Princely Family of Monaco: Current Events Part 8: January 2016 - April 2018

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She seems to be preparing for the Monegasque Olympic Committee president seat after Albert and maybe also she'll connect it with membership in the IOC.
Thanks, melina. And a nice surprise to see the whole family at the Christmas market. A perfect event to take the twins along to. And they seemed as happy as any child to participate in all the great rides on offer. Lovely pictures.

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:previous: Nice coverage in Poland! Those twins are like little cherubs with their curly hair and chubby cheeks. And what a nice photo of the kids and parents sharing eye contact. :angel:

Elisabeth-Anne and Melanie de Massy attended the opening as well!

Here are some more pics:

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Earlier on December 3, Prince Albert, Elisabeth-Anne and Melanie de Massy attended the annual Telethon event in Monaco that aims to raise funds for rare genetic diseases:

** belga gallery **
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It's nice to see little Jacques and Gabriella again. Both are super cute, and it was lovely to see them getting involved in the activities at the Christmas Market. I particularly liked the photos of them pointing and waving at whatever it was they were watching!
It was so nice to see the twins out and about! Albert and Charlene made a good choice to bring them to the fair! It's the ideal plce for children, allowing them public exposure mixed with fun...
What a lovely video,having a family fun day out and I spotted Prince Alberts cousin baroness Elisabeth-Anne de Massy in the background.
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What a lovely family!:)

Jacques and Gabriella are twins of course, but Jacques seems somehow older than his sister. He is even taller.
Aww! How beautiful the twins are! And two very proud parents! They all seemed to have enjoyed this outing very much.

And I have also noticed that PJacques is quite a bit taller than his sister.

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I just love the twins and the Princely Family (including extended members) and I thank them for these exquisite & delightful photos of the twins. :hug:

The twins are truly a credit to the Family and I've been having a blast watching them grow up over the past two years, with many more to come!

I can't get over how much the arrival of the twins has transformed Albert and Charlene...they have been radiant ever since.

Beautiful family they make. The Palace Courtyard looks magnificent.I never get tired of looking at photos of them!:p
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The twins are adorable! It's such a lovely event and it's nice that they have been included.
I am happy to see the little ones at this fest, they are the stars of the fest
Maybe little Gabriella had not a good day. It is also natural that little children can be afraid of too big "mascots". Poor little Gabriella.
Little Gabriella seems to be a shy, easily spooked toddler. She doesn't seem to enjoy crowds and social events as much as her brother Jacques.:sad:
I love them, i love them!!!!! The twins is so adorable!!!!!
Gabriella looks just like her cousin Camille. It's uncanny, they could be sisters.
I don't want to sound like I'm complaining, but I have the feeling that everytime Gabriella cries she is taken away.... Imo, it is not a good thing.... I wonder: would they do the same with Jacques?
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