Official Visit from Norway to Denmark: June 15 - 16, 2023

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Necklace snapping, she lost a pearl from the Poire last year (even if recovered)... maybe they need to change jewelers?

From the brooch. I guess it simply is that this Jewels are very fragil given their age. And with the Crown Jewels she can probably not do as she pleases and change the Jeweler so easily
Thanks for the many delightful clips and pics. :flowers:

First Frederik and sitting down. Alas, Wartenberg is right.
My first thought is Frederik having a case of brain-fog - happens to everybody at times. I also imagine, without making any excuses, that the general mood for this visit was akin to being with family and friends. I.e. it was more relaxed and people were perhaps not as focused on formalities. And that's when things like that can happen, they shouldn't, but they can.
However, it is indeed such mistakes that some royals are punished very severely for making. Especially royals who marry into the royal roadshow. I think we all know how it is to be nervous, and you really want to make a good impression and do everything right and then you end up doing the very mistake you didn't want to make. - It doesn't exactly help if the person making the mistake is already picked on!

Another detail. Dannebrog sailed in front and arrived in Aarhus before Norge.
It's all according to protocol. Denmark in the shape of M&F were the hosts, so they had to arrive first in order to receive their guests.
Otherwise the Norwegian Regent Couple would, so to speak, be left stranded and the quay, peeking over the bulwark asking: Where are they? No one to welcome us? Are we supposed to stay here aboard Norge for a week or two? Did we arrive at an inopportune time? How about we just walk down the landing now? That'll teach 'em! - You get the drift. ;)
It's to avoid all that, that Dannebrog arrived and moored as the first ship.
Also, Frederik has to inspect the honor guard and formally take charge before greeting the honored guests from Norway. Or in this case say hi to the people who showed up to say hi to the Norwegian guests.


There were a few problems getting the landing in place at Norge, but finally it was done, so that the Regent Couple could be received by M&F:

Aarhus municipality also presented the Norwegian guests as well as M&F with some... ehhh... unique... presents. Made in quite some haste. The potmaker making them was only told in May, so she got busy and there was no second try when making these... items.
The one to the Norwegians:

And M&F's present. I'm sure they can find a good spot for it somewhere - in an attic.

The return dinner was aboard Norge in Aarhus harbor yesterday as you can see in this article:

The flowergirl Vera, was busy. She was to present the flowers and then it was off to school.
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Somehow I like the presents from the municipality:lol: I love the idea, just need some refinement.
The official part of the visit ended yesterday, but King Harald and Queen Sonja stayed a bit longer and today spent a private day with Queen Margrethe.

They visited Sagnlandet Lejre (The Land of Legends) a 43-hectare "field laboratory" for experimental archeology west of Gammel Lejre near Roskilde, the press was only allowed to take photos at the beginning, the rest of the visit and day was private:

** gallery ** rex gallery ** kongehuset: Besøg i Sagnlandet Lejre **

** BB: På tur i golfvogn: Højt humør hos dronning Margrethe og det norske kongepar **

** BB: Kasket og sneakers: Kong Harald og dronning Sonja var klædt praktisk på til udflugt i Lejre **
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Gong to Lejre for QMII is like going to Disneyland for a princess-obsessed six year old girl. Heaven!

I'm sure she's been there many times and I would very much like to visit the place with QMII as guide. It would be a long visit though! I'm sure QMII can talk for hours about the various pots made at Lejre and Neolithic hairstyles.

Info in English:
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