The Queen Sofia Foundation

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Queen Sofia attends the Degesco symposium on dementia genetics at the Alzheimer's Center Reina Sofia Foundation

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Here's a video of H.M. Queen Sofia attending the "Juan Antonio Carrillo Salcedo to Human Rights" Award at Sevilla University.

Anyone notice the magnifying glass on queen Sofia's desk...priceless!!!
I love that even though she is not THE queen, Socia is still very active with her foundation and other events as well. Proof that a queen stepping down does not mean they are put out to pasture or banished to the attic of the palace. It is the same for the now Princess Beatrix in Belgium.
Queen Sofia is the most popular Spanish royal and retirement for the kings mother would be most a most reckless move by casareal ;)
Queen Sofia and the Queen Sofia Foundation are donating 30 000 € to the „All for Ukraine" campaign launched by the Spanish Federation of Banks of Foods.

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Queen Sofía, executive president of the Foundation that bears her name, visited the Castellón Food Bank today 25 April , with the aim of learning about its management and daily operation, coinciding with the entity's 25th anniversary.


After the event, she went to Grau de Castelló, where she ate a menu at La Marina restaurant consisting mainly of fish from the local fish market


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