Baby Girl for Constantijn & Laurentien - Leonore Marie Irene Enrica: June 3, 2006

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Great pictures! :)
What a lovely family!
I love the picture of Queen Beatrix with her grandchildren! Really cute! ;)
The pictures are great.
Yes, Eloise looks like Laurentien, but I can see a resemblance to her cousin Amalia, too, especially with the eyes. And to her grandma Beatrix, when she was younger!
The pics are great - they look so happy. I especially like the one of Constantijn, Laurentien, and Leonore.

I, too, think Eliose is the spitting image of her mother, and can't believe how much Claus has grown.
Just take a look at this youth pic of Laurentien from It's like you're looking at Eloise. Finally we found some genes that are stronger than the Orange genes. ;)

these are wonderfull pictures. The tree children look so cute, and the parents and grandmother look so proud.
It's true that Eloise looks like her mother.
Queen Beatrix sitting with three grandchildren!!! Wow grandmother have many grandchildren now and she is widow after Prince Claus. She is mother and best grandmother to many grandchildren.!!!! Best grandmother Queen Beatrix of Netherlands!!!!!
Great pictures! Good to see HM with her grandchildren and Laurentien is just glowing :)

BTW Constantijn said on television, when asked if they wanted more children,. that 3 was a nice number. But then added, you never know...
Wow thanks you photos!!! It is two grandmother much happy and proud his grandchildren have give birth to a girl!!! Proud grandmother Beatrix and Laurentiens mother.
Congratulations !!!!!! Congrats to the family!
Love the photos thanks for posting I love C-C he's a funny boy in those photos
Those were lovely pictures of the new baby! Thank you for posting them.
What a beautiful little baby! Great pictures :) I especially love Claus-Casimir
Congratulations! She's such a little cute baby! :)
Great photos of the whole Family!
C-C is a cute little boy. ( and still the only male grandchild of Queen Beatrix ;) )
'Marie' might be from Princess Juliana because her fullname was: Juliana Louise Emma MARIE Wilhelmina
What a lovely family!Great pictures!Leonore is so cute baby!!!
Does anyone know when the christening is? Should`nt it be sometime now?
Nothing has been made public about it. As with the christenings of Claus-Casimir and Eloise I expect the announcement will be made only a few days before the actual baptism.
I still hope for a double-christening of Leonore and Zaria. ;)
Let's see. :rolleyes:

Ps.: Great new Avator, Marengo! Congrats to your new job as moderator.
That would be nice indeed and it has been done before: Prince Constantijn and Prince Bernhard jr in Utrecht.


Thank you princess Beatrix! But I am still mourning the disappearance of Edna Mode ;) (my usual avatar).
Yes...Marengo..that is a great avator. I will miss Edma Mode as well :)

In regards to Lenore...I guess the next time we will see her will be the baptism.
I agree with all who like your new Avator, Marengo! :kiss:

I hope the christening will be more or less public (a double christening would be great to see!)
I remember that there were nearly no photos when Luana has been baptized. Only the official portraits, right?
So maybe Mabel and Friso want a quiet christening.
Was is the same with the christening of Eloise and CC?
I think there were always pictures also from the ceremony? Am I right? :huh:
As Mabel,Friso and their daughters aren´t members of the Royal House the baptism should be a bit more low-key. There were only two official pictures indeed and it was hold in the palace of HM in The Hague.

The baptisms of Claus-Casimir and Eloise had some more pictures, a few inside the chapel of Palace Het Loo and a lot outside (arrival of the guests).
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