The Prince of Orange and Princess Máxima, Current Events 1 (January 2003 - May 2004)

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Hey Sylvia! I cannot tell. It could be her shirt, or she could have a bit of a tummy. If she were pregnant and showing she'd be at least 3-4 months along, wouldn't she? Don't you think the palace would have announced the pregnancy by now? Perhaps, that's something that we will be hearing from the palace soon! ;)

According to ppl over at BRMB, she's trying to or has already quit smoking. And ppl tend to replace cigarettes with food, so she may have just experienced a weight gain from that.
Hi Julia, Kelly, and Sylvia.

Thanks for posting the pictures Sylvia. :)

I agree that it could be a little excess weight as Mette-Marit has gained since she quite smoking. Also, Maxima is a little over thirty and unless you work out a lot and are very rigid about crunches and ab workouts then you can develop a small pouch-no biggy. ;) I have noticed that since Mette-Marit quit smoking she has gained weight in her abdomen as well, so it may have to do with the fact that she no longer smokes.

It could also be Maxima's shirt as Julia mentioned. I know that there are certain ways in which a sweater may fall over my pants that may cause it to look like I'm carrying a little bundle. If you're wearing a belt it looks even worse. :D ;)
Does anyone have any pictures of Princess Maxima on Prinsjesdag? There is a certain photo of her on the balcony with her back facing the crowd and it shows the hairstyle she wore that day. I saw it quite some time ago on the other message boards but never saved the picture. I now have an event later this week and would love to use the hairstyle. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks.
Just found this picture of Princess Maxima during the Italian State visit. Maxima is making a really funny face. The photo is from Yahoo News.


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Crown Prince Willem-Alexander's wife has a 1,000-watt smile and a wardrobe to match. Often seen wearing vivid hues, she doesn't shy away from adding a splash of personality, whether in the form of large earrings, a stunning necklace or brightly painted fingernails

For photos go to: HELLO!
April 16, 2003: Maxima & Willem-Alexander visit the city of Wassennaar.

Polfoto picture.

April 16, 2003: Maxima & Willem-Alexander unveiled a statue depicting a couple dancing tango.

Polfoto picture

April 16, 2003: Maxima & Willem-Alexander looking at the statue they just unveiled.

Polfoto picture.

April 16, 2003: MAXIMA.

Polfoto picture.

April 16, 2003: MAXIMA.

Polfoto picture.

April 16, 2003: MAXIMA.

Polfoto picture.


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what do you think of her???
she is so cheerful..I like her and she is also free-spirited and an outgoing princess... ;)
Maxima to me is not really what "I" would call Princess material. I am a more Mathilde type of girl, always put together, quiet and not flamboyant.
I think Mathilde and Maxima each have their own merits and add their own unique touch to their respective monarchies. Maxima, in my eyes, has more spark and spunk in her. While Mathilde possesses a very subtle and quiet elegance. Each woman carries herself quite well.

It is sort of like the present reigning Queens. Queen Margrethe has more spark and spunk in her personality than say Queen Sofia. Queen Margrethe's outfits tend to be bolder and she likes patterns in her clothes and occasionally designs her own clothes. Whereas Queen Sofia dresses in more neutral colours and she favours solid tone on tone suits. Two very different women, but both make wonderful contributions to their respective countries as Mathilde and Maxima do.
Originally posted by noor76@Apr 30th, 2003 - 1:51 am
Maxima to me is not really what "I" would call Princess material. I am a more Mathilde type of girl, always put together, quiet and not flamboyant.
I agree with you Alexandria.

I guess it depends on the individual's idea of "Princess Material." I don't think that Maxima is any less suitable in her role or has been less of a Princess than Mathilde. I wondered about her a bit at first, but she seemed to be charming and handled all of the controversy so well, that she simply silenced any doubts that I had about her.

Maxima has a lovely personality and she is energetic and vivacious. Mathilde as has been said has a more subdued personality. She is extremely pleasant but not as outgoing as Maxima in that it is usually clear as to how moved Maxima is about something. Mathilde simply expresses herself differently. Maxima reminds me quite a bit of Princess Alexandra of Denmark in that they both have very lovely smiles and have quite a bit of energy and appear to be extremely warm and approachable. Even their taste in clothing is similar in that they both wear beautiful vibrant colors and are not afraid to go against the norm which reflects their personalities. I don't think that Princess Alexandra has been any less of a Princess because her personality and style is different than that of Princess Mathilde or Infanta Cristina for instance.

I also find that Maxima is always very well put together. She has different tastes than that of Mathilde (who herself has her own unique style), but she is always put together. She certainly does not run around barefoot looking scruffy with dirty finger nails and runny mascara.

Even though I can identify with Maxima or Alexandra more as they are more appealing to me personally, I certainly do not think that Princess Mathilde isn't very lovely and hasn't done a wonderful job so for. I think that much of it has to do with the Princes as well who are obviously attracted to different types of women. ;)
Thanks so much for the pictures. Máxima looks stunning!
Maxima car crash hearing continues

The court case that Wassenaar man Gerrit Jan van der Bent launched against Princess Maxima in a bid to claim compensation from a car accident in 2001 continued on Friday.

Van der Bent’s lawyer was scheduled to ask the court to rule that his client was not at fault in the 18 October 2001 accident.

The accident involving Princess Maxima and Van der bent occurred on the Leidsestraatweg near the royal palace, Huis ten Bosch.

Van der Bent, who was driving a small Smart car, suffered a complicated broken leg. Van der Bent was unable to work for several months and is demanding that Princes Maxima pay him compensation for lost income.

The case hinges on whether the exit road from the palace is classified as an exit. If it is, Princess Maxima should have given way to Van der Bent.

The lawyers representing Princess Maxima — who was engaged to Crown Prince Willem-Alexander at the time of the accident — claim that the palace exit road should be considered a normal road and that the princess had right of way because she came from the right.

The lawyers also claim that Van der Bent was speeding and was illegally driving on a road set aide for local traffic only.

Van der bent launched the legal action after the Royal House offered him an amount of money he considered was too low.

The extended case has heard testimony from several witnesses, including Princess Maxima and the ruling will be handed down on 2 July.

From Expatica.
This is soimething I made

you will find more at the Fan Art thread


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Is it true that there was a romance between these two royals? I read a rumour but I can't count on it.
Valentina may i ask where did you read that B.S. story? From one of those German tabloids more likely.
They and any other tabloids are all about lies. Let me tell you something. There is no and never will be any romance between that :censored: Haya and Crown Prince Willem-Alexander!!!! He would never
choose Maxima over that ugly worthless Haya!!!! Crown Princess Maxima is much better looking than and have more elegance than :censored: Princess Haya. That rumor have better not be true. The
Crown Prince of Oranje loves Maxima and only her. Willem-Alexander and Maxima will always be a couple!!!! So get that straight!!!!! :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: The idea of a romance between
Willem&Haya makes me :sick: :sick: :sick: :sick: The very idea :yuk: :yuk: :yuk: :yuk: And another
thing if Princess Haya ever come them. I will kick her uppity butt!!!!!! :furious: :furious: :furious: :furious:
Whoops i forgot to add a word. I meant to write If Princess Haya ever come between them. Duh!!!!!
:blush: Dumb ass me!!!! :blush:
I think valentina meant before he met Maxima.
And there's nothing wrong w/ romance between two royals, as long as after a breakup that they can remain cordial.
Haya also seems like a rather pleasant person. She's certainly pretty.
Yes, valentina mean't before Maxima. Also, please, no swearing and try not to get so excited. :)

Sorry Julia. :flower: I did lost my head for a minute. It's that i dont like Haya at all. Crown Princess Maxima is
one of my most favorite Princesses. There's many other names i can call Haya. But i wont use them
on this forum.
...really lovely chignon.


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Please, what is chignon? Is it something to do with her hair? :blush:
yes, sorry! :blush: A chignon is a way that you fashion your hair in. The way Maxima is wearing her hair in the photo is in a chignon of sorts. ;)
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