Princess Charlene Current Events - Part 3: January 2017 - April 2019

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That's the happiest I've seen her looking in a while.
She is very hands on with her foundation, although i'm sure if this meet had to do with that or if she attended out of personal interest; anyway, she looks great, not so tense in the face as she occasionally does..
Thank you for these pictures of Princess Charlene and her foundation.
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Terence Parkin won the swim race in the age category for 30+. This forms part of a fund raising effort by Terence for the PCMF, of which he is an ambassador. During this fund raising he will cycle, swim, run and paddle a distance of 1160 km in one go. He completed 8 Midmar miles and will now run to the start of the Dusi canoe marathon.
Hm... Strange foto, she is too close to this man...
:previous: imo she's just a person who likes to touch people in more informal settings (not official state visits or something obviously ;) ), i think she was similarly tactile with F1 racecardriver Charles Leclerc, also an ambassador of her foundation...

Don't think there's much more to it, than that..
Princess Charlene Current Events - Part 3: January 2017 -

P Charlene and Terence P have been friends since their teens, as young swimmers. And for Terence being deaf, touching/hugging is very natural.

I do agree, however, she should maybe be more careful, so there won’t be unnecessary gossip...

And in a different picture I noticed she’s wearing cropped jeans and open sandals.
Maybe don't read too much into a simple gesture of affection. It looks natural, unaffected and friendly to me.

I agree, outwith St. Devote, which are must show engagements for her, Charlene hasn't done one thing in Monaco this year which is beyond ridiculous. However I don't see anything inappropriate with this picture at all.
What we’re looking at is a picture of two people who have been close friends for over 20 years. But why oh why has PC been so inactive in recent months? We hardly ever see her... that’s really a shame. [emoji57]
Totally chuffed that Princess Charlene is South African. Bet we have the most beautiful girls in the Commonwealth
Charlene looks so much happier (than the last photos I saw of her.) I can't wait until the twins are older so that she can bring them to South Africa for visits, too.
It’s seems very clear Charlene appears to be more relaxed and “at home” in SA, such is the society there who are as much laid back as they’re hard working.

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A few more photos and information of the aQuellé Midmar Mile have been shared on Charlene's Foundation's facebook page:

** fb gallery **
Yes, Kevin Richardson, the lion whisperer, doing amazing work in the protection of lions. I think he is also Ambassador to the Princess’s Foundation.
Princess charlene visited yesterday the mobile unit of the blood levies of the Red Cross on the place of the palace

The photo was published on the local newspaper Monaco Matin, I could find the photo on press reader

You Click on Monaco l'essentiel
Click again on ' don du sang and you will find the photo and the texte, the photo is not good

Last Week, P Charlene visited the staff and the mobil unit of blood levies on the place of the palace

The link did not work , I found an other link which is working, if somebody wants to see the photo
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Thanks for the news and the nice photos.
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Yes, her brother Sean was present , he gave the ' chèque of 50000 R to the wife director of the school

They did a lot of money , they raised a lot of money for the schools during this charity horses races

Her mother was also present

She is wearing sunglasses and rose orange outfit

A video
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Thanks to everyone who posted. I love the vivid blue on P Charlene and even more the soft pastel on her mother. Her mother is still a very attractive woman.
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