Queen Margrethe's Golden Jubilee Celebrations 2022

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""Her Majesty the Queen tested positive for covid-19 last night and is now staying at Fredensborg Castle," the Royal Palace said in a press release.

There is no word on the Queen's condition, but it is reported that her activities for the week have been cancelled.

The crown prince couple will thus take over the role of host when there is a party at Christiansborg Castle for the government, the Folketing and the European Parliament on Friday evening."

"HRH the Crown Prince and HRH the Crown Princess are hosts at evening parties for the government, the Danish Parliament and the Danish members of the European Parliament, among others. Christiansborg Castle, at 19.30.

HM The Queen's 50th Jubilee of Government will be marked with an evening party at Christiansborg Castle, where the guests and the royal family, in addition to a dinner, will also experience entertainment in the Knights' Hall. "
I hope is broadcast live online!
Good to note that the Golden Jubilee Celebrations are still ongoing :previous:
Wonder of there will still be a carriage ride from Amalieborg Palace to the Townhall as it had been orginalöy planned.
On Saturday, the street scene of Copenhagen will be filled with horses, and hussars, when Her Majesty the Queen in the chariot is driven through the city on the occasion of her 50th Government anniversary. It will be possible to take lineups along the route, which can be experienced in its full length in this video The Queen's route from Amalienborg to Copenhagen City Hall starts at 12.35 on Saturday. The carriage is escorted by the Guardehusar regiment's Horse Squadron through Strøget to the Town Square, where Majesty appears on the balcony shortly after arrival.

Today, November 8, Queen Margrethe received a donation of DKK 650,000 from the design company Georg Jensen for the Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik's Foundation.

"On behalf of the foundation's board, the Queen passed on the donation to Design School Kolding, which will use the amount to create a scholarship for young, promising students in jewelery design and other body-worn design. Georg Jensen's anniversary jewelery was launched in connection with the Queen's 50th anniversary. The piece was the result of a national design competition, where the task was to design a piece of jewelery as a tribute to the Majesty. Part of the profit from the sale of the anniversary jewelery was donated to Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik's Foundation."

** kongehuset instagram post **

** kongehuset: Donation til Designskolen Kolding **
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Lovely to see Ingolf and Susie! Especially Ingolf waving so enthusiastically.
Agreed. Countess Susie is such an elegant woman. She could teach a royal class on how to enter and exit a car!
Horses and such does look great and traditional and spectacular as befits royal events, but when it comes to animals - things can happen...

As is evident in this BT video: https://www.bt.dk/royale/sikke-noget-lort-politihest-sked-lige-foran-dronningen

Mounted police escorted the procession and when passing the red carpet in front of the town hall, one of the police horses left a... greeting card... :lol:

Apart from that there was a 53 year old, who decided to throw eggs at the town hall while the DRF were around. He was arrested on the spot. The DRF apparently weren't even anywhere near, so what the purpose of that was, remains unclear. Perhaps he was inspired by that weird dude in England who also threw eggs.
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I love to see the count and the countess at these types of events. They seem to be a lovely couple.
Wonderful to see them all today! So lovely for QMII that she finally got her balcony appearance, I guess third time's a charm :D

And I agree it's nice to see Ingolf and Sussie being included. The greeting between him and QMII at the gala dinner during the jubilee celebrations and, well, for me at least, the surprise appearance today. You love to see it!
I'm glad they could all play happy family for the day.
Marie looked subdued imho - much more so than Joachim.
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #46, 2022.
Written by Marianne Singer and Ulrik Ulriksen.

(I didn't watch the event at Copenhagen town hall. Went to a birthday instead.)
Quite a lot of people had indeed turned up in front of Copenhagen town hall to celebrate QMII when the carriage arrived at 13.00 escorted by the Guards Hussars as well as at least one republican inclined police horse...
M&F and J&M also attended.
All of them were applauded by the public, but upon leaving the town hall J&M got the most applause from the public. (The BT dude says the same. I can't say, didn't watch it. But it's very plausible because there is still a lot of sympathy for Joachim in DK. Not so much for what happened as for how it happened.) Joachim sure is praised in the article for his demeanor! But of course he did give an exclusive to BB the cynic within me can't help thinking.

The celebration inside the town hall lasted a couple of hours with various speeches and entertainment. The whole thing culminating with QMII appearing on the balcony of the town hall that does appear surprisingly small as it is basically a door in a brick wall leading out to the balcony. And here she was cheered by the crowd.

Benedikte wore an ensemble by Wichmann Couture and a bag by Launer.

QMII's attire was by Annette Freifeldt, complete with a hat by Mathilde Førster and her cape was fur from foxes, with borders in wool.

Mary wore a headgear by Jane Taylor, a coat by Harris Wharf and a dress by Iris and Ink, model Alison.
Her earrings were diamonds purchased at a Bruun Rasmussen auction. Her clutch was from Quidam and the shoes by Jimmy Choo.

Our Marie wore an outfit by Emporio Armani, shoes by Jimmy Choo, a clutch by Bottega Veneta and gold earrings by Van Cleef & Arpels. As well as a brooch by Georg Jensen, especially made for QMII's golden anniversary. She also wore a daisy in her hair.

Countess Sussie of Rosenborg wore a skirt by Tania Shakir, a blazer and shirt by MaxMara. Shoes by Louboutin and a brooch by Bent Gabrielsen.

- Scans coming up.
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Did Queen Margrethe II visit the British Royal Family?

If she did, it would not necessarily be disclosed to the public.

For years, QM II has come to London at this time of the year, often for a spot of Christmas shopping. From time to time, she would drop in at BP to see QE2. It is entirely possible that she will have met the King & Queen on this trip.
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Two New portraits of the Queen and the royal family are published today on the occassion of the Golden Jubillee of the Queen



"The gala portraits were created by photographer Per Morten Abrahamsen in the Hall of Knights in Christian IX's Palace at Amalienborg. It is from this hall, among other things, that the Queen and the royal family traditionally step out onto the balcony on birthdays to receive the people's congratulations from the castle square."
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I don't know why but the perspective in the portrait, especially the one with the whole family look so off to me (see the line of the tiles).
I don't know why but the perspective in the portrait, especially the one with the whole family look so off to me (see the line of the tiles).

Agree. Frederik is too large in the family portrait.
And a little too large as well in the QMII + M&F portrait.

Perhaps the photographer should have used another lens? Unless he deliberately wanted to emphasize Frederik, but that surely could have been done more elegantly.
In this way the photographer managed to put J&M in the back. And Mary too in the second one.
- Really a great idea, considering the commotion within the family right now...

I think this is an example of trying to be "artistic" and the result ends up being poor.
Really awful photographs, if I have to say so myself. I don't like Abrahamsen's past work with the DRF because the dimensions always seem off but QMII seems to be very fond of him. IIRC he also took the official portrait for the jubilee celebrations.

She also used him extensively for the pictures taken for her 80th birthday – including the "heirs" photo series with Frederik and Christian where the dimensions and the editing also seemed way off. Especially the editing in those pictures made their faces look very funny when closing up on the pictures.
Not surprised that it's taken by the same photographer as their previous portraits, which also give me "off" vibes (over retouching with weird lighting).

Back to the golden jubilee portrait, QMII does look like she's being photoshopped into both portrait (inconsistent proportion and lighting). Besides the tiles, some lines on the wall aren't even straight, maybe the photographer has used some...interesting lens.
I liked the pictures. But a photo of Queen Margrethe II with her grandchildren was missing.
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