Princess Caroline & Family Current Events Part 7 : January 2014 - September 2021

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I love how instead of been "disguised" as most of the assistant to fashion shows seem to be, Alex si wearing jeans and a black sweater, like a normal teenager.

:D I'm sorry, moby, I won't do that again ;) And I must admit, I myself used the little fast-forward window to immediately get to the interesting part, I didn't pay attention to the rest ;)

But moving right along, Lamberto Sanfelice looks right at home, completely comfortable with Princess Caroline...and vice-versa.:cool::whistling:
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Isn't this the first time we see all Caroline's grandchildren together in one picture?

The beach club chose new colors for their umbrella's. The were always green and white.
Now, since the official obligations of Caroline's family have completed, I hope we will see them on Pacha for summer vacations!!! :flowers:
I 'm looking forward.
Little India looks like great granddad Rainer! I heard when Andrea was little he also resembled his granddad :)
Little India looks like great granddad Rainer! I heard when Andrea was little he also resembled his granddad :)

Yes Marisaa he did. He was like a little Rainier, but i'd say little india is more Santo Domingo than Casiraghi, but... ;)
There certainly isn't any doubt Sasha and India are brother and sister! They look so much alike.
In these pics there isn't Pierre! It's only Andrea with and without glasses.
Pierre and Bea were absent during the Jumping and I wonder why.

The third picture is Pierre - he is holding Sasha.
They do look a lot alike these days anyway...recently there was a pic of both of them in a suit and i got them mixed-up a minute...
but pic 3 in the swimming pool does look like Pierre to me (with t-shirt)
No, it's Pierre! If you look more carefully, you will see Andrea.

Sorry, do you mean it's not Pierre? Because I did look carefully and its absolutely, definitely Pierre, not Andrea ( it's Andrea in all of the other pics).
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The photos of Sasha and India swimming were so sweet! They're both little cuties and it's nice to see India. I can't tell who she resembles at the moment though in a short amount of time I'll probably be able to. I love India's little watermelon life jacket (?).
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