Princess Charlene Current Events - Part 2: January 2014 -December 2016

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Welcome to Part 2 of the thread for the Current Events of Princess Charlene of Monaco!

The previous thread can be found here:

** Princess Charlene Current Events - Part 1: July 2011 - December 2013 **

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Thanks, Melina P, for posting. The Foundation is busy indeed. The Princess, who is currently in South Africa, will be distressed by the number of drownings over the holidays at various SA beaches. This will surely reinforce her belief in the importance of gaining the skills and learning to swim in order to be "water safe"...I am curious to know whether they were allowed to visit Nelson Mandela's grave since the traditional mourning period is still being observed.
I am curious to know whether they were allowed to visit Nelson Mandela's grave since the traditional mourning period is still being observed.

Since they were the guests of Mandla Mandela (Madiba's grandson and tribal chief), I'm sure they would have had the opportunity -- if they had wanted to. But I doubt we would be seeing any pictures of it.
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On January 24 Princess Charlene attended the presentation of the book "KZN Land of Dreams" she wrote a foreword for. The bilingual book is written by journalist Tanya Waterworth for the English part and Annick Thébia Melsan for the French part and it's illustrated by photos of Sébastien Darasse and Vaughan Treyvellan. KZN stands for KwaZulu-Natal - a province of South Africa.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **

Princess Charlene as Patron attended the Sainte Devote rugby tournament match at the Louis II Stadium in Monaco today, February 1, 2014.

I especially like pics 1 and 2 - so nice!

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 ** Pic 6 ** Pic 7 **

** gettyimages gallery ** fb: 4ème édition du « Challenge Sainte-Dévote **

** parismatch gallery: Charlène souriante aux côtés des jeunes rugbymen **

** pp gallery: Charlene de Monaco : Essai transformé avec les apprentis rugbymen **

** hellomagazine: Princess Charlene and Princess Stephanie absent from Monaco's royal wedding **
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I think the placement of the skirt section is quite high, as in a traditional Empire dress. And I like the colour combination!

And I hope she's happy!
OK. She was there. I liked her make-up.
Pauline was there too

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What did she do to her face? I generally like her outfits but this time I'm not a fan at all
Charlene was very stunning at this fashion show.

There will be a cruise collection of vuitton next may at Monaco. Charlene said in an interview that she would like to see monaco becoming a fashion town as Turin, Paris . Last year, she succeeded that Dior came to present his cruise collection in a fashion show on the port Hercules. this year, Vuitton will come also;
Don't want to sound harsh but I'm a bit fed up with all these interviews... I want something excting.... Come on Charlene!

Here is the photo of Charlene on the balcony of the palace during her interview, I hope that the palace will put the entire interview, it is in the newspaper this morning, I could read it because I have the suscription. It is a long interview of 2 entire pages, about her foundation, about the autism and Monaa, Nelson Mandela, her role as princess in Monaco, her life in Monaco , her duties and she spoke about the gossips, lies and rumors of the tabloïds.
I would have translate but my English is very bad.
Yeah, a she speaks of the same things she told in previous interviews... Very interesting to read about her foundation and other charities... The only thinks that matter...
Charlene di Monaco: «Solo noi due» -
Here the same interview in Vanity Fait Italy. I have to admit that I was curious when they asked her about children. She replied that both really want to have kids but everything is "In god's hands" she said. She added that they managed to go over the many difficulty and that now she trusts their deep love...
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those pictures are beautiful although heavily photoshopped. charlene looks very natural and pleasant when posing.
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I must admit it was unusual to read about Charlene's direct desire of becoming a mother. The pressure was high and she coped well enough with it (..)
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