Prince Joachim and Princess Alexandra, Current Events 1: September 2003 - Sept. 2004

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I read somewhere that Alexandra speaks Danish with her sons because she feels it is important for Nikolai and Felix. It's interesting that they mostly speak English though...Sofia of Spain speaks English with her children and Juan Carlos too...

It's good that the kids are bilingual this early though :) Do you think Nikolai and Felix will learn to speak Chinese too?
Originally posted by moosey60@Apr 11th, 2004 - 2:30 pm
. It's interesting that they mostly speak English though...
English is sort of the official royal language. Since all of the Royal Families are related some how, they need a common language when they see each other. English is that language, except for the Scandinavian royals they all speak their native languages when they're together. German and French is also widely spoke by Royals.
Originally posted by moosey60@Apr 11th, 2004 - 7:30 pm
I read somewhere that Alexandra speaks Danish with her sons because she feels it is important for Nikolai and Felix. It's interesting that they mostly speak English though...Sofia of Spain speaks English with her children and Juan Carlos too...

It's good that the kids are bilingual this early though :) Do you think Nikolai and Felix will learn to speak Chinese too?
I read in an article over a year ago, that Alexandra and Joachim speak Danish at home with the children, but that they speak English with each privately. Of course, I would tend to believe that the children speak and understand English as well since they most likely hear their parents speaking it and I am sure that their parents do have some conversations with them in English as well.
This aired on TV in 1995. Did anone watch it? Was it good show?

Plot Summary for
Alexandras Hong Kong (1995) (TV)

Page 6 of 8

Denmark's soon to be Princess Alexandra Manley tells about her city of birth. She shows selected spots from the exotic part of Hong Kong. The city is a boiling mixture of various people and a clash between the traditional Chinese culture and the dynamic Western way of living
article about Joachim going to Turkey.

ANKARA - Prince Joachim of Denmark and Transport and Nordic Affairs
Minister Flemming Hansen will pay a visit to Turkey.

Releasing a statement on Friday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
said that Prince Joachim would hold meetings in Turkey to further
improve commercial and economic relations between the two countries
between April 18 and 23.

Prince Joachim of Denmark will be received by President Ahmet Necdet
Sezer and hold a meeting with State Minister Kursad Tuzmen.

Joachim is expected to join Denmark-Turkey business seminar to be
held in Istanbul on April 21.

Prince Joachim will depart from Turkey on April 23.
nice outfit for the said event. Princess Alexandra really looks radiant and fresh. She doesn't fuss too much with her looks. It's better if she is not even wearing make-up. That would make her look younger even though she is already 40 by the 30th of June, 2004.

I would just like to ask if where does Nikolai and Felix inherit their looks, I mean I can't easily pinpoint on whom.
@paulette, Princess Alexandra is one of those women who ages VERY gracefully. She looks elegant even without make up and will continue to do so.

I think it's too early to tell with regard to Nikolai and especially Felix, but as Felix grows he looks more like Princess Alexandra. To me, anyway. When they both get older I'm sure the resemblances will be more distinct.
Normally I think Alex can sometimes dress a bit old for her age. In those photos I think she looks wonderful. The color suits her and the style is quite modern. Great work Alex!
You are really right. ;)

If I am in Alex's place, it is also a pressure for me to be able to select the appropriate attire for a certain occasion or function. Maybe at that age, one would be confused on whether to wear something which makes one young or something different. Well, I do congratulate her because she is always improving and she learns from her fashion mistakes.
Joachim was starting to look younger again. :blink: In that picture he looks tight like botox or something ( I think and it probably is the is smoking). Doesn't look like his hair is going gray. Also, this my seem off topic, but has Fred ever done visits to counties the way Joachim does ( not including Greenland or any other Danish control lands)?Has Joachim and Alexandra ever gone on a visit like their fisrt one in Africa(1996) again? Thanks for the link.
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Yes...too busy. I get cross-eyed looking at it. And then there is a belt, and a´s overkill.
SUPERDANISH: Newfangled Danish Culture at Harbourfront Centre

Opening September 28, 2004

143 events
200 artists
21 organizations

TORONTO, April 28, 2004 – 143 individual events, over 200 artists, 21 participating organizations and 85 educational programmes for over 3,000 students – SUPERDANISH: Newfangled Danish Culture, the most comprehensive exploration of current Danish culture ever mounted is set to begin this fall at Harbourfront Centre. Over 10 weeks, visitors will have an unparalleled opportunity to experience the visual arts, architecture, design, craft, music, literature, theatre, dance, food, film and lifestyle in a glorious celebration of everything Danish.

Working with The Danish Arts Agency, Danish Crafts, The Danish Film Institute, the Danish Architecture Centre and the Royal Danish Embassy, Harbourfront Centre has initiated an extensive series of exhibitions, presentations, performances, concerts, readings, lectures and conferences, to take place across its 10-acre site and at participating organizations across the city.

“The scope of this programme is dauntingly ambitious,” said William J.S. Boyle, Chief Executive Officer, Harbourfront Centre, “but the wealth of fascinating opportunities provided by our Danish partners is tantalizing. With an international identity imbued with culture, Denmark is a fascinating example for Canada to explore. A special focus of SUPERDANISH will examine the Danish approach to children and culture. Denmark has a remarkably mature and sophisticated way of integrating children into society and culture which could provide a model for Canada to emulate. We have discovered that the resonances between Danish and Canadian cultures are significant and will spark many exciting revelations and exchanges.”

14 different visual arts exhibitions showcase a rich palette of photography, painting, video installation, drawing, craft, architecture and design. Eight galleries and artist-run centres in Toronto combine with all of the exhibition spaces at Harbourfront Centre to present this panorama. A probing craft exhibition of more than 150 works by 30 current artists, assembled with the cooperation of Danish Crafts, examines the groundbreaking work of artists coming out of the renowned Danish craft tradition. An international conference on curating and writing about craft complements this dazzling and probing exhibition.

Harbourfront Centre and The Danish Architecture Centre have engaged Toronto’s Bruce Mau Design to curate a major exhibition for The Power Plant that reflects on the half century of Danish Modernism which has guided design and architecture. Too Perfect: Seven New Denmarks pays homage to this weighty tradition but primarily focuses on future directions in the field. The exhibition will be shown simultaneously in Toronto and Copenhagen and will also represent Denmark at the same time at the prestigious 2004 Venice Biennale of Architecture.

As part of SUPERDANISH, the Canadian Opera Company presents the North American premiere of Poul Ruders’ remarkable opera, The Handmaid’s Tale based on Margaret Atwood’s chilling novel. The Royal Danish Opera production features a Canadian cast and is one of the featured operas in the 2004/05 Canadian Opera Company season. The music section of the exposition includes programmes ranging from contemporary folk to world music, from Klüvers Big Band and the amazing learning experience the group provides for hundreds of school children, culminating in a public performance, to the world of electronica explored by curator DJ Katrine Ring. Harbourfront Centre is proud of this first-ever partnership with the Royal Conservatory of Music in the presentation of music programming.

Dance surfaces in SUPERDANISH with performances of the New Danish Dance Theatre set provocatively to the words and voices of the Beat Generation, and by celebrated choreographer/performer Kitt Johnson X-Act who imaginatively pairs circus acrobats with lemons in a playful work. Theatre highlights include the Det Lille Turnéteater production of Hamlet performed by two actors and two musicians (what exploration of Danish culture would be complete without a production about this most famous Danish Prince), and an exciting adaptation of Of Mice and Men called Lennie and George by Teatret Møllen. Toronto’s own Nightwood Theatre remounts its acclaimed production of The Danish Play which is being performed in Copenhagen this Spring.

Cinematheque Ontario returns as a Harbourfront Centre partner with Danish For Beginners, a penetrating look at Danish film. Recent critical thought frequently splits contemporary Danish film into two camps – before and after Dogme. With films by Jørgen Leth, Lars von Trier, Søren Kragh-Jacobson, Ole Christian Madsen and others, Danish For Beginners proposes that this dichotomy may be too simplistic, and that common themes like repression and delinquent or abusive parents may unify the two schools.

Danish contemporary literature is largely unknown to North American audiences. A concentration of no less than eight current writers, part of the International Festival of Authors in October, 2004, will help rectify this situation. Some of these Danish writers are being translated into English and published in Canada for the first time this fall. In a further nod to SUPERDANISH, Danish visual artist John Kørner has been commissioned to design the 25th Anniversary IFOA poster.

Awe-inspiring to the team of Harbourfront Centre artistic programmers is the innovative way in which Danes engage and involve children from a very young age in all types of cultural activities. This aspect of Danish life has great resonance for Ontarians at a time when arts education has eroded to such a low level. The Danes’ sophisticated approach to child and youth culture and arts education is a major thread running through SUPERDANISH in all of the artistic disciplines.

SUPERDANISH: Newfangled Danish Culture begins this Fall at Harbourfront Centre and throughout Toronto. This ambitious and provocative venture will formally be opened by His Royal Highness, Prince Joachim of Denmark and Her Excellency, Adrienne Clarkson, Governor General of Canada on September 28, 2004. Programmes, performance runs and exhibitions are of various durations and most are concentrated within a 10 week time frame; some exhibitions continue through December.
I agree with you, Dennism. The outfit has a little too much detail. It'd be better if she had paired it off with something simpler and plainer.
As a chinese , i am really proud that we have a princess like Alexandra! :flower:
Originally posted by ravenprincess@Sep 11th, 2003 - 2:27 pm
What is the Elephant necklace thingy (I apologize because I don't know the proper name for it) What is it called, and what is the significance behind it.

By the way it's very lovely

the elephant necklace thingy is a danish order called the "order of the elephant" If I remember correctly only members of the royal family get to wear it.
She like that hat!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonderful pics, thanks :lol: :lol: :lol:
Originally posted by Fireweaver@May 1st, 2004 - 3:00 pm
And what exactly does that post have to do with this forum?
It's just a question. I don't think it matters that much as long as she/he isn't making a long conversation out of it. :p
Is it just me or has Alexandra's dresses gotten even busier than usual lately? Just an observation. :flower:
Didn't Prince Joachim and Princess Alexandra attend the 60th Birthday Celebrations of Princess Benedikte? How come they are not in the pictures?
Originally posted by paulette@May 4th, 2004 - 10:52 pm
Didn't Prince Joachim and Princess Alexandra attend the 60th Birthday Celebrations of Princess Benedikte? How come they are not in the pictures?
I've read in the danish magazine Billed Bladet that Joachim, Alexandra and their sons didn't attend the event on sunday because of a private holiday. The court refused to reveal which country the family visited.
Hi everyone!

I am a newly registered member of this magnificent royal studded website.

My question is: Do you guys think Princess Alexandra Manley , a person who has an aesthetically perfect face?

I would like to hear from the fans @ supporters of this Princess


That is an exceptionally good photo of Alexandra. She looks like she's modeling.
Casual Wear as worn by our model Alexandra. Here she is having fun in her cap and scarf on an April day.
Or maybe she is in mourning. Just kidding. But seeing too much her black dresses just depress me.
Joachiom looked really happy at yesterdays concert at Parken :p :lol:
Originally posted by sky@May 7th, 2004 - 9:23 pm
Has anyone else notice that Alex has been waering black or dark colors, for sme time now. I really do think that she is waering dark colors so she wouldn't outshine Mary. I hope after the wedding she will wear bright colors again. But, I will gladly accept Alex wearing dark colors, as a sign that is going to have another baby. :woot:
I noticed that the day of the Naval Ceremony. Mary was wearing her lovely light outfit and then Alexandra was in a black suit. At first I thought that they weren't at the same event but they were. I think that she's trying to fade into the background for the next few weeks- letting Mary have all of the spotlight. Hopefully this won't last past the wedding though.
Princess Alexandra looked slimmer in her black outfit. I think her hair has a new style.

Though it's nice to wear something black especially at night time but I would also suggest that Princess Alexandra would try to go back to her colorful side of wearing dresses maybe after the royal wedding. She does not look good already in wearing a series of black outfits in every event she attends. Though she is still vibrant and she really knows how to make a simple outfit stand out. I mean it doesn't matter is your dress is very expenisve or just an ordinary one, how it differs is on how a person wears and brings it. Even when a lot of people were wearing black to the concert but Alex did stand out.
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