Princess Irene of The Netherlands, Current Events Part 1 (July 2003 - )

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Princess Irene has participated in a documentary 'Alledaagse Waardigheid' (Everyday Dignity) by the filmmaker Ida Does. The documentary talks about the book of the same name by Prof. Philomena Essed, which was presented to the princess 40 years ago. It was the first book about racism in the Netherlands.

The documentary will be shown on the NPO on October 19th.

How lovely that she is involved again after 40 years. That truly is one of the beautiful aspects of royal life: the continuity.
For those wondering about this 'magazine': Trouw is one of the 5 major national newspapers in the Netherlands. It was founded during World War 2 as a newspaper by the protestant resistance and still read by many that (somewhat) identify with the christian tradition.
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