King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia Current Events, Part 11: July 2018 -

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T.M.King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden's Current Events, PART 11
Commencing July 2018

Part 10 can be found here.

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King Carl Gustaf and queen Silvia attended at the prize-giving ceremony for the Themed Gardens exhibition at Solliden's park.
Solliden invited leading representatives from Swedish parks and gardens to submit contributions, and four entries were selected. They competed for the Solliden Award and the Visitors' Award. The Solliden Award is decided by a jury. The Visitors' Award has been voted by the visitors on 1st July-9th August.
The idea is to add a new dimension to the palace grounds and to give visitors inspiration and new ideas. This year's theme was "Den goda trädgården" (The Good Garden). The participants were:
Hasse "Kvinnaböske" Andersson och Monika Forsberg
Jessica Lyon, Odlings TV
Lilla Bjers gård, Gotland
Pelargonien – Kersti Liss Nadjalin & Johan Andersson, Örebro

The winner for the Solliden Award is Pelargonien – Kersti Liss Nadjalin & Johan Andersson, Örebro
Queen Silvia met the representatives of Pelargonien already before the prize ceremony

The king and queen delivered the Solliden Award to Pelargonien.

The winner for the Visitors' Award is Hasse "Kvinnaböske" Andersson and Monika Forsberg's garden:

The king and queen delivering the Visitors' Award to Hasse "Kvinnaböske" Andersson and his partners.

Belga Image

Hasse "Kvinnaböske" Andersson (70) is a very popular singer in Sweden. He had a concert at Cottage Café (Kaffetorpet) at Solliden on Friday evening.

Photos at court Instagram

Photos at Solliden Palace's Facebook

The king and queen

Also the two other participants got a diploma, here Jessica Lyon from OdlingsTV with the king and queen.
And Lilla Bjers got also a diploma.
Lilla Bjers fick diplom av kungen - P4 Gotland _ Sveriges Radio

Hasse Anderssons trädgård vann publikens pris på Solliden _ SVT Nyheter
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King Carl Gustaf and queen Silvia attended today a seminar "Kröningsåret 1818" (The Coronation Year 1818) arranged by the Bernadotte Society at Örebro Castle.

From Facebook of the County Administrative Board of Örebro. The king and queen were welcomed by governor Maria Larsson.

Court Instagram


Kungaparets härliga besök – hyllade släktingen _ Svensk Damtidning

Jean Baptiste Bernadotte was appointed as the Heir to the Swedish throne at Örebro Castle. Karl XIII signed also the adoption documents in the city.
At Örebro Castle the royal couple was given the opportunity to listen to lecture about Karl XIV Johan entering the Swedish Throne and coronation in 1818.
Kungaparet närvarade vid Bernadottesymposium i Örebro - Sveriges Kungahus
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King Carl Gustaf and queen Silvia participate today in the traditional Swedish King's Rally on Öland. The Rally started at 09.00 from Strand Hotell Borgholm and ends at 15.00. There are 113 cars taking part. The king drives his Volvo PV60 from 1946, the car he got as a gift on his 50th birthday. 220 people collected money and donated the car to the king. In 1997 was the first Rally, at the Rally can participate only those who donated money to the king's gift.

The Swedish King's Rally is this year organized for the 13th time, of which twelve of them have been arranged in Borgholm. The royal couple have agreed to attend, and according to Kjell Gehammar, who is in charge of the Rally, the king has been extremely careful that the rally has to be with and extend the tourist season on Öland.
- He is very much concerned. The first suggestion was to have the Rally in early August, but it was too early, the king thought. He wants to look after the season on Öland.
Kungen förlänger öländska turistsäsongen_ _Värnar om Öland_ - Nyheter i Öland - 24 timmar om dygnet - Helt gratis!
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King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia attended a Music at the Palace concert at the Royal Palace of Stockholm today, September 19:

** profimedia gallery **
King Carl Gustaf and queen Silvia attend at the presentation of the Birgit Nilsson Prize at the Royal Opera.

During the evening, court singer Nina Stemme receives the Birgit Nilsson Prize in the presence of the King.
In addition to the presentation of the prize - the largest music world's prize of USD 1 million - the evening includes a speech by Rutbert Reisch, chairman of The Birgit Nilsson Foundation and a longtime friend of Birgit Nilsson.
Tonight's host is American singer and actress Mary Beth Peil. The concert program is led by conductor Evan Rogister with the Royal Swedish Orchestra. Exclusive song soloists are the Swedish soprano Christina Nilsson and the Welsh World baryton Sir Bryn Terfel. The program consists of Scandinavian songs, excerpts from the Wagner operas The Flying Dutchman and the Masters Singers of Nuremberg, as well as Verdi's opera Falstaff.
In the evening there will also be a video recording with a greeting and homage from Plácido Domingo, 2009 Birgit Nilsson Prize winner. There will also be a recording from a performance with Birgit Nilsson.
The prize ceremony begins at. 18.00 at the Royal Opera House and finishes approx. kl. 19.30. After the ceremony, an official reception for the audience will take place at the Opera.
Birgit Nilsson Prize - Priscermoni på Kungliga Operan 11 okt 2018!

King Carl Gustaf and queen Silvia with Birgit Nilsson Prize Laureate, opera singer Nina Stemme

Belga Image
IBL Bildbyrå

More info about the Birgit Nilsson Prize
The Birgit Nilsson Prize - The Birgit Nilsson Prize
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The royal couple's hectic schedule in New York
The King and Queen are in New York.
But because of the busy schedule, there is no visit to the daughter, Princess Madeleine.
During the weekend, the King and Queen attend a dinner and a board meeting at the World Scout Foundation in New York, USA.
Then, on Monday and Tuesday, they visits the UN for deeper information about the work of the Security Council. In addition, the royal couple will be informed about Sweden's work with children and armed conflict with meetings with representatives of the UN and Sweden's UN delegation.
- They will not have so much free time but probably a few hours here and there, but then it's private, says Margareta Thorgren.
On Monday morning, the King and Queen meet the Security Council, which will tell, among other things, developments in the Middle East. In the afternoon, they will visit the Folke Bernadotte bust inside the UN building.
Later, they have a meeting with ambassador of Sweden to UN Olof Skoog and ambassador of Norway to UN Tore Hattrem, as well as with UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.
Princess Madeleine lives in Florida. However, the busy schedule means that the king and queen can not meet their daughter during this trip.
- It's not going to happen at this moment, said Margareta Thorgren.
Kungen och drottningens späckade schema i New York
King Carl Gustaf and queen Silvia have started their visit at the United Nations Headquarters.
Photo from Facebook of Permanent Mission of Sweden to the UN in New York

From Twitter of Ulrika Modéer, Assistant Secretary General & Director of Bureau of External Relations & Advocacy @UNDP

From Twitter of Veer Foundation

H.M. King Carl XVI Gustav & H.M. Queen Silvia meet w/ the Special Representative for @childreninwar #CAAC Virginia Gamba, to discuss the protection of #children in armed conflict - a priority for #Sweden at the @UN & in the #UNSC.

Photos from the United Nations website
King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden, attends the Security Council meeting on the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian question."Security Council"&lang=&sf="Security Council"&lang=&sf=
Meeting with Secretary-General António Guterres
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Photos from Monday, among others from the meeting with Secretary-General António Guterres

When the King and Queen visited the UN Headquarters in New York on Monday, they had a special request:
They wanted to see the bust of the King's godfather.
- It has been the royal couple themselves who asked to do this, says Anne-Sofie Näslund, Expressen's correspondent in New York
The King and Silvia are on a visit in New York. The official reason for the trip is a visit to the United Nations headquarters in Manhattan, where the royal couple participated in a meeting of the Security Council during Monday. On the agenda, was the situation in the Middle East.
However, on the way to the meeting, the royal couple had asked to make a stop to the UN lobby, to see the famous bust of Folke Bernadotte.
- Queen Silvia has previously stayed at the bust when she was in New York. She asked her reporters to take a picture of her next to it, says Anne-Sofie Näslund.
Folke Bernadotte was cousin of Gustaf VI Adolf and also godfather of the king.
Kungen och Silvia hade en speciell önskan vid FN-besöket
The royal couple visited the UN in New York
On 19-20 November, the Royal couple visited the UN headquarters in New York and the employees of the Swedish UN Representation in the city.
The purpose of the visit was to inform about Sweden's two-year membership of the UN Security Council, which ends until New Year.
On Monday morning, the royal couple was received by Ambassador Olof Skoog at Permanent Mission of Sweden to the UN. At the UN Permanent Mission, the King and Queen were then given the opportunity to greet the employees and attend the morning meeting of the Permanent Mission.
Ambassador Olof Skoog also spoke of Sweden's work in the UN, focusing on the two years as a non-permanent member of the Security Council. Later on Monday, the Royal couple met several UN representatives, including Secretary General António Guterres and Achim Steiner, Head of UN Development Program (UNDP).
At lunchtime, the royal couple visited the Security Council Hall where they listened to a meeting on the Middle East peace process from the audience. In the afternoon, Norway's UN ambassador Tore Hattrem gave a guided tour of the Security Council Hall, donated by Norway to the UN.
In the late afternoon, King Gapa met with Virginia Gamba, the Secretary-General's special messenger for children and armed conflict.
The day ended with a dinner at Consul General Annika Rembe in the residence on Park Avenue.
Tuesday, November 20th
On Tuesday, the day began with a presentation on the UN's work on youth, peace and security with representatives of the UN Representation and the Interpeace organization, established by the UN in 1994.
Then followed a meeting with Bintou Keita, from the United Nations Department for Peacekeeping Operations, who informed about UN peacekeeping work.
The visit was terminated by a representative from the UN Permanent Mission who gave a presentation on Sweden's peacekeeping efforts in Mali.
Kungaparet besökte FN i New*York - Sveriges Kungahus

Allt om kungaparets fem dagar i New York! _ Svensk Damtidning

ROYAL: Silvia und Carl Gustaf beim Besuch der schwedischen Vertretung der Vereinten Nationen und der UNO in New York
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King Carl Gustaf delivered today the Seraphim Medal, H.M. The King's medal and Litteris et Artibus at a ceremony in Lovisa Ulrika's dining room at the Royal Palace. Queen Silvia attended too.
The author and psychologist Hédi Fried who survived Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen received the Seraphim Medal from the King for her efforts in the fight for democracy and human values.
The Seraphim medal is presented for outstanding services of a humanitarian nature or of general benefit to society. The medal is the oldest reward or medal of merit and is the only medal whose king portraits are not replaced on the throne changes. Therefore, it bears King Fredrik I's picture. The Seraphim Medal is distributed very sparingly.
Kungen delade ut medaljer - Sveriges Kungahus

Photos from court Facebook, at this photo behind on the left we see Hédi Fried's sister Livia Fränkel, the sisters survived together Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen.

The king and Hédi Fried

Victoria is meeting Hédi Fried tomorrow.
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On Wednesday, February 13, the King unveiled a portrait bust depicting August Strindberg in the Bernadotte Library at the Royal Palace. The Queen also attended the ceremony.
The portrait bust is a gift to the Bernadotte library from Karl-Magnus Fredriksson, who was appointed as the court singer by the King in 2004 and is also active as a sculptor.
Before the King uncovered the bust, he said:
"I hope it will serve as a reminder to all our visitors; both about the library's exciting history and about the rich Swedish heritage that it is part of.”
Karl-Magnus Fredriksson told about the sculpture and his work with it. During the ceremony, he performed three romances together with pianist Mattias Böhm.
Kungen avtäckte August Strindbergbyst - Sveriges Kungahus

The king's speech
H.M. Konungens anförande vid avtäckning av skulpturbyst föreställande August Strindberg, Bernadottebiblioteket, Kungliga slottet, onsdagen den 13 februari 2019 - Sveriges Kungahus

Photo at court Facebook
Court Instagram

Belga Image
ROYAL: Silvia und Carl Gustaf enthüllen eine Büste von August Strindberg in Stockholm
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Photos from court Facebook, at this photo behind on the left we see Hédi Fried's sister Livia Fränkel, the sisters survived together Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen.

For those who remember Victoria's participation in the memorial service at Stockholm's Great Synagogue on Holocaust Rememberance Day this year, Livi Fränkel is the lady with the walker who followed Victoria out of the synagogue.
I've said it before, but I feel its worth repeating that handing out the award to Hédi Fried was, in my opinion, a very good decision by the King.
For those who remember Victoria's participation in the memorial service at Stockholm's Great Synagogue on Holocaust Rememberance Day this year, Livi Fränkel is the lady with the walker who followed Victoria out of the synagogue.
I've said it before, but I feel its worth repeating that handing out the award to Hédi Fried was, in my opinion, a very good decision by the King.

Crown Princess Victoria will also hold an audience with Hedi Fried tomorrow.
Crown Princess Victoria will also hold an audience with Hedi Fried tomorrow.
Yes, I'm looking forward to that. They've met many times and were both part of the Swedish delegation to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz in 2015. Hédi was standing right next to Victoria when Rolf Fredriksson, a reporter from SVT, asked his infamous question about her ancestor's Nazi involvement.
A completely justifiable question that Victoria handled well, but one that was made at the wrong occasion and shocked many of those around them so much that audible gasps can be heard.
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King Carl Gustaf delivered H.M. The King's medals for contributions in Swedish sport at a ceremony in Princess Sibylla's apartments at the Royal Palace. Queen Silvia attended too. The medal, which is new from 2019, is in the 5th size in gold and on the medal ribbon there is a horizontal bay leaf branch in gold.
Daniel's second cousin Frida Hansdotter, the olympic champion in women's slalom, was one of the recipients.
Kungen delade ut medaljer till idrottare - Sveriges Kungahus

Court Instagram

ROYAL: Silvia und Carl Gustaf nehmen an Medaillenverleihungen für Verdienste am schwedischen Sport im königlichen Palast teil

At the ceremony attended, among others, Andre Myhrer, Frida Hansdotter and the women's curling team, who won the Olympic gold in South Korea.
- It's a great feeling. You feel incredibly welcome, so it's really nice to come here, says Andre Myhrer.
- Continue with this so you keep the Swedish flag high abroad where you compete, we think it is fun that can not be included but see it at home on TV.
Several of the medalists also experience it as a great support with a royal family who are personally so interested in sports:
- It is so awesome to have a king who genuinely becomes happy about how it goes for us. We really feel it, and it is an incredible honor that we got to meet him in the Olympic village and feel his support, says Anna Hasselborg in the Swedish curling national team, who tells how King Carl Gustaf greeted the team during the Olympic Games in South Korea last year.
Svenska idrottshjältarna hedrade av kungaparet _ Kungligt _ Expressen

Today it was a medal award cermony at... - Swedish Press Agency _ Facebook
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King Carl Gustaf and queen Silvia arrived to Austria yesterday to follow the Fis Nordic World Ski Championsships in Seefeld.

Aftonbladet's Sportsbladet meets a really snotty-nosed king before the women's skiathlon. He coughs a couple of times before giving his views on the upcoming competitions.
- You should always have high expectations. You have to. Then what happens, we'll see. It's just to keep all your thumbs in your pockets and hope that everything goes well. That waxing works, that skis work. Now it has to work.
Ebba Andersson is ill. How disappointed did you get when you heard it?
- It's a shame. It would be fun to see how strong she is against the other international comrades, with whom she in fact skis with and meets a lot. It would have been fun to see how far she had come. But there are more competitions. They are young.
Are you going to cry and shout now?
- No, I'll take it easy. I have a sore throat.
The royal family has grown over the past few years, so the calendar is full of meaningful days. One of them is just today. Princess Estelle turns seven, which the royal couple cannot celebrate home in Sweden.
Though Carl Gustaf has been forethoughtful.
- We greeted her before, the day before yesterday, so it is already done. It is important to stay ahead of time all the time so that you are involved, he says.
What did you give as a gift?
- I can't talk about that.
Kungen på skid-VM – kan inte heja _ Aftonbladet

The king and queen followed men's and women's skiathlons.

Yesterday evening king Carl Gustaf and queen Silvia attended at a gala evening:
Karl-Henrik Sundstroem, governor Guenther Platter (Tyrol), King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia and president Peter Schroecksnadel (OESV)

Van der Bellen traf schwedisches Königspaar in Seefeld – Südtirol News

King of Sweden Carl XVI. Gustaf & Queen Silvia are visiting #Seefeld during #Seefeld2019. Welcome to #Tyrol! With them are the Swedish Ambassador, Mayor of Seefeld Werner Frießer, Federal President of Austria Alexander Van der Bellen and Country Hauptmann Günther Platter

ROYAL: Silvia und Carl Gustaf bei den FIS Nordischen Ski Weltmeisterschaften in Seefeld

From the gala evening
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Today king Carl Gustaf and queen Silvia followed the Women's and Men's Team Sprints. The swedish women won the gold medal, in men Sweden became fourth.
Image - Free Image Hosting - View Image

The king and queen visit the ski team at the hotel in Seefeld. There, the King and Queen Silvia will have dinner together with the national team skiers and all the leaders.
It will be a golden dinner after Stina Nilsson and Maja Dahlqvist's victory.
- We have had a tradition during championships. It is appreciated by everyone, says Johan Sares, head of the Swedish Ski Association.
But the king will have to keep a certain distance to the riders.
The king has cold
- He has been wheezy in the bronchial tubes for a long time and has eaten antibiotics. But there should not be a risk of infection, says Johan Sares.
- He will not sit next to any skiers, says Johan Sares.
No royal hugs then?
- No. The queen will take care of those, joked Sares.
Kramförbud för kung Carl XVI Gustaf i skid-VM _ Aftonbladet

The king and queen are at the medal ceremony watching the swedish ladies Stina Nilsson and Maja Dahlqvist getting their gold medals.
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I found this interesting but I stumbled upon Kungahuset's article about the King and Queen in Austria however when you click on it, it appears to be a broken link. However if you "translate the page" you can read the article. It does not appear on the website's homepage or on the article archives so perhaps they will release it tomorrow? Never the less here it is- very brief.
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