Princess Märtha Louise & Ari Behn Current Events Part 7: May 2006 - May 2018

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She looks happy. I like her hair this color.
I haven't seen a recent pic of the couple together for a long time....
Yes, but they always have been rarely seen together at official events. Actually this is one of ML's first events in quite a while at all (at least of an event where we get to see pictures).
Märtha Louise attends the Paralympics in Vancouver, Canada
from March 16 till March 20:

Princess Märtha Louise smiles as she cheers on the Norwegian team
during the third period of semi-final Ice Sledge Hockey action against
the U.S. at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Paralympic Games March 18,

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
Princess Martha Louise celebrates after Norway tied the game
against Canada during their bronze medal sledge hockey game
at the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games in Vancouver, British
Columbia March 19, 2010. Norway won the bronze medal.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
Lovely to see ML, and she looks stunning in that purple outfit, my favourite colour.
I agree and I can't get over how much she resembles her mother.
Princess Märtha Louise visited Nordsjørittet in Rogaland, Norway,
today, June 12, 2010. Nordsjørittet is a cycle race that takes part
from Egersund to Sandnes. Märtha Louise visited Tinghaugbakken
in Klepp County to cheer on the contestants. This is the toughest
up hill climb of the route for the cyclists.

Too bad that the weather was so windy and rainy...

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** belga gallery **

** Glissen havnefest **

** picture gallery: Prinsesse Märtha Louise på Nordsjørittet 2010 **
Very sweet pictures, thanks, iceflower!

I never noticed all that greying hair on Ari until now (maybe because I don't see him that often?), but I must say - it suits him; I really like it! I'm also digging his scarf and red jacket - matches the movie poster ;) I like Märtha's hair and dress as well - not a fan of the shoes, though ...
I have some questions:

Is Ari an actor? Has he ever done any acting?
Why did Martha lose her HRH title?
Ari is not an actor, he's an author. Princess Martha Louise gave up her HRH style right before she married so that she could pursue a business career. Off topic, but I love her shoes and dress.:) In addition Martha Louise wanted a more private life after marriage so another reason to give up her title.
He may not be royal but he is part of the royal family.
Ari Behn is NOT a royal.

No he's not a royal he's just married to the Kings only daughter and attends royal weddings, & royal events abroad & at home and has a royal order, no that doesn't make him royal at all. :ermm::ermm::ermm:

Titles aren't everything people ....
Royal or not, the fact is that he is married with Norway King's daugther. Just for that he should be more careful with everything he does.

I think, as members of, and representing a royal family, they both need a little reality check. This is hardly the outfit that a princess should wear especially as she really doesn't have the figure to carry it off....... Ari Behn has been a little off the wall since he came out about his mental illness problems. This is only my personal opinion so please don't take offence :flowers:
I think, as members of, and representing a royal family, they both need a little reality check.

Totally agree. Although I personally always felt that Ari was a little off the wall, not just recently.
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The interview Märtha Louise had given has caused a great stir, not only
in Norway, many negative things have been written, therefore a press
conference has been held today:

Princess Märtha Louise and Elisabeth Samnoy strongly defended their views
when questioned by the press corps in Solastrand Hotel, September 15,
2010. Princess Märtha Louise had recently come under criticism for having
given the impression that communication with the deceased is fully feasible.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 **

Articles with pics and a video:

** Prinsesse Märtha Louise angrep media **

** Vi kan ikke hjelpe folk med de døde **
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