Queen Margrethe's Fashion and Style Part 5: August 2023 -

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Queen Margrethe lovely in yellow and white at the reopening of Sofiero Castle in Helsingborg, Sweden, today, June 4 (I love that Margrethe and Benedikte wore matching colours/clothes):

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Margrethe lovely in white for the ceremonies to mark the 175th anniversary of the Constitution today, June 5:

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Queen Margrethe presented the Prince Henrik Prize in Copenhagen today, June 11, wearing her 2024 favourite again ;)

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A very nice look for Queen Margrethe who received the Association for Bookmakers' Honorary Award 2024 today, June 12:

A wonderful look for Queen Margrethe at the premiere of the performance "Klods-Hans" in Copenhagen yesterday, June 22:

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A nice recycled look for Queen Margrethe at the marking of the 175th anniversary of the Battle of Fredericia at St. Michaelis Church and Fredericia City Hall in Fredericia today, July 6:

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