Princess Charlene Current Events - Part 1: July 2011 - December 2013

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I prefer the first photo, The second is photoshopped
IThe photographs use to photoshop the photos, all the portraits of royals are photoshopped
Why did this journalist interview her at all??
Nothing new here. He just nags at the old stories we already know about!
Princess Charlene Looks Gorgeous In Beige Suit , I Think Beige Color Very Suitable On Her Face , Thanx All For Posting
Why did this journalist interview her at all??
Nothing new here. He just nags at the old stories we already know about!

I agree, Smush. What he gives with one hand ( a compliment) he takes with the other (re-hashing stupid old stories etc. ). :bang:
There is a replay of monaco info on march 14th, in the news at 7' there is a report of the visit of the princess charlene's visit of the swimming pool of Melbourne and a little interview of her former trainer and this report speaks about the fact she won a gold medal in 2002 at the word race of swimming

Les JT (beta) / Monaco Info / Chaines - Monaco Channel
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Oh, my goodness! What magnificent tortu! Charlene's kinda cute, too. Love the new hair.
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Thanks for all the pics. Charlene is doing a great job and seems to enjoy it more and more.
Great appearance from Charlene, she is most natural around children, sports or nature and it shows again.
Love the pictures with the turtles, too splendid to notice the (imo) ugly outfit.
on monaco info video, there is the inauguration of the isle of the turttles and their story and how they live
Monaco Info Replay / Chaines - Monaco Channel
on the official page of the palace on face book in the comments
Mr Calgano, manager of the museum, thanks princess Charlène for having guided them in the realisation of this area.
There are three parts in this area
one for the turttles the second is a games area for the chidren and the third is a rest area for the adults
PC is really throwing herself into her official duties with gusto and is looking radiant! It's hard to believe that she has only been in the role of Princess for 10 months as she has a very professional and competent look about her.

Please note that this is a current events thread for Princess Charlene!
As usual we won't speculate about any possible pregnacies,
the discussion about certain gossip articles has already been led here!
Princess Charlene is such a pretty girl but the short hair does not do her justice. She does not have the right shape face to wear her hair that short!! Oh well, it will grow!
I found this photo of the princess Charlene visiteing the international school of Monaco
last week

Charlène à l'école - Royautés

I found the site of the fondation Princess Charlene, it is the logo and the site of the fondation
Fondation Princesse Charlène de Monaco | Facebook

I think there will be soon the presentation of the fondation

Charlene just loves being in the company of children. :flowers:

Thanks for the "Facebook" link to Charlene's Foundation, melina. ! I have "liked" it. :)
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