Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie's Fashion and Style Part 4: May 2012 - January 2013

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A "stylist" was needed to put a simple long-sleeved princess-style (referring to the cut) with heeled court shoes? I'm in the wrong job.

OF course a stylist was needed! Do not forget that they are Sara's daughters. You need help to fight against heredity!
Let me get this right. The Daily Mail (that bastion of truth and honour) reports that Beatrice has hired a very, very expensive stylist, presumably 24/7 to cope with all and every fashion crisis . . . and not only do you guys believe it, you pour gas on the fire!

So Beatrice's hat was a bit outrageous at the wedding . . . so what! As for heredity? Did you check her grandmother's wedding ensemble? Elegant class all the way.

Beatrice looks absolutely wonderful and has been getting better as the years go by. Me, I especially loved her irrepressibly wonderful butterfly hat! And, the worst I can say is that I am still waiting to see her wear a serious up do one day.

So Merry Christmas Beatrice, and Eugenie for that matter, you both look wonderful and, more important than anything, you both look so happy.

Eugenie looks just stunning! the cream coat is gorgeous and I love the black boots a lot too.
Beatrice looks nice; I like the way she combined a grey coat and boots with a print dress.
Sarah would have looked nice if she had ditched the purple scarf.

Wow, it was quite windy! I liked Eugenie's outfit better, and also Beatrice's coat.
So nice to see the family together, they are always happy.

The girls look lovely. Eugenie is so pretty, definitely the prettiest of the Queen's grandchildren.
I liked Beatrice's coat, but in some pictures it looks about a half-inch shorter than the floral dress.
But this may just be the angle of the camera.
I love both these princesses, but I must confess Beatrice is my favourite

Love Beatrice's coat. Eugenie's coat very simple but very elegant
So Beatrice's hat was a bit outrageous at the wedding . . . so what! As for heredity? Did you check her grandmother's wedding ensemble? Elegant class all the way.

Lady Swinburn was indeed very elegant on her wedding day, but she is not their grandmother. She is their step grandmother. Their grandmother Susie Barrantes was a very chic and elegant lady as well, but obviously did not pass that trait along to her daughter Sarah.
:previous: I guess I was thinking more "family influence" than actual blood as heredity certainly didn't work for me but . . . my eldest niece is now my stylist! :lol:
:previous: I do too but with one big minus . . . what on earth did she do to her glorious hair? It seemed to be stuck under the upper cape thingee. Ugh. A really good up do would have rocked that hat and lifted the entire ensemble up to something really special.

Maybe if she'd had a quick word with Zara . . .
I don't care for either of the looks. Something is just 'off'.
I'm in love with Eugenie's boots. Can anyone ID?
Really like Beatrice's outfit; the coat is just gorgeous and flattering for her figure type. I even like the hat.
To me, it was a tie between the Queen, Beatrice and the Duchess of Cornwall in "Best Dressed" category.
I love both outfits. Both girls look very nice.
Beatrice's coat looks expensive, but I don't think she can carry it off. Either she's too short for it or it's the hat. Eugenie looks very nice, A-line coat would have been better, like Zara's, but like the nubby fabric.
Love Princess Beatrice's steampunk style hat and greatcoat!.I would have gone for a charcoal coloured coat myself, but nothing wrong with the style.
Beatrice and Eugenie are in Berlin, for their first official overseas engagement.

Beatrice: The outfit with coat on - The outfit without coat 1 - The outfit without coat 2
Eugenie: The complete outfit 1 - The complete outfit 2

I really like how the girls look, especially Beatrice.
Love the green dress and the black coat is wonderful too. The belt is a great addition as well; stylish and adds a bit of a kick.
Love Princess Bea's dress :)
Not sure about Eugenie's choice
They both look pretty good.
Both ladies look great. I love Beatrice's dress and Eugenie's coat.
I think both Beatrice and Eugenie look fabulous ... especially love Beatrice's outfit! I'm sure her Majesty is very proud of her granddaughter's today and how they represented her in Berlin.
They both look very nice. Beatrice's dress is unusual and a great color for her. Don't like the black tights with the t strap shoes, ruins the effect imo.
Do think the cut of Eugenie's coat with the pleating at the hip is not really for her, but if it was a bit longer, it may have worked better. Like her shoes.
I think the girls look wonderful. I always think that despite their sometimes weird fashion choices, the girls are the most fashionable of the RF and are the best ambassadors for british fashion.
Well, I have a special mention for Bea today. I've seen that Jonathan Saunders dress before in a shop and tought the dress was one of those pieces of clothes that looked wonderful but are not wearable at all, because the fiiting would make the person who wears it ridiculous. Bea proved me wrong. she looks amazing in it and the belt is a great addition too
Well IMO Both they looks nice ,, but my favorite outfit is princess Beatrice outfit she really looks modern fashion & elegant ,, the dress & the coat suits her well , successful choice , thank you for posting :)
Wow! There's nothing like an official visit to bring out the best in fashion! The Princesses look great!
love how Princess Beatrice used the same belt for both her coat, and the green dress, which was lovely. Both girls looked very nice and appropriate.
The green dress reminds me at the style of The Duchess of Cambridge.
I love Eugenie's coat! Beatrice's coat is nice but I don't like the green outfit.
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