Queen Margrethe's Golden Jubilee Celebrations 2022

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Agree. Frederik is too large in the family portrait.
And a little too large as well in the QMII + M&F portrait.

Perhaps the photographer should have used another lens? Unless he deliberately wanted to emphasize Frederik, but that surely could have been done more elegantly.
In this way the photographer managed to put J&M in the back. And Mary too in the second one.
- Really a great idea, considering the commotion within the family right now...

I think this is an example of trying to be "artistic" and the result ends up being poor.

Mary/Frederik and Marie/Joachim look great. However, in the one with all 5 of them the set up is off.....QM should have been in the middle with the other four all standing behind her....the way it is set up leaves a negative space next to Mary. Also, interesting they have QM and Frederik sitting facing opposite direction (optics?) instead of having the chairs angled towards each other so that they were knee to knee instead of shoulder to shoulder.

The photos do look photoshopped and I think they took QM and smoothed her out and that caused the others to look way too "oil painting" like. The other option could be that they took the best photos of each of them and then spliced them together. And I agree...Frederik is the most prominent in the photos optic wise. It is almost like they sharpened his image while slightly blurring the other images.

B.T. has weighed in and given their two cents...make of it what you will....

I will agree that the set up is strange in the photos.
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I think the one where Frederik is sitting down he looks extra handsome ;)
Always a treat to get new photos
I love a tiara moment, I wish Felipe of Spain had similar pictures with his family in full royal portrait mood. That said, the camera angle is annoying on the eyes, the way they are seated is off the perspective framed were the walls meet behind them. It's just way off to the left.

The photographer should have moved a couple of steps to the side and get Queen MII's chair framed correctly as the center to match the vertical line were the walls meet. The two chairs should have lined up using the back wall, and the room floors as a guide. It's giving me a Max Escher mood but he knew how to work a composition out from the middle to the sides
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Reading the comments on their instagram is telling.
The Crown Princess looked more regal than the Queen. Amazing...Imo- she stood out the best compared to the other royals.
The group photo (of 5) does feel strange with the empty space between Mary and Joachim. Why not putting Joachim right in the centre or maybe Christian can fill that space as the heir's heir.
I don't know why but the perspective in the portrait, especially the one with the whole family look so off to me (see the line of the tiles).
I wonder why the photographer made the Crown Prince sitting turned away from the Queen - as if he wouldn´t like her....:ermm:

The group photo (of 5) does feel strange with the empty space between Mary and Joachim. Why not putting Joachim right in the centre or maybe Christian can fill that space as the heir's heir.
Putting Joachim in the centre would be the wrong symbolism...
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I guess this official pics were taken before the Gala Dinner as everyone is wearing the same outfits and Jewels
In the one of the 5 of them the Queen's feet are in the wrong position for how she is sitting, bad photoshopping.

I think that's just the way she's sitting. She usually sits with her legs to the side. I assume it's because of her knee or back problems.
I believe all 5 people looked very good. The positioning of the group a bit odd but it must be the way the Queen OKed. The Queen has certainly never been afraid to voice her opinion. I also believe that all 4 standing behind the seated Queen would have looked better. She must have wanted this arrangement. The photographer was probably following orders as he wanted to get paid for the privilege of taking these future honored pictures on this monumental occasion. JMO
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