The Duke and Duchess of Bragança and Family: February 2008- December 2014

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D. Duarte Portugal está doente e maltratado -

In his traditional messageof December 1st, D. Duarte de Bragança, says that Portugal is "sick and abused" and that the international financial and economic crisis does not justify the present situation of the country. In his speech, delivered at a dinner hosted in Convento do Beato, Lisbon, the head of the Royal House made a very hard diagnosis of the Portuguese situation and criticized what he calls the excessive expenses involved in the celebrations around the centennial of the Republic.

1.º Dezembro: D. Duarte favorável a uma figura legal para a união de casais do mesmo sexo - NotÃ*cias Lusa - SAPO Notícias

D. Duarte de Bragança said to agree on a legal frame for homosexual couples, but stressed today that such situations can not be mixed with marriage, whose main vocation has been, for centuries, that of raising and protecting children. The heir to the throne admited however other forms of legal protection to all the couples that live together.
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I don't know him very much, but he seems to me to be a wise man...He could be a good King for Portugal imho...
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Are there any photos of the Mass in memory of D.Carlos and D.Luis Felipe ?

HRH was briefly interviwed by one of the national channels entering the church
D.ª Isabel appears on the latest issue of Caras magazine. No real substance in the interview... she talks about her role as mother, wife and collaborator with some projects, such as the Alzheimer Portugal association. Her dreams, hopes and aspirations for a more solidary world...
(from Caras)
My friends and I are admiring D.a Isabella very much.:)
Do you know how old he turned? His cake was pretty nice.:)
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They are both sweet and very interesting looking princess and princes.
Papa 2010. Bandeiras na janela para Bento XVI (falta saber a cor)

Responding to intentions of receiving the Pope with black flags (a protest to the pedophilia scandals involving the Catholic Church), the Duke and Duchess of Bragança are promoting a "banner of peace", to be displayed on the windows.

The royal couple will closely follow the first official visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Lisboa, Fátima and Porto, and they have already chosen their gift to Ratzinger: a statue of Our Lady of the Rosary.

Photos from and 24 Horas:
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