Princess Irene of The Netherlands, Current Events Part 1 (July 2003 - )

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She looks much older than her eldest sister Beatrix and MUCH older than Princess Margriet van V who is now a wonderful women altough she wasn't when she was young.
HRH Princess Irene is appointed Patron of the Coalition Biodiversity 2010,the platform of both the corporate world and governmental bodies.

2010 Is the UN Year of Biodiversity.

HRH Princess Irene last sunday at the birthday bash of friend Herman van Veen at the Royal Theatre Carré,Amsterdam.

ANP Beeldbank

courtesy Robin Utrecht.
HRH Princess Irene will take the salute at the defilé of the Princess Irene Brigade on may 8th,The Hague.

The Brigade was founded in WWII in England out of dutch men who either lived abroad at the time the war
started or fled to England after it started and all got organised in this Brigade.The Brigade was named after the Princess.
08-04-2010 Amsterdam : Princess Irene and Mrs. Karin Hazelhoff
Roelfzema attended the Erik Hazelhoff Aanmoedigingsprijs in the
Rode Hoed in Amsterdam.

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Prince Pieter-Christiaan and Princess Anita were there, too.
Princess Irene attended the defile of the Garderegiment Fuseliers
Prinses Irene at the hofvijver in The Hague, May 8, 2010. It has
been 65 years ago that the regiment, as first Allied unit, invaded
The Hague.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one thinking that! But I think Irene was and still is much better looking than Camilla, despite being 8 years older.
Yes, that's true.
About the resemblance on some way I thought that Irene has something similar to late Frances Shand Kydd...
Princess Irene attended the worldpremiere of "Wild wonders of Europe"
at the Lange Vijverberg in The Hague, May 27, 2010. "Wild Wonders
of Europe" is a photo exhibition of 58 nature photographers.

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Princess Irene with Martin Goossen and Kees Slingerland attended
the opening of the international recreationcongres of Alterra, part
of the Wageningen UR, in Wageningen, May 31, 2010.

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HRH Princess Irene is awarded the Martin Buber Plaquette at Rolduc Abbey,Kerkrade today,
a sign of appreciation and acknowledgement for her work.

Previous laureates are Michael Gorbatjov and former German chancellor Helmut Schmitt
as well as former German President Richard von Weiszacker.

The Princess came to Kerkrade this morning for a press conference and went to Herzogenrath,
Germany attending an event at Burg Rode.Later in the afternoon she was received at Rolduc
Abbey by the Bishop of Roermond,Wiertz.

ANP Beeldbank

courtesy anp
Lucien ,
Since when is she again Princess Irene and not as before Irene of Lippe-B.?
Lucien ,
Since when is she again Princess Irene and not as before Irene of Lippe-B.?

Since a few years,but she reacts to both.She only used the v L-B title/name to avoid distraction/attraction by others for the
Orange Nassau name in relation to her own work,she felt the title would be an obstacle.She very much had the wish to be seen
as Irene and not as the HRH to get the work done she envisioned,the Nature College ao.Now she has arrived at a station in life
that that doesn't matter to her anymore,she is acknowledged for what she has done for herself,Irene,not because of the title.
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Princess Irene receives on Friday October 8th 2010, the Martin Buber Plaque from the Dutch-German foundation Euriade

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Princess Irene gave an interview to GDP Newspapers. The interview was about her battle against Shell, the company wants to drill for gas in a reservate in South Africa. The princess finds it unbelievable. She denies having Shell shares herself and says that she doubts if her family has them.

In Dutch:

Irene strijdt tegen gaswinning in natuurgebied Zuid-Afrika - Achtergronden ROYALBLOG.NL

A gutsy Lady fighting the worlds richest multi-national,I applaud her for protesting against drilling for oil at her land in SA where it is already known that the oil in the rocks there won't produce enough to make a profit for SHELL,or Royal Dutch as I prefer...;)
Thanks Lucien ,
Do you think a Queen's sister may give her opinion as her own family since years and years are involved in Royal Dutch and therefore is one of the more rich RF ?
I think the rumours that the RF has a large % of shares in Shell are incorrect, as was shown by prof. Fasseur in his Wilhelmina biographies. But even if they still have shares I suppose it is only normal that the shareholder will say something about the policy of a company.
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