Princess Ingrid Alexandra: Current Events part 4 - 17/1/06 - 23/1/07

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angela said:
They should cut her hair as it looks greasy. She looks like a bald man with a bad comb-over.

She is a very very pretty baby, but these hair are a catastrophy. They should cut them.
She's an adorable baby, but that hairstyle makes her look like a used-car salesman.
At the end of the day she is only a little child , so who care's .
sm1939 said:
At the end of the day she is only a little child , so who care's .

I agree with you. This whole Princess Ingrid Alexandra weird hair discussion is, just that, weird. It would be much more logical in, say 15-16-17 years time, when she actually have a say in what hair style she'd like to have.

Anyway, the thickness of hair can be hereditary, CP Mette-Marit doesn't have super thick hair either, so like mother like daughter :question:

At the present her hair style is out of convenicence not fashion statement. She's a kindergarten kid, with jam on her fingers which easily get transfered into the hair. And as many kids don't like to get soap and water in their face, short hair shorten the "suffering" during bath time. All parents with little kids know this, it's the daily routine ;)
I thought I asked this before, but I can't find my post, so I wanted to ask it again- is her name (first name) Ingrid (middle name) Alexandra, or is it (firstname) Ingrid Alexandra? I noticed a lot of people posting just calling her Ingrid. And does her family call her Ingrid Alexandra or just Ingrid, or something else? (when they are informal, as a family)

And does she still carry that bear of hers around everywhere?
ingrid alexandra is so so cute! she look so funny in the snow, but i miss sverre in the photos-
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