Alexandra, Countess of Frederiksborg's Charities and Patronages

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Summary of article in Billed Bladet #21, 2015.
Written by our man at the sea, Ken Richter.

Countess Alexandra is patron of the North Sea Oceanarium located in the town of Hansholm and has been so for seventeen years.
You may remember the oceanarium from M&F visiting it during a cruise with Dannebrog some years ago. You know, when Frederik donned a diving suit and he and Mary kissed through the glass of the main aquarium. (See pics above in Polyesco's post).
Okay, the passion that day may have been too much for the glass because some three years ago it started to crack...
But now the 38 tonnes and 41 centimeter thick glass has been replaced and it was time for a re-inauguration of the main aquarium, and this is where Alexandra came in. She brought with her two of her boys, Nikolai and Felix.

Nikolai seemed pretty impressed by the main attraction a sunfish (*) and said: "I didn't know a sunfish can weigh two tonnes". The boys have indeed tried fishing but: "We have tried fishing, but we've never caught anything".
It also impressed the family to learn that there are no less than twelve species of sharks in the North Sea.
Alexandra said to our reporter: "The largest can be eleven meters long. - It's exciting to show the boys that not all fish are tropical with lots of colors like when we ourselves had aquarium-fish".

- Notice that Ken Richter rarely writes about clothing and such. He wouldn't know a Louis Vutton bag if he was hit on the head with one. :lol:

(*) Such a thinghy:
They are pretty problematic to keep in an aquarium. Something about the right pressure.
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I hope that Nikolai and Felix will still be able to see and keep in contact with Martin now that he and Alexandra are no longer together. However as a few posters said in the divorce thread, Nikolai and Felix are old enough to do that for themselves now especially since Martin is probably only a phone call or text away from them.
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I wonder if, now Alex and Martin are no more, we will see more of her out and about. With two children at school including one of which is at boarding school as well as splitting time between parents going out and and doing work for her charities might fill the time she last left now there is no one at home to spend time with.
Might be smart as the media could spin it as now her and Martin are over it was his influence that meant she didn't work so much before.
Hopefully its just 'normal teenage stuff', to be fair I imagine theres a big difference is being confident enough to say you want to go and actually appearing unbothered by a photographer when you get there, i.e. Felix may have said he wanted to go knowing there would be media there but then was a bit uncomfortable when he got there and its all going off around him.
I don't think we should put too much into Nikolai ad Felix being present at the Ecco Walkhaton. They have been there almost every year AFAIR.

But yes, I think Felix is embarrassed. He is usually not shy, but a very open and glad boy.
But IMO there is little doubt his world has been shook up and that can very well affect his confidence when in the spotlight. Can't say I blame him!
Alexandra visiting Randers Rainforest, for which she has been patron for the past 20 years. With her went Nikolai and Felix: Grevinde Alexandra besøgte Randers Regnskov | Billed Bladet

And a video from the visit also from BB: VIDEO: Grevinde Alexandras familieudflugt | Billed Bladet

The visit this time focused on the exhibition about preserving the old breeds of Danish livestock.
Felix said: "It's always nice to be with/to go with mother".

Randers Rainforest: Randers Regnskov
:previous: nice to see the boys. I guess Nikolai goes home on some weekends
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Both boys look a lot like their mother now, I think. I used to think Felix, especially, physically favoured Joachim/his side of the family. They're handsome kids.
It looks like Nikolai did get his height from his father!
Has Alexandra done these events in the past as well but the press didn't care? Or does she appear in public more these days to let the Danish taxpayers know that she is indeed working?
I suppose that Alexandra had not ever "abandon" the obligations it had. Just now the interest of the media and the public is particularly increased imagine. Until we found the next of course as always.
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #40, 2015.
Written by Ken Richter.

As patron for Randers Rainforest, which consists of three domes with flora and fauna from rainforests and an outdoor area, which house various animals that have been used or are still used in Danish agriculture, Alexandra went to the town of Randers with her two sons. Who BTW usually accompany her to Randers Rainforest.
Holding hand with Felix (*) Alexandra was shown around. And while she was listening to people who have a passion for a particular animal or obscure insect her sons were busy feeding a jaguar and have a look at snakes, beetles and whatever is crawling in the forests.
At some point Alexandra was served cherry wine and teasingly told her sons: "You can have a taste, it contains alcohol". (**)
Nikolai told our reporter: "It's always cozy to be with mother. - We are very interested in the nature".

Come spring Alexandra will go to Ecuador to visit a rain forest there, and she will be doing that for Randers Rainforest Nature Foundation.

(*) One of the wonderful thing of having your children growing up is that they eventually reach an age where you can embarrass them. Especially if there are someone of the opposite gender of about the same age around. :D
Sweet payback from all the nights they kept you awake because they were teething or threw a tantrum at the supermarket. :devil:

(**) Ah, after calling them childish names or kissing them in public another sure way to embarrass a teen is to remind them that they are basically still kids. :D
:previous: Im sure it will be an interesting trip to Ecuador. maybe one or both her sons can join her in the forest ;)

Yes, teasing your teenagers in public must be sweet revenge lol
Did any of my fellow Danes watch the Morning Show this morning?

Countess Alexandra was there as patron of the Association of the Blind along with a couple of representatives from the organization.
They were talking about the project to lift the general well-being of blind people. Many actually have a feeling of being unused in the day to day life. Those who have a guide-dog are at an advantage because they have their dog to care for. It is an inarguable fact that pets better the lives for most people, so the association decided to offer each of their members a sponsored, or rather donated pet.
They started out with budgies, (they are relatively cheap and easy to acquire) but most blind actually turned down the offer, simply because a bird in a cage all it's life was unpalatable too them and having a budgie flapping around, well... that presented a few problems as well. So that was abandoned.
But fish on the other hand... that worked. Fish are more manageable.

And it so happens that Alexandra has had good connections with the North Sea Oceanarium in Esbjerg which was willing to donate 700 75 litres fish tanks with airpumps, and the Kattegat Center which had a huge surplus of coral fish. They breed a lot and were destined to be used as fodder anyway. Not least these:
(I don't know what they are in English, in Danish they are called April-fish).
That was a huge success! The members of the Association of the Blind who were fortunate enough to get such an aquarium spend hours polishing the glass, feeding the fish or just sitting in front of the aquarium feeling the tranquil vibrations from the fish swimming about.
In fact the association expects to run out of aquariums and fish here in early April and now hope for new sponsors to come forward hence the appearance in the Morning Show.
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:previous: Well, as you no doubt guessed, this was an Aprils fool.

And every year, as certain as amen in the church, the press come up with a story about the DRF.
This year it was the tabloid BT, that wrote that the Regent Couple are seeking marriage council, by a councillor named Poisson D'Avril. Whos has also councelled President Francois Hollande and former head of the World Bank, Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

One of the better IMO opinion was the newspaper that could reveal that the Vatican plans to make Martin Luther a saint, in order to reconcile with the Protestants.
Nice joke about the fish.
The one about Martin Luther is great!
That's confirmed:

She stops from today 19th May.

She will be officially thanked at the next yearly meeting in Copenhagen, whenever that takes place.

ADDED: The two tabloids BT and Ekstra Bladet have more. Ekstra Bladet being the most interesting because they have quotes. Both tabloids however use the expression loose her protection, rather than giving up her protection

Alexandra færdig i Unicef – Ekstra Bladet
The official statement from UNICEF: "Countess Alexandra have for fifteen years made a very big difference and she has been a fantastic ambassador for UNICEF".

The article mention when she stopped being patron for the art-museum Arken back in 2014. Back then she was informed by letter, which Ekstra Bladet say they are in possession of:
The letter begins with praising her for her effort and then "In view of the Countess' many tasks and precious time the Ark see it as a respectful step to terminate the protection".

('I lyset af Grevindens mange gøremål og kostbare tid anser Arken det som et respektfuldt skridt at bringe protektionen til ophør.')

In another article Unicef: Det var Alexandras beslutning – Ekstra Bladet
The paper has spoken with the chairman of UNICEF Denmark, Alfred Josefsen. (His wording is pretty peculiar, so in order to keep this simple and understandable I have changed a few of the expressions in his quotes).

It's a decision Alexandra has made. And it has been on her mind. In fact it's something we've been talking about for some years. But now she believe it's time.
Perhaps it is a good time - in the sense that UNICEF's status/standing is totally fantastic and it is some utter wildly terrific results we have for approval on our annual meeting today. So for the fifteen years she's been our patron has been one long success and she has delivered a really impressing effort".

Q: Would you have liked to see Alexandra continue in UNICEF?
AJ: "Why, we sure expected it. But the situation has indeed changed for her. She feels she has a different role in society today. So in that way you can say that things have changed on the way, but she has been a huge asset of UNICEF. She has been part of our presidium and generally been a very visible part of UNICEF".

Q: Do you know why she stops now?
AJ: "No, I think she as said before, have thought about it for some time. We have talked about for a long time and we have followed the considerations a bit. But she apparently think now is the time. And it's an enormously grand sortie, because the results are so good".

Q: Have you tried to persuade her to do another turn for UNICEF?
AJ: "It has very much been her own assessment".

Q: But the decision does not surprise you?
AJ: "No, it's not something the comes sneaking like a thief in the night, because as said before we have followed the considerations a bit".
Its no surprise, Alexandra makes negative headlines now and to be honest, she has not done much work for them in the recent past.
Its a shame because if Alexandra would have put some effort into her causes people wouldn't mind her getting her apanage.
But the situation is that this well educated and highly connected woman choses to do nothing and lives off taxpayer's money. Fair enough but there will be no love in return.
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Well, she sure ain't making it easier for herself!

The timing was bad as well, just before Women Deliver. And where people points out that Mary's apanage is less than Alexandra, even though Alexandra pays taxes of her money.

In the interview Alexandra says she is looking for a job, but she's said that since she divorced from Joachim. She's been away from commerce for a long time now and her name isn't such a good brand as it used to be.

So PR-wise this interview flopped.

And indeed, Martin, if he can resist giving a counter-interview, has won on points on this one.

So either Alexandra made a serious miscalculation or she reacted emotionally as suggested by another poster.


Tonight at the annual meeting Alexandra said officially goodbye as patron for UNICEF. She was praised and deservedly so IMO. In all fairness UNICEF was a protection she did support well.
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Well, she sure ain't making it easier for herself!

The timing was bad as well, just before Women Deliver. And where people points out that Mary's apanage is less than Alexandra, even though Alexandra pays taxes of her money.

Tonight at the annual meeting Alexandra said officially goodbye as patron for UNICEF. She was praised and deservedly so IMO. In all fairness UNICEF was a protection she did support well.

how come mary's apanage is less than alexandra's? it's odd, with mary being the next consort to the head of state...

i am not surprised that such a prestigious organization as is UNICEF has decided that alexandra shouldn't continue her work - i wonder how much her last declarations on her second divorce influenced this, if this was just alexandra's choice or if not, how much the DRF had to do in this 'decision'... :whistling:

finally, i wonder if any other members of the family will pick up this patronage of UNICEF. it would be great to see marie taking it, but it may be an awkward change... somehow it seems to me to be the kind of thing that would benefit from a female patron, but both mary and marie have their own UN patronages already (UNHCR and UNESCO respectively)...
Yeah, well, Alexandra simply landed a good deal and her apanage has grown since it's index-regulated, while Mary "only" (and on paper) gets 10 % of M&F's combined apanage.

As for patron of UNICEF. It will be a few years before the next one will take over and just like you I doubt our Marie will take over. I would also find that, well, odd.
I also doubt Nikolai would take over. He is simply not high-profile enough in the royal pecking order for UNICEF.
And Christian will have plenty of other things to do, than to focus that much on UNICEF.
But Isabella. I can well imagine she would from the age of fifteen-sixteen volunteer for various activities with UNICEF and by the age of eighteen or so she could become patron.

It's interesting you should mention that UNICEF and Alexandra saying goodbye should be influenced by the divorce and the interview. That is what two or three royal commentators here in DK have suggested as well. I.e. she's no longer a "good name".
I haven't posted these articles because they don't contain anything new and commentators are bound to come up with something to say. I simply don't think the speculations I have seen are more valid than those made here, because the commentators don't know more than we do anyway.
But they are easy to find on and if anyone wish to have a look.
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