Prince Charles: Green Hero or Hypocrite?

  February 17, 2009 at 11:56 am by

In March the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall, together with a 14-strong entourage, will visit Chile, Brazil and Ecuador on an official tour.
The visit will focus on the key issues of environmental sustainability and climate change.
The Prince has decided to take a private jet for the 16.000-mile trip. The plane will be an Airbus 319 which seats 29. At the flight to South America the ‘royal jet’ will release 322 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

After the announcement of using a private jet for the ‘environmental tour’, Charles was (again) accused of hypocrisy. The criticism came from Labour MPs, the press and is also a topic at The Royal Forums.

Should the Prince, who promotes the reduction of the carbon footprint, refuse to go on official tours involving long-distance flights?

To be an ambassador for the environment, be someone who fights against climate change, who works for the rescue of the rainforest, the Prince should visit countries around the world, hold talks with people there, see projects and the situation with his own eyes.
To mange results it needs his vist, his presence on the spot!

Is it a good choice to travel by a private jet?
Hard to say exactly how many less tons of carbon dioxide would produce a commercial flight, pro person, with this jet or that plane.
But it would be a better choice for the Prince to go to South America by a public flight.
It would reduce costs, avoid criticism and would be more plausible for many.

Is Charles a green hero or a hypocrite?
The Prince is a keen fighter and an important pioneer for the environment and climate change.
He’s also a figure with a globetrotting lifestyle, someone who lives a life full of comfort. He’s a Prince, he’s the heir to the British throne!

No, he isn’t a hypocrite, his daily work shows it.
Yes he’s a green hero, but it does not mean that he will rent a cave to live in and travel with a coach next time…

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4 Responses to Prince Charles: Green Hero or Hypocrite?

  1. Who's paying for the great big jet, the planet? says:

    What does Prince Charles know about the state of this planet, he does not even live on the same planet as the rest of us! For most of his life, he has lived in gilded cages like Buckingham Palace, officially the most energy inefficient building in the whole of London.

    This is the Prince who has so many servants waiting on him that he frankly does not know what to do with them. Charles has one servant whose only job is to run his bath water, very energy efficient, not!

    Prince Charles has never cared about anyone but himself! Remember how he treated his ex-wife Diana? His self-righteousness knows no bounds. Take recently when he stopped the Christmas dinner in London traditionally laid on for his servants. He claimed that a recession meant that such an outing could not be justified while at the very same time he extravagantly sent two of his prize pigs one thousand miles to Italy so that they could be turned into sausages!

    The guy is beyond a fraud, he is a sick joke! When he tells us, his subjects, his captive audience, to listen to the planet, how can you react to such hypocrisy except by sneering or by laughing out aloud?

    (By the way, the Airbus 319 is a large plane and normally comfortably seats 120. Prince Charles had it fitted in luxury to seat only 29)

  2. paco says:

    This trip on a private jet to South America cost over a $1million. Princess Anne went the year before at about 1/4 the cost by flying across the ocean on commercial flights, then renting a smaller private jet on location.
    It really bothers me that he spent $50K to fly from London to Belfast for an overnight trip. That’s 310 miles each way. One could argue that a private jet is necessary to go to South America on a 12000 mile trip. However, you could rent a turboprop to take at least 9 people on a 310 mile trip. He could send some of his staff commercial or in a small air taxi. I don’t know what kind of plane he chartered for $50K for an overnight, but that is much more than your garden variety business jet.
    In comparison, Ryan Air collects about $40K if it fills every seat on an a Boeing 737-800 both directions from London to Belfast. That is 189 passengers plus the crew. Not sure what an environment saving turboprop would cost, but somewhere in the range of $8K-$10K. That is for a state of the art Ferrari designed turboprop that is capable of an economy speed of 370 mph. I want to emphasize that we are talking about a very stylish plane, not a slow little Cessna Caravan.
    Businessmen can charter from the same airport where Prince Charles flies from. A four passenger air taxi which is a small private jet without a bathroom can be chartered to pretty much go anywhere in the UK and return the same day for $4K to $5K. The argument is that the use of such a jet allows landing in smaller more convenient airports, minimizes security and transport to a major airport, and turns a standard overnight trip into a one day relatively hassle free flight. It does require a bunch of middle aged men not to pee for an hour. Considering executive salaries, hotel stay, plus the chance for a quick preparation meeting on the jet it can be cost effective. You would have a hard time justifying $50K on an expense account, even if you were a CEO.

  3. Diana Lucia Zotescu says:

    I am certainly a supporter of monarchy and of Royals, be them from Romania, England or elsewhere. However, I consider that all members of Royal Families should, when embarking upon humanitarian or ecological missions (or such likes), organize their activity in such a way that it would not contradict the cause they want to support. Otherwise, it would be like running a campaign to save the wildlife dressed all in furs. Saving credibility implies accepting sacrifice of one’s confort. A different approach of the matter would lead to all these beautiful principles ringing hollow. And We certainly do not want that, now do We?
    prof. Diana Lucia Zotescu

  4. Gabrielle Choo says:

    NO DOUBT a HERO !!!!!!

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