Princess Stephanie Current Events 9 : July 2006 - Oct.2006

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Awww That really is a cute dog .:wub:
Thanks a lot for that link, Filipa, nice pics of a sweet and very natural Steph :) So she's working for one of her favourite projects, the circus again..Did you find that by accident or as you are a circus fan yourself? :)
Congrats are in order well done Stephanie!!!!!!!!
iceflower said:
Some more pics of Steph in Paris, 30.08.2006:

Who is that lady next to Stephanie? She is always seen with her, and somehow I don't think she is a friend. She seems to have some kind of a monitoring function. :)

michelle said:
Good for Stephanie and for FAM too! :flowers: :wub:

I am waiting to read about this in the Swedish papers as well. It's about time - getting really tired of reading old rubbish about the princesse. :bang: The other day I saw some pics of her in a "magazine" and all they were talking about is her bad taste when it comes to fashion. I mean hallo..?!
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Congratulations to Stephanie! Well deserved! :flowers:

I thought magazine have passes 'Stephanie's bad taste' stage? :ohmy: :ermm:
STEPHANIE will be has Avignon (southern France) on October 7 with the opera for a concert against the AIDS!!!! with facing the AIDS I will be there I hope to be able to make beautiful photographs good day
"Stéphanie becomes Special Representative for ONUSIDA/ UN AIDS
Princess Stéphanie will go to the ONUSIDA to Geneva, next Friday October 6, 2006 in order to be officially named “Special Representative” for this international organization which is managed by Dr. Peter Piot, Executive director."

Bravo for Stephanie. This woman has SO much potential to really forge ahead and perform viable work for the AIDS cause. I've always believed that Princess Stephanie was/is one of the most misunderstood people, and equally misinterpreted by the press, etc. Granted, she's had a 'colourful' past - LOL, but I've always thought if she could just focus and channel her incredible energy in a postive direction, she would be dynamite.
I also believe that she is a credible spokesperson because of her, with all due respect, sexual experiences. She has had a very significant love/sex life unfortunately splashed around among tabloids, but people can identify with her because her experiences ground her. She does not come across as an unreachable standard. Instead, she presents a high-profile face of modern times and basic human needs.
Princess Stephanie of Monaco smiles at the UNAIDS headquarters in Geneva October 6, 2006. Princess Stephanie was appointed UNAIDS (joint United Nations programme on HIV / AIDS ) special representative. REUTERS/Denis Balibouse (SWITZERLAND)

Images from anp


Gallery from belga
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Stephie still rocks .... are more photos + press release, UNAIDS webpage and more info !

+ more !!!

Article : Princess Stephanie critizises the catholic church
"The opposition of the Catholic church to the usage of the preservative in the fight against the AIDS is "a shame", denounced Friday the princess Stéphanie of Monaco at the time of his nomination to the ambassadrice post of good will of the onusida. Expressing itself in front of the journalists to the seat of the agency ONUSIDA to Geneva, she underlined that it did not exist any alternate to the preservatives for the prevention of the AIDS epidemic. She pointed out that the Catholic church "is also against the abortion and (as) the usage of the preservatives would avoid also abortions". "But I think that maybe a lot of people hide themselves behind the question of the religion in order not to use preservatives", added the sister of the prince Albert of Monaco, sovereign of the principality since the death of their father Rainier. This is "as a mother and as a woman of this century" that she explained his engagement for two years as special representative of the agency of the specialized UN in the AIDS. The princess Stéphanie, of which programs it as ambassadrice of good will will concentrate on the countries in the process of development and eastern Europe, judged important of "to break the scars and discrimination" that touch the séropositifs and the patients. "Often they have not anymore no leaves where to go, more of family. Everyone turns them the back", did she deplore. The executive director of the agency ONUSIDA Peter Piot said delighted itself nomination of the princess Stéphanie as new special representative of his organization. "I am sure that she will do the difference", he declared to its sides. In 2004, the princess created foundation Fight AIDS Monaco and recorded a song to harvest funds. She did not exclude from to record again titles to finance his country. With this fight, Stéphanie thinks to have found his way: "This is this why I think that I was done".
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Steph, you are our star! :flowers: :flowers:

I add one more pic as the caption has parts of her speech in it:

HSH Princess Stephanie of Monaco, as the president of the Fight Aids Monaco association, along with UNAIDS executive director Peter Piot, speaks during a press conference at the UNAIDS headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, on September 6, 2006. 'Too often AIDS inspires fear among people who are directly affected by it, but also in others who merely lack knowledge concerning the disease. Our aim is to combat those fears, offering information and means of prevention to the ill-informed, as well as support to those whose lives are affected by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus,' she declared. Photo by Vincent Dargent/ABACAUSA.COM (Pictured : Princess Stephanie, Peter Piot)":

I agree with you, Iceflower, Stephanie is a true star! And she's certainly my star! :flowers::flowers:

UNAIDS envoy Princess Stephanie urges prevention

Princess Stephanie of Monaco became a special representative for UNAIDS on Friday, vowing to promote prevention of the killer disease and combat discrimination against people who suffer from it.
"AIDS has no borders, and knows no social, political, religious or racial barriers. It affects everybody," she told Reuters at the Geneva-based agency
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Thanks to all for the pics , Stephanie is a true Star she looks great and relaxed in all the pics thanks Michelle for the links to the blog.
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