Princess Lalla Salma Current Events 2: September 2011-

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Lalla salma is in grece for vacation since last week end
Princess Lalla Salma and her son Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan packed land afternoon of 6 July in the Sporades Islands, about 120 km north of Athens, off the east coast of Greece
Lalla Salma and Moulay El Hassan, surrounded by several companions, landed aboard a private jet at Skiathos before rushing into black vans: destination, a hotel near the beach Koukounaries where enhanced security measures have been deployed according to the Greek press.
Lovely to see Lalla Salma again,she is actually in New York for family reason they said maybe attending some kind of celebration.
No,this one is little old..few weeks ago in Morocco,the Princess was spotted out and about in Marrakech
It's wonderful we get again pictures of Lalla Salma,i hope we will having more with each outing in futur
Lalla salma visitid The Museum Mohammed VI in Rabat yesterday Oct 23

on the occasion of the exhibition "Treasures of Islam in Africa: from Timbuktu to Zanzibar", Princess Lalla Salma paid a visit to the Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rabat on Wednesday 23 October
The exhibition, organized by the Arab World Institute, in partnership with the Academy of the Kingdom of Morocco, takes the visitor through the ages, making him discover the different African cultures in the sub-Saharan region.
During this exhibition, the Princess was accompanied by the Director of the Mohammed VI Museum, Abdelaziz El Idrissi, and Mehdi Qotbi, President of the National Museums Foundation.
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Why there are no photos are these the rules for her
New appearance?
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Hard to see the Official agency report and post photos of her now but i am waiting the Museum website they always have pictures of sush visit they just took a little time to do it
Lalla salma was spotted Oct 24 in Rabat,there is even a video inside the artivle but of bad quality

Princess Lalla Salma reappeared yesterday Thursday, October 24 in Rabat, in the district of Agdal, near the Avenue of the United Nations, with her two children Princess Lalla Khadija and the Prince Moulay El Hassan.
After a visit on Wednesday, October 23 to the Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Princess Lalla Salma made a new appearance yesterday in Rabat.
Lalla Salma, who descended from a white Mercedes, was accompanied by her children Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan and Princess Lalla Khadija.
....Lalla Salma Bennani will inaugurate in the coming months a new oncology center specializing in the treatment of breast cancer.

The Princess was seen again yesterday Oct 25 and this time it's intersting because several media eeported she visit the royal palace in Rabat where the King had moved since divorce

Princess Lalla Salma the ex wife of King Mohammed VI, was seen leaving the Rabat royal Palace in a white luxury Mercedes and greeting the people who met her this afternoon.
In a statement to the newspaper one of
citizens whonmet the Princess said to Hespress,some of the that he was surprised to see the princess herself driving the car, at the exit of the "Royal Palace of Touarka", waving her hand to citizens and security men, and exchanged greetings and smiles, before driving around the streets of Rabat...
The man added that he took this opportunity to greet the princess as she was leaving the gate of the palace, adding that Lalla Salma was wearing a "beige" and white dress, and was accompagned by a woman inside the car.
Although Divorce is not un-Islamic, it's peculiar to see her back in Public Life. I thought she spent too much money on high-end cancer care for a developing country and I hope that she is more realistic this time round.
Although Divorce is not un-Islamic, it's peculiar to see her back in Public Life. I thought she spent too much money on high-end cancer care for a developing country and I hope that she is more realistic this time round.

Well she disappeared from public life for a long time after her divorce was rumoured and that got a lot of unwelcome international speculation that she was being held against her will somewhere like Sheikha Latifa and others. She and the King seem to have come to an agreement about causes close to her heart.

I don't know if she spent too much money on cancer treatment or if it was used wisely but there are worse things to spend money on, even in a less well off country.
Divorce is a hard thing for most ordinary people so I cannot. For the ruler of a country it is worse. Maybe she took time to rest and we know his health was in a bad way.

I think whatever plans they made for the rest of their lives has been overtaken by the situation of the Dubai Princesses and they have been wisely counselled to be seen to be amicably divorced and advised that Lalla Salma raise her public profile for fear of unwelcome comparisons between Morocco and Dubai.
Lalla salma was seen in Marrakech early this month,she spend the New year Eve here and was spotted out and about with Qtari Sheikha that it said Mozah (Mozah and her husband is vacancing in Mrrakech these days too)
Social networks are also ignited by the publication of a new video which would be linked to the princess. The same source indicates that Lalla Salma is said to have been accompanied by a Qatari princess to Dar El Bacha, in the old medina of the ocher city. Information is unofficial

BTW the King also spent the new year eve in Marrakech and both King Lalla salma are still in the same city
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