Princess Charlene Current Events - Part 2: January 2014 -December 2016

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She does great with the "listen for life signs" bit - but her chest compressions need to be more vertical to not break bones.

Off topic, but, how many of us are CPR or hands-only CPR trained, I wonder?
Impressed she's working closer with the red cross and becoming more impressed with her in general.
Thanks, melina. What a worthy cause for P Charlene and her Foundation to get involved in. Basic First Aid should be taught in all schools, imo. In SA all children have to take a subject called Life Orientation up to Matric (Grade 12)which teaches basic knowledge, skills and mechanisms for them to develop into well coping and responsible adults. This would fit right in. The Princess was well supported by members of the Monegasque government. Will be interesting to see how this develops.

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^^^ I suppose this explains why P Charlene could not join P Albert when he visited the Kelly home yesterday.

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The former Mayor of New York. Mr. Bloomberg is not the mayor, now.
Thank you Countess, I did not know , but no matter Mr Blomberg has a philantropic association and He could talk with Princess charlene about how to save children from the dronwing.
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Princess Charlene Current Events - Part 2: January 2014 -

This seems like a very important initiative with many prominent persons like the Dalai Lama and other Nobel winners at the forefront. A great cause for P Charlene to get involved with. Such a pity though that it coincides with the twins' birthday...or maybe the launch of the summit on this day may hold something special for the future...

Could this become to childrens' rights what COP is to environmental issues?

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I expect Charlene was shouting 'Come on South Africa!' while Harry did the same for England. I expect she wore her dark coat as well as the poppy because of the commemorative ceremonies going on in Britain this weekend for Armistice Day.
It is a surprise to see Charlene near Harry,
Her hair has grown, I hope she will not cut her hair again.
Nice to see the Royals together. Brother Gareth is there too. Unfortunately the match didn't go our way, though.

Maybe P Charlene will share some advice with P Harry, since she was criticized as much as Meghan is now, when she first started dating P Albert...

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I was amazed to see Charlene stading next to Harry at first, and then I realized why: of course: one of the team plating was South Africa. XD. They make quite a strange duo though. XD
Like the rest of you all I was both surprised & delighted to see Princess Charlene & Prince Harry standing next to each other at the game.:) Its good to see royals getting along & being cordial to one another because I remember the brouhaha when Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden's husband Prince Daniel & his brother-in-law Prince Carl Philip met William, Harry, and Kate at the London Olympics and were perceived as snubbed by them (they attended the same event). Therefore, these pics put a smile on my face & warmth in my heart, good showing. :flowers:
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She looked so aloof in the pictures - like she really did not want to be standing next to P. Harry...
Princess Charlene attended also yesterday the world rugby awards , she was the honor guest of this event , she announced that the next world rugby event will be in Monaco

World Rugby
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Charlene always looks spectacular when she wears such bold colours!!!!
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