Princess Charlene Current Events - Part 1: July 2011 - December 2013

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Very exciting, I'll be doing my best to try and see her and the exhibition. Sounds wonderful
Very exciting, I'll be doing my best to try and see her and the exhibition. Sounds wonderful
And if you see her you will take a lot of photos, of course (for us).:lol:
This should be a great exhibition, as Grace Kelly WAS a true style icon, imo.
Wonderful news, I look forward to being there at the opening. I hope sHe's accompanied by Caroline
Even if Charlene could walk on water or even if she could heal cancer, for some people it will never be enough.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to next year. With the Princess Charlene Foundation coming up there will be a lot to write about in this thread :D

Here's to a great year for Charlene. :flowers:
Great to see her at work again.:)
She looks absolutely stunning.
She is obviously having a good time around these kids :previous:
She is really having a good time. Love the Pashmina with pockets.
Who is the man in th black coat and khaki slacks with Princess Charlene? he seems familiar to me-
Again with her brother and his girlfriend.
Seems like she didn't buy anything (at least no bags).
Nice to see Charlene "out and about" again and of course perfectly dressed for the occasion.
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Although the Australia visit was primarily to open the PG event and has been covered elsewhere on the forums PC also visited the Melbourene Aquatic centre and had a dinner wiith the Lady Mayoress of Bendigo. By all accounts the whole visit has been a triumph for the Princess so I just wanted to say on this thread how pleased I am for her!
Just putting my question here - any information why Prince Albert did not accompany PC to Australia?
He had other engagements planned, specifically the marine enviromental conference. See his current events thread.
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To morrow, Prince will be at Marseille to attend the marine enviromental conference of the worls, he will be the fist to make a specch. He said on the riviera radio in december, he could not attend to the opening of the princess Grace show, there was not enough time beteween the opening of saturday evenning and the conference at Marseille too early on monday morning, There is 24h30 hours of flight between france and Australia.
Whats the purpose of the visit to Shanghai?
She visited the special school, it is a school for students with desabilities, she is the patron of the special olympics and her fondation princess charlene will care about the childen with disabilities
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