Queen Máxima's Daytime Fashion Part 7: May 2015 - August 2015

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It was not "a day at the beach".

The royal family and their two dogs went to the beach bordering their private domain where they live.


The royal family and their two dogs went back to their private domain. That was it.


But it was at the beach, a photoshoot at the beach. Whatever you'd like to call it, thats fine but my point is that I personally didn't like the outfit for a stroll whether it was a private event or not. I think she could've worn something not so dark and unflattering for this opportunity.
It was an un-announced appearance of the royal family. It seems they also went to a concert in the evening. Nice casual appearances.
Agree a perfect outfit. Love the top with the v neck and dropped shoulders and matching sneakers.
Don't think I have ever seen Beatriz's hair move before��
I like Maxima's casual look. Very appropriate for a boating event.

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Think she looks great really relaxed love the outfit and the hat ..
Blue and white stripes is such a great look for boating, beach and coast - but this look on Maxima is extra special as it's such a bright, deep blue and the style of the jumper is lovely!
She looks lovely. I love the shirt.
This is a different style of clothing for Maxima, rather than her usual "go big or go home" outfits. This look still suits her a lot though and it's just right for the event.
this very pretty casual look for Maxima.
the top and pants work well together.
Maxima looks great!! Not over the top, for a change.
i like the casual look. i wonder where maxima got her fedora hat - looks great!
Perfect outfit for the event. I love the hat and sunglasses on her.
Max looked beautiful today. Love the dress. Hat and jewelry!!!! Nice to have the Royals back at work!!
Really lovely I do love her in a big hat the colours are stunning on her .. and it's Natan amazing !!
One of the few dresses by that designer I like. She looks terrific, good fit, nice colors, hat hairdo and love the earrings
Maxima looks wonderful. I love the pastel colours together. Hopefully she can keep it up!

For a visit to the Talent Coach Foundation in Den Haag today, August 28, Máxima recycled a colourful summer dress by Spijkers en Spijkers:

** Full view ** Upper part ** July 2013 **
'Working visit' and 'Maxima' in one sentence makes me expect lose hairs all over the place. And that seems to be the case today as well. On the bright side: the make-up is toned down too which IMHO looks much better & natural.
I love the dress. Its a hard one to match. Dont love the yellow.
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