Prince Joachim's Charities and Patronages

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Conspicuously so in fact! Wonder if there is something wrong with his hands? Like a rash.
It's one thing to put his hands in his pockets from time to time, but here he is almost hiding his hands!

I think I will visit this restored inn during the summer holiday. I'm surprised at how high it is to the ceilling.
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For the time being I'll place this here: Prins Joachim skal være særlig sagkyndig i Forsvaret - Indland

From the 1. November Joachim will be employed by the defense as a kind of special consultant.
He job will be how to better include and implement the roles of the (mainly officers) reserves and the volunteers from the Home Guard in the Total Defense.

The Total Defense, includes the regular military, the reserves, the Home Guard, the Civil Defense, police and emergency units.

Joachim will not be paid for his work as he is already paid by the state, i.e. his apanage.
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Interesting. I have in a long time now wondered about why not Joachim and Marie with the few duties they have don't go out and find a "part-time" job there interests them. As we see princes/princesses in other countries do. Especially the last two years have they had a remarkably light workload. This October, Marie for example has had two events the entire month. They moved to Copenhagen to increase their workload, but there have almost happened the direct opposite. They don't even have a foundation they could spend time and interest in. (For example could Mary almost has a full time job just in her Mary Foundation.)
IMO they can't continue in this way, and I think it's a good idea to now go out and take part in a "part-time" job :) The Queen and the Crown Prince Couple have a very packed program and while the Crown Prince Couple naturally takes over more and more for each year now, Joachim and Marie's roles becomes naturally less and less important, so it makes sense IMO to create "an identity" through a sort of part time job, while they of course still have time to help the Crown Prince Couple when Queen Margrethe no longer is able to perform so many events like she can now.
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Sounds like an "alibi"-job to me.
Now they can always say: "Oh, but he works as a consultant for the defence" whenever someone wonders why he has so few engagements and why it was necessary to move to Cph because of his workload (I think that was the official reason.:D)
IIRC they used a similiar trick with Frederik 15 years ago.
:previous: Yeees, I must admit the thought has occurred to me as well.
Because I agree with Roskilde that it is necessary for J&M to be seen involving themselves in something. Especially Joachim and to a lesser degree our Marie.

Joachim is a staff officer, which means that he is well qualified for this new job, but it's by no means a full time job as I see it.
He may have an office somewhere where he will drop by a couple of times a week, and apart from that he will mostly attend meetings and visit local units all over the country, perhaps once a week or so. He will also be able to do a good deal of his work from home.
So it will hardly be an insurmountable workload.

And that is a problem, because many in the public will not consider a desk job somewhere to be the best suited work for a senior royal in his best age.
Basically Joachim and Frederik share the same problem: They need to focus on a subject that is not seen by a considerable part of the public as combining work with pleasure - Frederik and sport. Or as Ricarda puts it, that it is not seen as an "alibi-job" where no one really knows how much work he is actually doing, i.e. Joachim.

Marie has an easier time, because she is seen involved in various charities and causes. We can debate how much that amounts to, but at least she is out there being photographed.

Mary, well, you have to be a hardcore critic of her to seriously claim she isn't doing her bit.

- So, as we have debated before, J&M has to get themselves involved in something that is obvious to the public, because their one year transition period after the sale of Schackenborg is over and it will now only be a matter of time before the press and the public starts to look at what Joachim intends to do with his life. Especially as the sale of Schackenborg was very much explained as giving J&M more time to devote themselves to public duties.

Prince Joachim as Patron of High:five attended the High:five 10-year anniversary reception yesterday, January 12.

High:five is an association that assists companies developing social responsibility and creating jobs and training opportunities for young people.

** ppe gallery **
Prince Joachim has moved its borders, since he was the patron of the High: Five who help criminals back to work.

We must reach out
:previous: A worthy cause, because it can be very difficult to get a job if you have a record!
I will without hesitation claim that half of all business want to see your criminal record before employing you.
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My dear color-blind Polyesco, Joachim's pants are a (very stylish, naturally) rust-brownish hue.
But they have turned the red saturation way up. :ermm: So you are somewhat forgiven. :D ;)
Prins Joachim blev prikket | BILLED-BLADET

As patron for the Asthma and Allergy Association Joachim today subjected himself to an allergy test and the result was hardly a surprise.
He reacted to birch.

In fact he's allergic to grass and birch.

Surprisingly that wasn't a big problem when he was a farmer at Schackenborg. There are no birch woods west of Schackenborg and the wind in that part of DK, well all of DK in fact, is predominantly coming from the west.
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This is very much Joachim's domain - suits and dinner jackets and receptions and small talk - lots of small talk!
In contrast to Frederik who in such a situation would prefer to interact with ordinary people.

- Good, then we've got both areas covered.
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Summary of article in Billed Bladet #35, 2016.
Written by Henrik Salling.

Dressed in their finest and with our Marie wearing a two-finger ring (*) they were the hosts for the gala dinner for Copenhagen Goodwill Ambassadors at Amalienborg.
The 80 ambassadors from 30 countries can now celebrate their 20th anniversary. Hence the dinner.
The whole idea is to promote Copenhagen (especially as a tourist destination) abroad.
Joachim is patron for the ambassadors.

Aparts from the ambassadors a number of current and former dignitaries from Copenhagen also attended. So did the PM who arrived later in the evening.

(*) Yes, you'll see a close-up of the ring in the scans tomorrow.
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Here is an article with photo from BB: Prins Joachim ærede Danmarks veteraner | BILLED-BLADET

Joachim is wearing the full dress uniform a of colonel in the army. And he is wearing the tent-hat, because he started in Dronningens Liveregiment, which was a semi-guards regiment, attached to a particular royal. In this case the queen-consort. Translated the regiment can be called The Queen's Own Regiment.
It was soldiers from this regiment who guarded Gråsten, when Queen Ingrid was in residence, rather than from the Royal Lifeguard.

The regiment has now been amalgamated into Jutland Dragoon Regiment.
So by trade Joachim was originally a grenadier, I.e. an infantryman from a mechanized regiment, in support of an armored regiment.
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Jim Lyngvild is well known here in DK, for a number of things. He is also a super-royalist.
However he is also getting pretty well-known in China as well.
He is IRRC judge in a fashion-talent show, with I don't know how many tens of millions of viewers.
And he is launching his homemade beer-product to China as well. That's why he got the award.
In this context the photo of Jim Lyngvild getting an award by a real life Prince, is worth gold to him.

Jim Lyngvild is also one of the leading members of the Asa-faith. I.e. he believes in the old Nordic gods.
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A nice touch. And a little surprise for the press and the public, but not the hosts, they were prepared.
So when dad listened to boring speeches, bette Henrik and mademoiselle Athena was taken for a tour of the center.
The center focusing on fish and what else live and swim in DK fjords and belts.
But as you can tell, dad had to rescue Athena's jacket from the water, because she was eager after padding a fish.

photo of Joachim taking a picture of his kids
please note his socks ;):p

Such socks haven't reached us who live this far out in Jutland, but I believe striped socks are now fashionable in the towns?

Apart from that, it's nice to see Joachim's children enjoying themselves. Pity Vincent wasn't there, he would have yelled at the fish... :p
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A very delightful video from BB, with I think, mademoiselle Athena's first interview: VIDEO: Prinsesse Athena og prins Henrik fortæller om sjov dag med far | BILLED-BLADET

First Joachim talks about them skipping school, because it is after all not every day, his children get to pad fish and whales (albeit small ones) so this might be educational.

Then at the middle of the video Athena is asked what she think was the most funny thing of the day and she replies: "To eh play... No. Eh. Being in Tour Land (under the water)".

What could be seen down there?
A: "Animals".

Bette Henrik however preferred meeting and padding the guinea pig Freya.
H: "I liked to touch it. And feed it. That was really funny".
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Summary of article in Billed Bladet #12, 2017.
Written by Marianne Singer.

While our Marie was in Greenland, Joachim brought his two youngest children with him to the research and experience center Fjord & Belt in the town of Kerteminde on the island of Funen.
As the name suggest, the center perform research but also provide information about the environment in, on and below the Danish fjords and straits. That includes a tunnel that is submerged.
Even though the organizers knew Joachim would bring Athena and Henrik with him, it was a delightful surprise for the press and general public.

- Judging from the article and video above, we have learned that mademoiselle Athena has grown into a confident and talkative little lady.

While the adults held speeches and stuff, the children were led by a biologist to the "touch-basin", where they could touch seals, crabs and whatever is floating and swimming around in the water. That was a pretty cool experience.
When the children returned it was time to cut the ribbon. That task was left for Henrik to carry out, under instructions from dad: "Hands out of the pockets, thank you. Then you just cut".
Then it was dad's turn to get a guided tour of the center and here bette Henrik asked a lot of questions, which dad answered patiently. Henrik thought it was "real fun" to feed a guinea pig, while Athena was fascinated by the seals swimming outside the windows. Both children got the opportunity to feed fish to the resident guinea pig named Freja. Here dad prudently held on to his eager daughter's coat.
But there was also an interactive section where the children put on glasses to see the seabed in 3D as well as the changing seasons under the sea by turning a wheel.
The visit lasted for 2½ hours.

Afterwards Joachim told that he had taken his son out of school for the day: "On the occasion it was obvious to bring the kids along, so that they also could get an experience. It might be that a single school-day has been sacrificed, but I think there is far more learning in this, than just learning to put letters and figures together".
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