Former Romanian King Breaks Ties with German Princely House

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King Michael I, the 89-year-old former King of Romania, issued a royal decree on Tuesday May 10th, stating that the Romanian Royal Family would no longer be connected to the House of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, the German Princely House from whom the royal family descends.

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A press release issued by the royal family stated that the King had decided to break  all “historic and dynastic links” with the Hohenzollerns, and that the royal family would now only be known as ‘of Romania’ and would cease to use any Hohenzollern titles the family was given when Prince Karl became the Romanian head of state in 1886 (he later became King Carol I in 1881).

The royal family’s lawyer, Ioan Luca Vlad, said the decision was made by the King to underline that the family are first and foremost Romanians. The change in the family’s name also carries on the late King Ferdinand I’s 1921 wish that the family be called the Royal House of Romania. Ferdinand I is the grandfather of King Michael, and reigned between 1914 and 1927.

The Romanian royals were deposed in 1947, following the Second World War. The family currently lives in Romania however, and are quite popular amongst the people.

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