Princess Charlene Current Events - Part 2: January 2014 -December 2016

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^^^. Quite right, Lady Nimue. P Albert stood by what he firmly believed. And I also think he deserves some credit for the way he has supported and guided his wife over the past four years. I also admire the fact that he's not afraid to show his affection for her.

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Charlene detractors who say she only converted for "show" need to see these photos. It's obvious to me at least that her faith is very meaningful to her. If she had skipped Mass today no one would have been the wiser.

At this point, she goes to Mass more regularly than her husband and his sisters and their children.

Good for her! :rose2: May her example be a blessing to all the family!
Princess Charlene gave awards to pupils who win the first prize of fthe' sanppers pour tous'

Snappers for all is an idea of Princess charlene , she wants that all the children could learn about the sea and could visit the ocean museum, she also wants that this prize is for children who are not very rich and had difficult in Learning.
Many class of children came to visit of Monaco and of Nice and in the other french towns, after they do a video and send to a jury and the first prize is to visit during two days Monaco with a lot of visits, trips on the sea.
This event is supported by the princess Charlene foundation, the accademy of Nice and Monaco

Princess charlene is very busy this times while Albert is busy away of Monaco, they are sharing the events.
Beautiful joyous pics! Princess Charlene truly does have a way with children, lovely to see. :flowers:

Lol I can't wait till her twins learn how to swim, they'll probably be Olympic swimmers like their mother. :cool:
Nice to see P Charlene at work again, and her Foundation involved locally. Looking forward to Mare Nostrum this weekend. Hopefully P Albert will be able to join her at the meet.

Yes, Nadine, I can see them participate in a wide variety of sports, and swimming is bound to be one of them ( probably bobsleigh too). Maybe one of them will even become Monaco's first Olympic Gold Medal winner! Getting way ahead here....!

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Princess Charlene has a great, big heart. I love the idea of giving underprivileged youngsters a chance to visit the Oceanic Museum and learn about the wonders of the sea.

It's going to be a fantastic experience for them.
I like seeing Princess Charlene involved with children (and even more with children and sports.) She always looks like she just wants to jump in and join.
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Did Charlene fully replace Prince Albert as a host this time round?
She really shines with happiness ! Wonderful to see !
She is truly hitting her stride now and I love it. Go Charlene!:)
Yes, PC seemed to officially return to public duties when she went to the Grand Prix this year and has barely stopped since. Do we have any pics of her at the Made Nostrum swimming event?
there are not yet photos of the Mare Nostrum event , but P Charlene attended to this event and gave awards to the winners, we saw her at the TV and she attended the gala of the swimming yesterday evening, there is a litlle photo on twitter.

Since june 2th, she returned to her public duties.

She attended the big meeting of the entrepreneur and made a speech about the rights of the women

She visited the new mothers at the maternity for the motherday.

She attended the procession of the fete Dieu at the palace

She gave the award to the pupils who win the prize ' nappers pour tous'

She opened the tv festival last saturday

Yesterday , she gave trophies and medals to the Mare Nostrum swimming and attended to the swimming gala yesterday evening

Apart the swimming events of yesterday, This board published the photos of all of these events
She was wonderful at this last event, I love her hair style.
Charlene was dazzling! After the birth of her two bundles of joy she has blossomed into a magnificent Princess and she is making Monaco proud of her. God bless her and her family.
So nice to see her, pity the babies were not with her (one can dream !)
This sounds like a good idea! Makes it much easier to keep up to speed with the latest activities of the Foundation. And they have been busy lately. I am happy for the Princess that she is successful with the Foundation. Many people didn't give her a chance and once again she proved them wrong.

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It does seem that she takes her new faith seriously. I don't think attending this mass was just for show. I think the oval shaped medallion she is wearing is a religious one. Looks like maybe the miraculous medal which is popular with many catholics.

I think Claire of Luxembourg wears one as well.
We are noting that this is the month the royals are getting back to work. Any news about Princess Charlene?
I think you don't remember that Ptincess Charlene was present with Albert and her children at the pic nic , and one week after, there were the princess Grace awards which lasted three days, the pre gala event on the yacht club , than the gala of the awards and on sunday, there was an another privat reception.

Monaco is small , there is not an inauguration every day as in other monarchies.
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