are currently in the Swiss ski resort of Verbier with their four children.

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As they do annually, the family made the trip down from Denmark to celebrate the Crown Princess’s birthday on February 5th. This year was slightly different, as Prince Frederik and Princess Mary arrived in Verbier almost a week in advance of their children – five year old Prince Christian, four year old Princess Isabella and one year old twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine – with a group of their closest friends as part of Princess Mary’s fortieth birthday celebrations.

And earlier today, the family pulled up in a van to a small hill overlooking the town to participate in their annual photo session. This was the first time that the twins have been seen in Verbier (Vincent and Josephine were with their parents last year, but were kept indoors for the duration of the visit).

Princess Isabella was the clear show-stealer (as she usually is), rolling around in the snow while the twins attempted to try and crawl away.

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2 Responses to Danes in Verbier

  1. Harvey Loumiet, III says:

    Such a great looking family and have always appeared to be as down to earth as possible for people being in that position

  2. My royal says:

    This family must be blessed somewhere, their life is remarkable and seem to be perfect which is not the case in many of us who have to deal with the daily routines, professional, familial obligations
    and all budget constraints that come with.
    Royalties can be fascinating but it is not always fair for the common run of people.

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