Charlotte Casiraghi Current Events 1 : Dec.2002 - Oct.2003

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Hey Everyone,

How are you all? Last weeks Australia's New Idea had a interesting article on a possible lovematch between Prince Harry and beautiful Charlotte Casiraghi. WOW! :eek: How original? I did not even think about that one. In the past I have hoped that it would have been with Peter Philips or Prince William.

Article dated : 30th November, 2002 p.106

The article begins with...With more than a hint of deja vu, Harry has found love at last in Monaco.

At last we have a royal match made in heaven. Prince Harry has found true love with Monaco Beauty, Charlotte Casiraghi. Harry is said to be smitten with Princess Caroline's daughter after meeting her at a recent horse show. The pair have been up the phone lines and e-mailing each other constantly.

And Charlotte, 16 was 18 year old Harry's date at the Queen's party celebrations at the Ritz Hotel in London to celebrate her Golden jubilee and the 54th birthday of Harry's dad Prince Charles. Sources say that both Prince Charles and the Queen are thrilled at the possibility of a match between these two youngsters and the Queen has given Harry a beautiful bracelet to give to his new love.

The teenagers seem to be made for each other. Beautiful Charlotte has been named one of the most eligible women in the world and harry has been named one of the most eligible bachelors. Their romance also seems to be a case repeating itself. Almost 30 years ago the world was talking about a possible match between the young Princess Caroline and Prince Charles. Royal fans all over the world were hoping these two would marry. Tongues wagged after they sat side by side at a dinner in Monte carlo in 1974 and shared a limousine ride afterwards.

Caroline's mother Princess Grace thought that Charles would be the ideal match for her daughter. But rebel Caroline disappointed her parents by marrying playboy Phillipe Junot instead. Now it seems that Charlotte may succeed where her mother failed. Many believe that Charlotte will be the perfect match for Harry who will inherit $25 million dollars from Diana's estate when he turns 21 years old.

A friend of Caroline's says "Although Caroline had wild times at the same age, she wants Charlotte to study for exams. She wasn't exactly keen on the idea of Charlotte having a boyfriend until Harry showed up. She is quite pleased and has given her approval to the relationship". Caroline has always been keen to keep her children out of the spotlight and bringing them up away from Monaco in the isolated twon of St Remy de Provence. After Caroline's wedding to Prince Ernst of hanover in 1999, the family relocated to Paris.

But despite her mother's best efforts, Charlotte is now a fashion icon.
"She is copied as she is a Princess and beacuse she is cool" says Natalie Dupuys, celebrity writer for French Vogue magazine. "She never lapses into vulgarity, She wouldn't wear jeans or a cropped top". The Queen and Prince Charles believes that Charlotte is exactly what Harry needs in his life after all the problems with alcohol and drugs.

Royal expert, Richard Mineards says that "Charlotte will be a change for Harry who has a reputation for chasing blondes with a hyphenated name". The Prince wants to spend a year at University before becoming a International polo player. Sources say that would be fine with Charlotte, as she is a lover of travel and horsewoman herself. She is also considering competing in the next Olympic games.

Six foot Harry also inherited his Diana's gift for reaching out to people and excels at rugby and skiing. "Harry is coming into his own" says Richard Mineards "And it couldn't be a better match, melding two of the world's most historic dynasties".
First of all I wonder if this is true, it's the first I've heard it. But secondly, I think they seem like they could have fun together. William is maybe a little more serious. Charlotte is so beautiful and classy, I am not surprised that Harry would fall for her.
Hi Lorissa and Galisteo. :)

I wonder if this has any truth to it as well, especially since the Windsors have always been known to snub the Grimaldis. There bad blood goes back further than I can even remember. Even though Charlotte were to be dating Harry and not Prince William, I would still find that to be odd since she is Catholic and the Windsors simply don't care for the Grimaldis that much.
I belong to a forum that mainly discusses the British royal family and I posted this article there. Sorry to say :( I've learned that Harry didn't even attend Charles birthday party at the Ritz, so that part is definitely untrue. (Neither William or Harry attended.) Bummer, oh well. Plus they would be a little young to meet now, it would be better if they met a few years down the road.
Ok, gossip is gossip and particularily vicious when it comes to children....currently, I cannot remember the mag, an Italian magazine is questioning whether Charlotte is anorexic.

She has looked quite thin in some new photos but she is also only 16, so she may be going through a growth-spurt.



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But she's looked that way for a while. For about the past 2 years, her bones have been sticking out. I'm not saying she's got an eating disorder, but it's certainly unhealthy-looking.
Yes, she looks very skinny. Although Grace and Caroline had the same frame at her age. I hope she's not going through an eating disorder. They say it's so hard to overcome. According to Paul Burrell on Larry King recently, Diana suffered from bulemia up to the end, she never was able to completely stop it.
Charlotte was on the cover of Point De Vue a month or so back and she was looking exceptionally thin and gaunt. I had noticed how thin she looked until I saw that cover--I think it was on the occasion of her 16th birthday.

Not sure if it is anorexia, she has never been labeled even chubby. But press attention can make even the most balanced person do rash things, due to some insecurities. I suppose seeing yourself in the papers day in and day in can make you much more insecure than normal and hypercritical.

Maxima got thinner (not anorexic though) after her wedding and even Mary has taken to the gaunt look (when she looked better when she was in Australia). Diana and Victoria both had very public battles with the disease.

Hopefully Charlotte is not following this pattern.
Hey Everyone,

How are you all? Thanks Julia for the info. I hope that she isn't anorexic as most girls at that age is so cautious about the way they look and that she isn't dieting and maybe blessed with her mom and grandma's gene. I do agree that she does look a little thin. But with a stepdad like Prince Ernst who is always throwing tantrums and bashing Journalists up who wouldn't loose weight. Here is some pictures from Hello magazine of the very beautiful Charlotte.


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Charlotte beat out Prince William in the Hello Magazine poll of favorite Young Royal. She beat him by only 167 votes though.


16 DECEMBER 2002
Britain's always popular Prince William has been pipped to the post as Europe's favourite young royal by Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco in's latest poll.

Wills and the Mediterranean beauty were running neck-and-neck in the final furlong, when a last-minute dash for Charlotte left Britain's most eligible young man behind. She beat Wills by just 167 votes, with 4,592 to his 4,425.

The elder daughter of Monaco's Princess Caroline, 16-year-old Charlotte has been closely guarded from the press by her mother. But these days the blossoming brunette, who does not carry the title of princess, is turning heads everywhere she goes.

She and William were far and away our readers' favourites, leaving other popular and attractive young contenders - including both their siblings - in the shade.

Burgeoning heart-throbs Prince Harry and Andrea Casiraghi limped home with 1,767 and 1,412 votes respectively. While in a disappointing result for the Swedes, Crown Princess Victoria only garnered 1,273 votes and her sister Princess Madeleine finished last with 1,086.

Great Pic of charlotte--she looks healthy here!
The paparrazzi can obviously drive anyone crazy, but poor Charlotte being followed everywhere...these are the first pics I have seen of her lashing out at the photographers and I don't blame her!!


Pics from


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Good for her.

I hope maybe they will give her a little peace of mind.
I think she looks skinny, but more like she is athlitic and not anorixic. She is probally just stressed alot. As my rich would say she needs a happy meal. But she doesn't look unhealthy in those photos. I think the press is just trying to start a scandal on someone who is young and has not ahs any yet.
Thanks for the pics, Lorissa and thank you Kelly for the article!

Charlotte does looks healthy from last year but I think maybe the cause of her thinness is that she is getting taller. She does look more healthy in the photo attached to the article and she looks a lot like her brother, Andrea, too!

Hey Mary Anne! Welcome! I have to say here-here! Good for Charlotte!! ;)

here are some pictures


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Monte Carlo Show Jumping Tournament


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Hey there, i'm new here and i have to say i agree with the rumours.
The photos you have there, apart from the ones in the first post, are none of the photos of where she looks very thin.
Take a look at the photo i've got of her. This is her onboard their boat pacha in 2002, and pretty much every photo after about july have her looking so incredibly skinnier than what she was. There are heaps more photos of her in all the yahoo groups dedicated to her. By the way i got these photos from bikinicharlotte at yahoo. These rumours may not be true, and i hope they arent for her sake, but the pictures tell a different story.
Sorry i forgot the pictures!! Here they are


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Eeek! Charlotte looks....emaciated! I mean she's muscular from riding but my word she's skinny! Ok, do we know if she has grown any taller? I read that she was between 5'4" and 5'5"....think she's just grown taller and is scrawny because of a growth-spurt?

Thanks for the pics Sassy285 and welcome! Btw, I agree with you...for Charlotte's sake I hope this is a growth spurt and not anorexia.

Ooh, I am remembering from the Stars Races and the Horse auction at Fountainbleau (???) how thin she was...I don't have the pics, though...does anyone possibly have them??

Pics of a more healthy looking Charlotte from last year...
Photos from Corbis


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Yes. She is anorexic.

I don't think it is possible for a woman to have abs like that under normal circumstances and be healthy. Yes Janet Jackson does have well defined abs, but Janet's are visible because they are so large. Charlotte's are visible because she is so lean.

From the looks of her, she is < 12% bodyfat. Which is great, for an athletic guy... A woman starts to have health problems if she drops below 18%.

Even if she isn't "starving" anorexic... She is definatly ruining her health.
Hello everyone!

These photos are very disturbing. Thank you for posting them Sassy285 and welcome!

I wondered the same thing as Julia-if Charlotte was perhpas going through a little growth spurt, but I can also see her ribs and that is always disturbing. I really hope that she isn't anorexic, but I tend to believe that she is skipping lots of meals and perhaps over-excercising which may be why her abs are so well-defined. I agree with Gog_Magog. I think that she is most likely anorexic or has some type of eating disorder unfortunately. Does anyone think that it could be bulimia or perhaps even a combination of the two disorders?

I wonder if her mother has noticed this yet and what she plans to do about it?
She looks like a concentration camp victim :eek: I would hope that Caroline is doing something to get Charlotte help because that's simply unnatural to be that gaunt.
I hope that Caroline takes some sort of action about this soon if she hasn't done so already. Her daughter is unpleasantly thin to say the very least about this. She is just too gaunt for it to be anything other than an eating disorder or illness....And there have been no reports of Charlotte being ill to my knowledge.

If the family pays close attention to the press then perhaps Caroline has seen the magazine article about this found at the beginning of this thread along with the photographs. I certainly hope that someone brought this to her attention if she did not come across it on her own. Sometimes our own eyes are not that objective, but perhaps seeing such media coverage about this may make her think that Charlotte is not merely losing weight..... if Caroline isn't working through this with Charlotte already.
I am a member of a few charlotte groups at yahoo and everyone there has noticed that charlotte hasnt attended a function in a little while (apart from the horse shows)....i dont know whether this has anythign to do with her dramatic weight loss, like maybe caroline isnt going to let the media get pictures of her so not to cause a big scandel...i dont think it would help her recovery having the entire world know.
Looking at those pictures again just disturbs me. I cannot imagine that Caroline would not notice her daughter's condition and not do something about it. Perhaps, that is why Charlotte has been in the spotlight less these days.
Charlotte began having terrible falls at competitions the thinner she got and from experience I know that you have to be incredibly fit and healthily strong to be a competent and effective horsewoman. I am sure that her emaciated condition played a great role in her falls and injuries( chipped tooth, knocked out and a broken leg???). If she continues to compete in this unhealthy condition she could be even more badly injured than she has already been.
I sincerely hope that Charlotte gets treatment (if she is indeed anorexic) and is able to get through this tough time in her life. It's got to be murder being Princess Caroline's daughter.

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