Queen Máxima's Daytime Fashion Part 7: May 2015 - August 2015

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I could not have said it better, Dazzling! The only saving grace is the color... :(
Awful look for summer. And those shoes where found that?
I don't like the shoes, too shiny and the bow isn't pretty. The dress matched with the red hat and belt looks very nice.
It's great seeing Maxima in hats lately and wide brim hats are very nice on her.
I think she looks good, very summery. I think she needs a good couple of inches chopped off her hair which is in a shocking state.
I agree on the hair. It is needlessly sloppy for a lady in her position but it is an old mantra. Apparently the lady herself and her environment see no problem with that messy hair.
Maxima's latest outfit is not really to my tastes, but it's perfectly fine for a family day at the beach.
It looks like something she might have purchased on her recent trip. I think it is a very nice look for a casual beach look. These two always look so good together, seems it is a great match.

NOW the only complaints about Maxima: Her hair looks like it needs major deep conditioning. I understand she likes the blonde (color) and also it is probably necessary to use heat tools on her hair and also tease/back comb it for more formal occasions. All that wrecks havoc on hair unless it is really, really very well taken care of, which doesn't seem to be the case. Also, in terms of makeup, Maxima seems to most often wear a more orange (bronzer) on her cheeks and then wears very (cool) pink lipstick ... it is NOT a good match. I really like her but she seems to need some good advice on her makeup and hair other than just for formal occasions.
It seems Máxima has a beautician and a coiffeuse, but tja.... Her Majesty's wish is their command, of course.
Don't think the Tory burch top/dress does her any favors. Only a stick thin woman could wear such a design well. A simple white t shirt or button down shirt would have been better.
Ps the above images are much more flattering than the others I have seen earlier today
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Come on Maxima. Ok you are the Queen but you can wore something more suitable for the beach.

Heu... it is in her backyard (the Meijendel Dunes are bordering the royal domain), it was supposed to be "holiday pictures" and the family and the kids were playing on the beach and in the sea... Seeing these circumstances Queen Máxima was pretty well dressed. A normal family would have worn short trousers and flip-flops...

This is just another time when a woman wears something that she likes along with her favorite hairstyle and others think that neither do her justice. Happens everyday to every one of us. We would all be horrified at what sweet people say behind our backs. But, like I have said before, as long as she wants to experiment with fashion and she is happy and her husband isn't ashamed to be seen in public with her, go for it. Life is too short to have to constantly worry about what others think especially while on vacation.
Come on Maxima. Ok you are the Queen but you can wore something more suitable for the beach.

Well, I suppose Maxima could have worn a bathing costume, but it would have been at odds with WA's suit jacket and shirt ;)

I quite like the outfit for a casual stroll along the beech - it's nice to see her in casuals from time to time.
She is dressed casual but nice and comfortable, the photos were taken to be released she certainly can't pose in swinwear.
I thought it was too dark for summer and the top was ill-fitting.
I don't get the black pants and white and black top for a day at the beach.
I thought it was too dark for summer and the top was ill-fitting.
I don't get the black pants and white and black top for a day at the beach.

It was not "a day at the beach".

The royal family and their two dogs went to the beach bordering their private domain where they live.


The royal family and their two dogs went back to their private domain. That was it.

Really? It was not a day at the beach but click click click? Then i made a big mistake. Maxima is suitable dressed and lacked only the gloves and hat.:)
Well, the deal is: "We allow you to make 'private pictures'. In return you leave us alone when we are holidaying" (in Greece or elsewhere).

So this whole photo-shoot is meant that you see Máxima and the royal family as if they are "in private"...
I would like to see these sessions as well in Greece. They have done so in Argentina (but not in the private setting). They do so in Lech am Arlberg (Austria). They did so in Tavarnelle Val di Pesa (Italy) where the King and his brother have a villa as well. They did so in the own garden of Villa Eikenhorst. Etc.

I do not know if the King and his family already have had a vacation in Kranidi. We hear a lot about special fences, additional houses and a garage for the security staff and cars, a special quay into the sea for the security and the King's expensive speedboat but I have no idea if the royal family has already used the villa there.
Maybe, they want to keep Greece private and just have their vacation with their kids. We get the others they can have something private.
I think it is extremely generous of the RF to let the pictures be taken. It gives the public a glimpse of how the girls are growing and a slight look at maybe their different personalities. They don't have to do this but realize that the citizens want to see. Then they feel that the media should leave them alone to enjoy their lives together without having a camera following their every move. A much better life for their small family. I believe a very smart thing to do.
I like the top but not with those pants...
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