State Visit from Pope Benedict XVI: September 16-19, 2010

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Pope Benedict XVI confirms first state visit to UK -Times Online

The Pope has today confirmed that he will be visiting Britain later this year, the first state visit to this country by the worldwide head of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Queen has, in the last few days, issued the formal invitation to the Pope to visit for four days in mid-September. The visit will start in Scotland and take in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Birmingham and London, where the Pope will deliver an historic address in Westminster Hall, Parliament. It will be the first state visit by a Pope to Britain, as that of his predecessor Pope John Paul II in 1982 was a pastoral visit only.
The Queen and the Pope's Visit, Sept 16 & 17, 2010

Pope Benedict XVI will visit Scotland in September this year.

It will be his first visit to Britain since his enthronement, and the first visit of a Pope since John Paul II.

Benedict XVI and Queen Elizabeth II will meet each other as Heads of State.
No sooner is the Pope's visit announced, there is opposition to the visit by the National Secular Society, in the shape of a Ten Downing Street Petition:

BBC News - Petition against Pope Benedict XVI's UK visit

"We the undersigned, petition the Prime Minister to ask the Catholic church to pay for the proposed visit of the Pope to the UK and relieve the taxpayer of the estimated £20 million cost......"
Pope visit: Pomp of state visit for Benedict XVI in secular Britain - Telegraph

The papal plane touches down tomorrow morning in the most secular country Benedict XVI has ever visited, yet he will still be met with the full pomp and ceremony of a state visit.

A 'secular' country with an established church seems a contradiction in terms.

A wouldn't have thought that Britain was any more secular than Australia with the addition of having a Head of State who is also Supreme Governor of another Christian denomination.
I believe that secular in this case refers to the people and not to the government. - Home of the Daily and Sunday Express | UK News :: Queen’s speech of praise as she welcomes the Pope

The Queen will praise the Roman Catholic Church for its work on education and social care as she welcomes Pope Benedict XVI to Britain tomorrow on an historic State Visit.

She will highlight the Church’s work in faith schools and caring for the sick and elderly in a public speech and during private discussions at Edinburgh’s Palace of Holyroodhouse, sources said yesterday.

First pics of day 1:

Queen Elizabeth welcomes Pope Benedict XVI as he arrives at the Palace
of Holyroodhouse, in Edinburgh, Scotland, Thursday September 16, 2010.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** gettyimages gallery **
I think I saw Earl of St Andrews among the guests at the State welcome in Edinburgh. Am I right? Any info about other members of the Royal Family, except the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, meeting the Pope today? Will the Pope meet the Prince of Wales? Will the Pope, at a dinner for example, meet any other British Royals?
When can I saw again the broadcast of the Pope's arrival at the airport and to the Holyroodhouse Palace?
POPE'S UK VISIT: Benedict XVI likens rise of atheism to Nazis | Mail Online

I'm very glad that he's visiting.

I think I saw Earl of St Andrews among the guests at the State welcome in Edinburgh. Am I right? Any info about other members of the Royal Family, except the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, meeting the Pope today? Will the Pope meet the Prince of Wales? Will the Pope, at a dinner for example, meet any other British Royals?
When can I saw again the broadcast of the Pope's arrival at the airport and to the Holyroodhouse Palace?

I doubt you've seen Earl of St Andrews at the state arrival, i've looked throw the pictures and they would have said his name, I think.

A state dinner isn't on the agenda, but he might meet other members in private. There hasn't been any articles to say that he will meet any other members of the royals, we might see some pictures when he's down in London tommorow.
If you check out YouTube, i'm sure something should be up or a news website.
I don´t think that Pope Benedict ever has a formal dinner on the many state visits he has made.
From what I could see he was made very welcome in Scotland.
Camilla was married to a Catholic, but I am not sure whether her children have been brought up in this religion or whether they are C of E.
I'm pretty sure there was Earl of St Andrews... I googled him right now and I recognize his face... I was watching live webcast at the website during the ceremony of state welcome, when the Queen and the Pope were giving their speeches. He was there, I believe in the same group as Cardinal O'Brien, Dr Williams and First Minister Salmond.
I think the Catholic Windsors may have huge interest in meeting the Pope, their faith's leader. It is a rare occassion, as he is in the UK, where they are on a privilleged position, and as a guest of the Queen, their cousin.Why wouldn't they use this opportunity?
I just saw a news report here in New York that the Queen welcome Pope Benedict in Scotland. They said this was the first official visit of a pope to Great Britain in 500 years. They showed a picture of an outdoor Mass in Scotland. It looked like an extremely large turnout for a country, Scotland, that is probably 99% Presbyterian.
POPE'S UK VISIT: Susan Boyle and 70,000 drown out the cynics | Mail Online

After all those threats and all that ranting from the secular lobby, it wasn't an 'aggressive atheist' who embarrassed the Pope on Day One of his British tour. It was the Scottish weather.
As the Holy Father stood alongside the Queen on the royal dais for the formal welcome at the Palace of Holyroodhouse yesterday morning, along came a burst of sea breeze from the North Sea and Pope Benedect XVI's little white cap went flying off its silvery perch.
Quick as a flash, the Pope grabbed his zucchetto and solemnly waited until the strains of God Save The Queen had died away before putting it back in his head.

And that, frankly, was the nearest we got to a glitch at the start of the first Papal visit to Britain in 28 years.
It is not true that 99% of scots are presbyterian .The two main Churches in Scotland are:presbyterian Church of Scotland with 42% of the population and Catholic Church with 16% of the population.The number of cattholics is increasing.
Scotland Yard foils potential terrorist attack on Pope

Reports on Friday confirm that British police have arrested five men in connection with a suspected terrorist plot to attack Pope Benedict XVI during his state visit to Britain.

The arrests were confirmed by Scotland Yard who said that they were made early this morning in terms of the Terrorism Act.

The whole articel:
Scotland Yard foils potential terrorist attack on Pope : NewsTime : World News
POPE'S UK VISIT: Five men arrested over plot to harm Benedict XVI | Mail Online

Police arrested five street cleaners in a dawn raid today after receiving information they were allegedly plotting to harm the Pope.

The suspects were arrested by Scotland Yard at 5.45am at business premises in the centre of London and are now being questioned by counter-terror detectives.
They were working for Veolia Environmental Services, a contractor which employs 650 on-street staff to keep Westminster's streets clean.

Searches are underway at properties across the capital but Benedict XVI's schedule in the city is currently continuing as planned.
POPE'S UK VISIT: Benedict defends Christmas and warns religion must not be sidelined in Parliament speech | Mail Online

- Easter and Christmas should not be discouraged by fear of offending others
- Christians in public roles should be allowed to act according to conscience
- Lack of ethical foundation resulted in financial crisis, he tells politicians
- Applause for Pope as he continues without incident despite terror threat
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I saw it live on TV and it wasn't the Earl of St Andrews but his brother Lord Nicholas and his wife. They were seen talking to the Pope at the reception in a marquee in the grounds of Holyrood Palace. Lady Nicholas was wearing a pale blue coat and fascinator and she and her husband seemed very familiar with the Pope whom I think they have met before.
great pictures, i'm glad the pope visited the UK and had such a full programme and moved about in the country.
has the official schedule been released?
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:previous: Thanks for the information, Angela! And to everyone else for all the links and infos. I'm delighted to see the Pope visiting England.
POPE'S UK VIST: Pope Benedict meets with David Cameron as he celebrates mass in Westminster Cathedral | Mail Online

Pope Benedict XVI gave his most strident apology for the 'unspeakable' child abuse crimes plaguing the Catholic Church as the Vatican hinted he could meet some of the victims of sexual abuse.

Speaking during a packed service at Westminster Cathedral, he expressed his gratitude for the efforts being made to tackle the problem of child abuse among the clergy.
It comes after he met with Prime Minister David Cameron before the service as he began the third day of his UK tour
Mass? At Westminister?? I wonder if Henry VIII is spinning in his grave. LOL
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