The Norwegian Royal Family’s Current Events

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What has the Norwegian Royal Family been up to since the Nobel Peace Prize? Here’s a little summary.

King Harald and Queen Sonja
On the evening of December 10th the Royal couple attended the Nobel Banquet at the Grand Hotel in Oslo which is hosted in honour of the laureate. The Nobel Peace Prize was hosted earlier the day.
The next day King Harald attended the annual Nobel Peace Prize Concert in the Oslo Spektrum. Denzel Washington and Anne Hathaway hosted this year’s concert.

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On December 14th King Harald attended the traditional King’s Guard church parade in the Oslo Cathedral of Holy Trinity Church. You can read an article here.

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Princess Astrid
On December 13th Princess Astrid, Mrs. Ferner attended a traditional Christmas concert in Lommedalen. It was the 15th time the Dissimilis held the concert. This year’s title was: “Christmas Heart”. Princess Astrid is Dissimilis’ protector.
You can read more about the concert and Dissimilis here.

Princess Märtha Louise
On December 11th Princess Märtha Louise hosted “A Christmas Concert from Norway”- a one-hour program of popular classical and traditional holiday music. The concert took place in the Vang Church at Hamar. You can read more about it here.

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