Princess Caroline & Prince Ernst August Current Events 1: Oct.2002 - Nov.2003

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You know, no matter what seems to be going badly for the Grimaldi ladies, one NEVER sees them with a hair out of place or looking washed out, unmade-up, scruffy, tired, poorly dressed, or just plain lousy. It's inspirational to see people refuse to lower their standards when going through hell. And the ladies of Monaco have had their share of hard times.

I think Caroline is very classy and I hope that Charlotte will follow in her mother's footsteps. She sure does when it comes to good looks.
Isn't that the truth? :D It's just like that old saying, "Never let them see you sweat!" :wink:

No kidding, Caroline has never looked haggard, tacky or anything else in a photo! Even in those ruder and words paparazzi pics Caroline on her "days off" looks great. I think great style is genetic w/ the Grimaldi least w/ Caroline and Charlotte. Stephanie could look sensational but she's got some work to do with the clothes and hair! But, all of the Grimaldis are great looking. Albert, in my humble opinion, is a doll and Stephanie's children I think are going to be as attractive as Caroline's.
As for Caroline's children, Andrea is going to be a drop-dead gorgeous guy.

<img border='0' alt='image'src=>

As Annie said Caroline has managed to look spectacular through some terribly tough times and she has never lowered her standards. Here is an example of never lowering her standards. The gown and look that Caroline sports above is one of my favorites. She looks every inch the princess and the GOWN is GORGEOUS!!!!!! It seems to me to be very Princess Grace. So delicate and elegant. Caroline's make-up is marvelous, too. This is one of my fave looks for Caroline...what do you all think and have you seen her wear this gown before??
Good genes, or what?? Charlotte and Andrea at the 2002 Grand Prix!

Ok, this is making me psychotic! I was able to post the first pic and now I cannot post anymore! :(

check this link out: and search under Prince, he hasn't got a title but that is what he is under!

Hey Julia,

How are you? Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures of Princess Caroline. I agree with you and Annie that she still manages to look beautiful, even during the hardest times of her life. I wonder if she is happy being married to Prince Ernst of Hanover. There was lots of reports in the O.Z magazines of her and him having marital problems - whether its true or not is another matter. I feel so sorry for her as she was happy with Stefani Casiraghi and he had to die in the boating accident. Her first marriage to Philip Junot was awful. I was very sad when I read once that he made bets with friends (like $100 bucks or something that he could score with her) and that was the reason why he married her. She has been through so much and yet, still look so elegant. I take my hat off and bow to her. :D

I wonder who did Caroline love the most out of all the guys she dated and married? :?

I bid you all a very lovely day with hugs, friendship and love to you all. :D
Hey Julia,

I have never seen this photograph of Princess Caroline before. The gown that she is wearing is absolutely stunning. Thank you for posting it.

Lorissa, I didn't know that there were so many reports about Princess Caroline and Prince Ernst having marital problems. That really is sad. I hope that things will work out if this is true. I heard a rumor that Prince Ernst is who Princess Grace wanted Caroline to marry in the first place. I was so excited to hear that after all of these years that they finally fell in love and got married. It would be horrible for them to start having problems now.

That dress is amazing and amazing on her! When her mother won the Oscar, she wore a similar ice blue color. It clearly fits that family (though their coloring is different).

She is what--? 45? or something...there are just some women who look even better and better with age. she falls into that category.

Though that family is a bunch of DNA hogs, I have to say.
Charlotte is the spitting image of her mother. Hopefully her life won't have the tragedies that her mother's has.
Despite all the stress and tragedies, Caroline always looks fabulous!!

(even when the woman was losing her hair--she STILL managed to be fashionable and look great)

Thanks for the pic, Julia
Hey Julia, Jackie-O and Kelly,

How are you? J-O, There were reports about him attacking photographers and it kind of placed some strain on their relationship and caused some embarrassing moments for Caroline. I think the press are most probably making a mountain out of a molehill once again, as lovely Kelly always says "Another slow month of selling papers" and I agree. Nowadays, you can't believe half of what you read. I second to your posts Kelly, I hope that Charlotte will have a much happier lovelife than Caroline's. :D

I bid you all a wonderful day for three wonderful Girls. :D :lol: :D
Hey Lorissa, Jacqueline and Kelly!

First of all I must say that I wish I had a full-length picture of THAT gown...exquisite. Caroline's earrings are lovely aswell...does this woman just scream "class" or what? I am still trying to find images that I can post because some are a little tricky and I cannot post them! I think that Princess Grace instilled the sense of "never letting the bad get to you" in her children and Kelly, you are absolutely right! When Caroline lost her hair she seemed to just take it with a grain of salt. She wore those fabulous jeweled turbans and Hermes scarfs. Princess Grace used to pull the "turban" trick when she was having a bad hair day. And, yes, this gown above looks a bit like Grace's from the Academy Awards!

Lorissa, I, too have heard that Ernst has the annoying habbit of beating the foo out of paparazzi photogs...and doing other inappropriate things, too, like relieveing himself in public but who the heck knows if this is all true. However, I don't blame him for smacking a couple of paparazzi photographers! I'll bet they drive that family batty.

I hope that Charlotte has a much happier life than Caroline and I think that it seems that she is. Caroline apparently goes to almost all of her riding competitions and mother and daughter are very relaxed and affectionate looking with each other. I think NOT having a title is a good thing for Charlotte.

Have a great day you girls!!!
Ok, I am going to give this photo posting thingy my darndest try because I want to post some GREAT pics of The Grimaldis!!!!!

Also, what would you guys think of a fashion poll?? You know, "favorite Grimaldi ball gown", etc???

Grace Kelly met Prince Rainier in May 5, 1955 at his palace in Monaco. She was there for a Paris Match photo shoot arranged by her friend Pierre Galante. And, she actually tried very hard to get out of this arrangement but in the end gave in.
Hey Galisteo! How are you? Glad to see your back! Thanks for the article...amazing...can you imagine good ol' american football in Monte Carlo?? And, you know what? It probably would only work in Monte Carlo!
I love the name that Al has suggested "Monte Carlo Pirates"...cute!

Monaco's Princess Caroline
lobbies for toxic victims
Posted: 11:13 PM (Manila Time) | Sept. 30, 2002
By Tonette Orejas
Inquirer News Service

Letter to Bush

CLARK SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONE -- Princess Caroline of Monaco took the cudgels for Filipino toxic waste victims and residents of communities outside former United States military bases in the Philippines, according to a group helping toxic waste victims.

Princess Caroline, in a letter to US President George W. Bush, urged the latter to start the "prompt instigation of procedures to remedy the dangerous condition in which they (Filipino toxic waste victims) are forced to live."

The Princess is the president of the Association Mondiale des Amis de l'Enfance (Amade or World Association of Children's Friends) founded by her late mother Princess Grace.

She lamented the "tragic failure" of the American military to rid the former Clark Air Base in Pampanga and Subic Naval Base in Zambales of hazardous waste before it left in 1991.

Philippine senators, voting 12-11 to reject a new bases treaty in 1991, ordered Clark and Subic closed, as well as five support facilities in various parts of Luzon.

The military bases in the Philippines were used by the US for almost a century. Clark and Subic, the biggest outside of the US mainland, were used for the US wars in Korea, Vietnam and Iraq.

Princess Caroline sent the letter to Bush on Aug. 2. A copy of the letter was faxed to the Alliance for Bases Clean-Up International (ABCI) and the Amade Philippine chapter on Sept. 16, the 11th anniversary of the bases treaty rejection.

She also encouraged Bush to "expedite the necessary counter-measures to redress this critical and life-threatening situation."

Since the bases' closure and pullout of US troops from the country, the ABCI and Amade Philippine chapter have been campaigning for the cleanup.

Almost 200 children and adults who had lived or worked in the former bases had died of various ailments, many through various types of cancer.

Two government-sponsored studies, privately-funded examination of the soil and water sources, and a report by the General Accounting Office, the investigating arm of the US Congress, have confirmed the presence of hazardous chemicals and the pollution of soil, water and air in the former US military bases.

Princess Caroline asked Bush to "provide much needed humanitarian aid and compensation to the victims and their families."

The Amade Philippines and ABCI raised the same concerns to the Princess in a letter in April.

The two groups, through lawyer Eric Mallonga, Amade Philippines president and ABCI honorary board member, presented to Princess Caroline a compilation of photographs of disabled and sick residents, mostly of children, and various documents and studies confirming the existence of toxic wastes in the former bases.
UGH, this I cannot stand...Princess Caroline seems to be picking up some barbaric habits from her "six year old going on fifty (Jacqueline)" hubby. In HOLA! there is a pic of her with what appears to be a Pheasant...I am sincerely hoping she didn't shoot it!!!

-Julia, the relatively disgusted
I didn't know that Caroline was a hunter. I can honestly say that I can't ever remember seeing a picture of her hunting. That is definitely one photo of her that I could have done without seeing. Julia, I am disgusted right along with you. :?
Jacqueline, I'm just horrified! I think hunting for sport is just barbaric. This must be something she's picked up since marrying Ernst. Grace would be horrified. She made Rainier stop an annual pidgeon shoot in Monaco. I would have thought Caroline would have asked the same of her husband and not joined in on the hunt.

Julia :?
I know. If Ernst has to hunt, then she could just let him hunt ALONE. Well let's give Caroline a little more credit. Maybe they aren't hunting solely for sport. They could have cooked the pheasant. I hope that they did. The men in my family aren't shy when it comes to hunting, but one thing's definite-nothing that can be eaten is thrown away. Most people around here aren't in the habit of just hunting for wall trophies. That's just stupid and wasteful. I still think that she looks very out of place and kind of gross walking around with a big dead pheasant. :? It just doesn't seem right. To each his or her own. But, personally, I'd much rather be out somewhere getting a manicure or talking to friends.
Absolutely, if they ate the Pheasant, that's ok. But GEEZE! Stomping around in the reeds with a big dead bird??? Lovely image. It seems so strange for the usually very prim Caroline.

Do you all know what is most disgusting about this photograph :?: The fact that Caroline is actually dressed very stylishly in the picture while she's carrying the pheasant. The outfit is actually very well put together. That just makes it even more disturbing. :shock: :? :roll:
Yep, Caroline looks very put together...very bothersome. Sheesh ( I am under a little stress hence the warning), is it her ambition in life to ALWAYS look chic in case the paparazzi just happens to be lurking in a nearby bloody duck pond? Caroline has lovely clothes, but imagine walking into Karl Lagerfeld and saying "I need something timeless to murder birds in..." WHAT???? Ok, I've vented... :)

haunting is horrific.... but to each their own. as lons as it doesnt harm her mentally!! :unsure:
Jacqueline, what precious pictures! Alexandra is a little pumpkin! So adorable! Thanks for the link! I will see if i can find some of those wonderful pics to post. ;)

I was only able to find 2 pics to post...but everyone please look at the link that Jacqueline posted...the photos on that site are much superior!

Thanks again Jacqueline!



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Thank you so much Jacqueline for the link and Julia for the pictures. Little Alexandra is gorgeous and looks like her father, Prince Ernst of Hanover. Have fun you two and take care. Love you heaps. :D :heart:


:heart: Lorissa
You're welcome Julia and Lorissa! :) :)

I am not sure if everyone looked at all of the pictures provided by the link, but through a little bit of curiosity, I found a few more pictures on the link that I provided earlier of little Alexandra, her parents, and sister Charlotte. The pictures were taken of everyone at a jumping contest in France not long ago.

Here is the link:
12/14/02, MONTE-CARLO





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