The Princes of Preslav have Separated, but aren’t thinking of Divorce Yet

  October 12, 2009 at 9:24 am by

Prince Kyrill of Bulgaria and Rosaria Nadal formally announced their separation today.

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After weeks of speculations, the spokesman for the former King and Prime Minster of Bulgaria, Simeon Saxe Coburg, confirmed the Princes of Preslav decided to live apart for some time. The spokesman also stressed that the Princes of Preslav, who had celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary less than a month ago, do not consider divorce at the moment and will work to overcome their difficulties.

One of the possible reasons cited for separation is the busy schedule of the pair: Prince Kyrill, the second son of Simeon II and Doña Margarita, works in banking sector in London, while Rosario is equally busy with her own commitments connected with Art matters (she is a professor of History of Art). As a result, they manage to spend increasingly less time together.

Prince Kyrill (45) and Princess Rosario (41) have 3 children: Princess Mafalda-Cecilia (born in 1994), Princess Olimpia (born in 1995) and Prince Tassilo (born in 2002).

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