Queen Elizabeth II Becomes Longest Reigning British Monarch: September 9, 2015

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. Do you mean the historian David Starkey? The BBC mentioned him again tonight and how The then, Princess Elizabeth spoke out allegedly against divorce in 1949, I believe but upon becoming Queen never discussed her personal opinion again.

Yes, I believe it was Starkey, thank you!
I was referring to the quote that said Elizabeth hasn't done anything "special" for the nation. If keeping up the monarchy with steadfastness and dignity is not special, then I don't know what "special" means then...;)
The Queen's speech at the Borders Railway in Scotland

First Minister, Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Duke of Edinburgh and I are delighted to be back in the Borders today and, especially, to have arrived … by train! It has been wonderful to witness the excitement which the return of the railway has brought here. The Borders Railway brings so much promise for sharing and invigorating this most beautiful countryside as a place to work, live and enjoy.

Prince Philip and I are very grateful for the warmth of your welcome on this occasion. Many including you, First Minister, have also kindly noted another significance attaching to today, although it is not one to which I have ever aspired. Inevitably, a long life can pass by many milestones; my own is no exception. But I thank you all, and the many others at home and overseas, for your touching messages of great kindness.

So now to the business in hand. It is my very happy duty to declare the Borders Railway open.

Looks like the Queen Mum to me also. She was quite attractive as a young woman.

Yes, I believe it was Starkey, thank you!
I was referring to the quote that said Elizabeth hasn't done anything "special" for the nation. If keeping up the monarchy with steadfastness and dignity is not special, then I don't know what "special" means then...;)
. David Starkey is an academic and has written numerous books on the Monarchy.
First I want to congratulate The Queen with this milestone, and thank her for being our Queen. As a commentator said it ''she is second to none''. My brother so her today, and he said she looked very well.

Queen Elizabeth II Photos - Queen Elizabeth II Becomes Britain's Longest Reigning Monarch - Zimbio















Touched Queen keeps calm, carries on | The Times

In a perfect demonstration of the wartime motto “Keep Calm and Carry On”, the Queen showed barely a flicker of recognition that today was the day she became Britain’s longest-serving monarch.

As the historic moment neared – estimated to be at about 5.30pm – the monarch was conducting business as usual, interrupting her summer stay at her private home of Balmoral to perform public duties opening the new Borders Railway.

She made only passing reference to the “significance” of the day in her scripted speech, scrupulously thanking everyone at home and overseas for their good wishes as she spoke at Tweedbank station.
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To all the folks asking what has the Queen accomplished, I think that what she has accomplished is far above "events" that one could tick off on fingers.

QEII has provided a constant and stable source of advice for all the prime ministers to consult. Besides her own reign, she was by her own father's side while he was king.
Life experience like she has to offer is nothing to be snarking at.

Having lived through her uncle's abdication, she would never ever contemplate doing something like that. It would just be foreign to her nature. She is a great example to everyone of honor and duty and principles.
Charles may indeed be more "showy" with all his scandal, and his Prince's Trust, but his mother has a strength of character that he will never have.
I guess it's official, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is THE longest reigning monarch in British history.

Long live The Queen!
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I guess it's official, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is THE longest reigning monarch in British history.

Yes she is, and now it's her 90th birthday, and of course the Platinum jubilee who matters.

Long Live Elizabeth the Great, for that's what she is. And for those that sees Queen Victoria as great, I and most others don't agree with them, including most historians.
Congratulations to the Queen for this amazing accomplishment. :britflag:
I love it - chop chop let's get on with it without any fuss. Her humbleness is inspiring in these days of selfies and me me me.

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i agree, how endearing it is to see how she thanked everyone and said "let's go back to business"! :)
Today, 9th September 2015, sometime around 5.30pm, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II becomes the longest-reigning monarch in British history, beating the record previously set by her great-great grandmother Queen Victoria, of 63 years, 7 months, 2 days, 16 hours, and 23 minutes; who herself beat the previous record set by her grandfather, King George III, who reigned for 59 years, 96 days, sundry hours and unknown minutes.

Congratulations, Your Majesty.

Today, Queen Elizabeth II becomes not only our longest-reigning monarch, but also our longest-serving Supreme Governor (/’Head’, prior to 1559) of the Church of England – the Catholic and Reformed establishment of the Church in England. And what a service it has been – of modesty and majesty; morality and dignity; holiness and elegance. as the XXXIX Articles announce:

Being by God’s Ordinance, according to Our just Title, Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church, within these Our Dominions, We hold it most agreeable to this Our Kingly Office, and Our own religious zeal, to conserve and maintain the Church committed to Our Charge, in Unity of true Religion, and in the Bond of Peace … We have therefore, upon mature Deliberation, and with the Advice of so many of Our Bishops as might conveniently be called together, thought fit to make this Declaration following … That We are Supreme Governor of the Church of England…

In commemoration of the Queen becoming our longest-reigning Monarch and longest-serving Supreme Governor, the Church of England has issued special prayers. We pray them now in love, with gratitude, honour and pride.

Read more: Archbishop Cranmer
'This is living history', say crowds who turned out for Queen's landmark day - Telegraph
The Queen has heard the national anthem played tens of thousands of times during her lifetime. But rarely can a crowd have sung the line "long to reign over us" with more feeling than the those gathered at Tweedbank railway station.

The 1,000-strong crowd in the newly-asphalted car park had waited not just to see their Queen but a little bit of history played out. And they were determined to savour the moment.

Anne Buckingham, from Peebles, was near the front. She said: “I'm here because it's historic. No one else has done it. And I can say I was there. She's wonderful. She symbolises steadfastness, continuity and keeping going against all odds.”
The whole of David Starkey's comments were played today and it does appear that he may have been taken out of context.
I think the best thing about today was that HM could spend the day by doing what she has done all those years: the job that she does, in the great way she does it :)

And now i'm going to drink a cup of Earl Grey tea to her health :)

Cheers Your Majesty!
Her Cousin Margaret Rhodes spoke very movingly that HM might today think of her father and the way in which he took on his role and why she will never abdicate.
Beauty bank note!
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I toasted Her Majesty a little after Midnight w/chilled Canada Dry in a wine glass!! Since I've been going through another rough patch, my sleep pattern's rather messed up at the moment, so I wasn't sure if I'd be up at the actual moment our time here. :)

God Bless Her Majesty The Queen of Canada!! We are very lucky to have her as our Queen and Head of State.

Love the Special $20 Bill. Would love it even more if it was paper, along w/the rest of our Bills, but what are you going to do...

On the iPadd, so can't link it, but if someone could for me Please and Thank You?

I stumbled across both Jerusalem and God Save The Queen from the 2012 Last Night of the Proms a year or so ago and the way God Save The Queen is performed in this never ever fails to give me the Chills and a lump in my throat when I watch it.

So If someone could please post it here for me, so Everyone here can understand what I'm talking about? :)

God Save The Queen!! Congratulations Ma'am!! :) :D:)

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