Princess Caroline & Prince Ernst August Current Events 3 : Nov.2003 - Apr.2004

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Picture of Ernst Caroline and family supporting Charlotte this past weekend in Bois Le Roi...

*Notice: Caroline has what looks a lot like riding boots on so... maybe she competed again this year!!

Me again.. there are also quite a few pictures of Caroline riding on but I don't have the access to make them large... if anyone can... please post them.. thanks


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kittencrews  Posted: Nov 24th, 2003 - 7:23 pm

*Notice: Caroline has what looks a lot like riding boots on so... maybe she competed again this year!!
Is this a thing of getting (partly) dressed for the occasion ? Maybe she finds the boots ultra-comfortable? ... they are after-all handmade. There is also the matter of visiting the stables before and after the show and stepping around horse poop. ;)

(Have you found, the threads only getting interesting when its cut off ?) :innocent:
Vote for Princess Caroline for most elegant woman on ... her competitors are Sophie Wessex in 2nd.. Shania Twain in 3rd.. Mena Suvari... Beyonce Knowles... and Elizabeth Jagger bringing up the rear!!

I think maybe they could have picked a different picture for her... but this will do!!


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Originally posted by King Christian@Nov 25th, 2003 - 10:40 pm
Good wording ;)
You know... I try... ;)

I just noticed Caroline's eyes in this picture... what in the WORLD could Ranier have said?? Albert seems like he doesn't want to hear... Ernst... a bit shocked (I thought NOTHING could shock Ernst) and Caroline just seems flat out SURPRISED... ASTONISHED... AMAZED.. OR SOMETHING!


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Stephanie out of the loop ?

Is Albert hanging his head in shame ?
That could be as likely as "Albert is not my child".
he probably said.."i want to join the paraders below and dance with them."
Or, how about, "I've quit smoking"


"I've made Stephanie my heir" (this is all in good fun, you know)
all funning aside, how do you read that pic ?
My guess is that Rainier is telling some story and that he's simply got Caroline and Ernst's attention. Caroline looks very intent (or like she's in a daze...just kind of spaced out), Ernst looks as if he's straining to hear Rainier and Albert just looks as if he's half-way paying attention.

Anyway, that's the way I read it.
I didn't think the picture would get this much response!!! You guys are cracking me up... :lol:

We see that Ranier can also be shocked... ha ha (March 28, 1998)


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Could Rainier be thinking: "I can't believe I have a son-in-law who dangles his feet out of car windows!?" Or, "I cannot believe this man is HRH and I am HSH."


Could Ernst be saying: "I adore sticking my feet out of the car my entire day an absolute lift!" Caroline in an aside: "yes, it is one of his more rare and disgusting habits." Rainier: *gasp*...there are no words...
Oh Julia you and Christian make my day... :p ... but actually... Ernst and Caroline were not yet married so he could have said "Hey Ranier, you know Caroline's pregnant" (in a joking sense) when in just a few short months she would be pregnant.... hmmm... a picture says 1000 words doesn't it!?

I think Caroline secretly loves all his senseless, vulgar, strange, annoying habits... but she has to represent Monaco and Ernst has already basically killed his reputation with the rest of the royalty around the world Caroline's got to keep her admiration of Ernst's "bad" habits to herself
:p Glad you're amused.

Eek! You are right! They are not yet married in this photo! So, what about this....

"I cannot believe that this man is going to be my next son-in-law. He's just so crass."


"I don't think Grace really ever was serious about Caroline marrying Ernst, was she?"

Lauren, I hope you don't mind that I entered your pics in the "Captions Competion"...
LOL .... that's fine... I was just looking at that...
Here's one to go along with the last one...

Ranier is in such shock no words can explain... he has to go sit down


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okay... I know this is totally off subject but a while back Christian asked for some pictures of Ernst's sons... well I was looking through my archive and found this one... I totally over looked it.... here it is... It's Charlotte, Ernstie, and Valentine... it was April 2003 at the Monaco Jumping... I get the feeling that all the children really get along... they all support each other... sorry... it's a bit of topic..


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Princess Caroline Becomes UN Goodwill Ambasador

27 NOVEMBER 2003
Princess Caroline of Monaco is to follow in the footsteps of Audrey Hepburn and Angelina Jolie by becoming a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador.

The Monegasque royal was chosen for the role in recognition of her "personal commitment to the protection of children and the family", said UNESCO Director General Koichiro Matsuura.

The 46-year-old princess will be formally appointed in a ceremony in Paris next Tuesday. It is expected that she will concentrate her efforts on a UNESCO project to promote vocational training for women and girls in sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

As head of the Princess Grace Foundation, Caroline has been actively campaigning for children's rights for over 20 years. The foundation was first set up by Caroline's mother in 1964 to help disadvantaged people who fall outside the remit of other social organisations.

Since Caroline took over in 1983, it has given special attention to the plight of young people around the world.


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Good for Caroline! :clap: I am glad to see her taking something of this magnitude on.
Yes, that's great news. She should be a player on the world stage..

(Must go and look at the caption competition - would love to think of a good caption for that pic)..

nice pictures!
Is Princess Alexandra the only child of Prince Ernst August? or he has a child from a previous marriage.
Ernst has two sons from his marriage to Chantal Houchi (sp?). I forget what their names are now, Ernst and Christian???
Yes, Ernst and Christian... Ernst is sitting between Charlotte and Valentine in the last picture...

I am so happy that Caroline is the new UN ambassador...

Here is a picture of the "family" I'm not sure who the boy standing in the front is but behind him is Ernstie (Ernst's son)... sitting in the car is Pierre, Caroline, Alexandra, and Ernst, in the back is Charlotte, Christian (also Ernst's son), and Andrea


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Polfoto 30-11- Paris-France. November 30, 2003. Princess Caroline of Hannover and her daughter Charlotte Casiraghi attend the "Marionnaud Price" at the Paris Jumping, organised with the "Horse Exhibition."


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