Princess Madeleine's Fashion & Style, Part 3: November 2010 - December 2011

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Princess Madeleine's Fashion & Style, Part 3
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What a mess! Though every piece is nice per se (ok, not the boots), she managed to look like a college student with no refined taste at all.:ermm:
I have to agree, mismatched. But I love the blue coat!
It looks like she was dressing fast, in the darkness. Nothing matches here :sad:. I like the clothes separately, but not put together the way she did.

And without a mirror. :p lol I knew Cindy would agree with me! :winkiss:
The blue color is very appealing but as Cinderella said, not in this combination. The tights and shoes are especially aweful, I can't stand them at all... :eek: :whistling:
I like the jacket, I like the dress/skirt, I like the boots. I don't like all of this together on one person.
Maybe separately the pieces would have been nice but not together.
I have to say I am not liking this dress on her. Such a beautiful girl but this color not only washes her out imo but it doesn't do anything for her figure.
I have to agree wholeheartedly. Just not a good dress on her. Kind of like she's wearing a silver sack.
That is one unflattering dress, it would unflattering on any body shape. Its just has no cut or style to flatter.
For me it's a good material for a maternity evening dress. When I see Madeline in it, she looks as if she was pregnant.
Ugh, terrible colour.... Doesn't suit her at all. The shape is actually okay but the dress could have looked better with a different colour and material.
This dress reminds me a night gown, very unflattering for Madeleine. The color is not the best, too.
I never thought I'd like silver grey on Madde, but apart from the colour, the cut of the dress makes her figure appear a bit awkward. I agree with those who said it's rather unflattering.;)
While her sister looks so regal, Madeleine looks like Barbie in her nightie. The low neckline is borderline inappropriate. My prediction is that Madeleine will look like Brigitta in a few decades, too blond, too tanned, too much party, too many cigarettes.
:lol: Compare it with Silvias cleavage and you will see that Madeleines neckline is not even remotely inappropriate :lol:
I think Madelein's lunch outfit was fine for going out with her friend. I thought the scarf was a bit long, but she looked casual and comfortable (and warm!).
It's a nice casual outfit. Those jackets are still quite trendy.
For a casual outfit, it looks nice and warm. I liked her skinny jeans a lot!
Her skinny jeans ARE great! And they fit her perfectly. She can definitely wear them and look great.
Marika86 said:
Madeleine during the Swedish Royal Academy's annual meeting. December 20

With the white fur jacket * Close up * The dress worn on another occasion

First time I've seen the dress without the coat-thank you for posting. I love that color on her, she looks very nice
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