Prince Joachim's Charities and Patronages

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In contrast to his brother, Joachim can't see the deeper meaning in excersize. I doubt he would walk the "Hærvejsmarch - Army-Road-March" if he doesn't have to.

This march has been going on for I don't know how many years. The road goes from northern Jutland way down south of the border, through Schlesvig and in fact down past the ancient border-wall, Dannevirke.
And that's the whole purpose of the road.
Dannevirke was first build before Denmark officially became a nation. There were several kings strong enough to unite the realm and build major constructions, like a border-defense and keep it garrisoned 24/365.
Gorm the Old is our first official king, but there were kings of Denmark way before he came about.

Now people traveled, also in ancient times and one of the thing that impressed and which kings who rose above local chieftains, really found useful, was Roman roads.
In a part of Europe that was densely forested and very difficult to travel by land, roads were next to non-existent. Instead you traveled by rivers or by sea.
The problem with rivers (and coastlines) is that they don't necessarily take you where you want to go, and boats were too small to really transport large amounts of goods, animals and people. - So why not build a "Roman road" in Denmark?
So at some point before Gorm the Old, some Danish king planned, financed and organized the building of a road stretching for hundreds of kilometers. Of course the constructors at the time didn't have the know-how to build a replica of a durable, paved Roman road, so instead it became a road made from gravel and dirt. - But easy and cheap to maintain.
So from now on Danish kings could mobilize an army and move it down to the border over land and pretty fast! It was a major strategic break-through!

The road is named The Army Road, but from the 1400s it should really be named The Cattle Road.
By then Denmark became a cattle country and each year herds of cattle were driven south to the hungry markets in the German countries.
All that time the road was maintained, because it was simply good business to keep it in good order - even if it remained a dirt road.
And from time to time armies marched south along the road. - Otherwise you would see a steady trickle of traffic of cattle, geese or carts transporting everything imaginable going up and down the road, because well into the 1700s, even the 1800s most roads here in DK were really pretty terrible!
The Army Road was for at least 1.000 years the only longer road in the Danish realm,

Then industries came to Denmark and the towns and cities began to grow rapidly. That happened in the mid to late 1800's and now the Army Road was replaced by the new wonder: the rail road! And surprisingly quickly it went more or less out of use. Certainly in regards to major traffic, because going through the spine of Jutland, the road was pretty much out of the way, because most towns were located long the coast, now linked by the railroad.

Today the road is used for the Army Road March, some 500 km all the way. Some march, some cycle. It's a scenic route.
Much of the road is now paved.
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On the occasion of today's World Diabetes Day, Prince Joachim is visiting the Steno Diabetescentres at Holbæk Hospital and at Nykøbing Falster Hospital today, November 14. Prince Joachim is Patron of the Diabetes Association:

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Thanks, Iceflower :flowers:

And here is a great little BB video, explaining what was really the purpose of this visit.

It's a mentor-arrangement. In this case ten year old Maja, who was diagnosed with diabetes when she was ten. Now she has an adult mentor, who also has diabetes, to support, to comfort and to ask the multitude a question a child growing up, who now has a chronic disease has on her mind.
It's comforting and reassuring to have an adult to turn to, who has been through the same ordeal. Not least, as Joachim puts it, for the "relics" who are Maya's parents. They know that Maya has an adult to go to, who can answer questions and offer comfort in a way her parents can't because they haven't been through the same experience.

- Whoever came up with this idea, deserves a pad on the shoulder IMO!
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Thanks Eya. :flowers:

So Athena and Josephine would probably not have been giggling their heads off listening to farbror Joachim roaring while watching the handball finals.

I and another member have discussed the possibilities of Josephine visiting Athena for the weekend in connection with Athena's B-day recently.
(Personally I doubt Josephine was ill yesterday, because Mary would hardly have left a sick child at that age at home in order to watch the finals. - Frederik on the other hand was expected to turn up.)
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As Patron of Europa Nostra Danmark Prince Joachim presented the Prince Henrik's Europa Nostra Award 2022 in Copenhagen this afternoon, August 22:

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As Patron of the Diabetes Association Prince Joachim sent a video greeting for the fundraising show "Beat Diabetes - The Battle for Life" today, November 13. Tomorrow, November 14, is the UN's International Diabetes Day:

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Yesterday at Schackenborg Castle Prince Joachim as Patron of the Danish Veterans received "Coin number one" of "500 newly produced coins to strengthen the recognition of Danish veterans' extraordinary efforts for Denmark", Prince Joachim received his "for his many years of efforts as patron of the national association".

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