Princess Charlene Current Events - Part 3: January 2017 - April 2019

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Thank-you Melina for sharing these wonderful pictures of a lovely princess. The vibrant blue is a perfect colour for Charlene and she reminded me of Princess Grace.
Saloon Hall comes to mind when I see that dress ....
Here's a video of Princess Charlene at the Race Day, including an interview with her father:

I love Charlene for her "less is more" aesthetic. Surprise! There is nothing beyond the hair and the blue that I like about this look. It's a hot mess, IMO! :ohmy::eek:?
When I saw this video where there are many children whose schools will receive a lot of money though Princess Charlene and her Foundation, I saw the true and wonderfull thing that Charlene did , some persons prefered the superficial in criticind her outfill to the reality it was not the matter

A nice article about princess Charlene

An Another article about Princess Charlene

Excuse me, I Always failed to publish news or photos in one comment
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Thanks, melina. Two lovely articles, emphasizing once again what many have said before. How humble, down to earth and warm she is in person. Pictures don’t always reveal this about her.

I hope the school kids appreciate her support and take a pride in their schools and education.

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