Prince Jaime (1972-) and Princess Viktória (1982-) of Bourbon-Parma

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What lovely news, congratulations to the happy family!

I admit that I'm not too surprised by the announcement. She looked so radiating at the recent engagement, and her dress was not exactly very tight.;)
The couple emphasizes that they do not care if the baby is a boy or a girl. 'Fortunately we can not influence nature' they added. Apparently they were asked as some journalist who also noticed that there is no 'heir' (stamhouder) among duke Carlos Hugo's grandchildren yet. They added that their only wish is that the baby is healthy.

Prinses Viktória: geslacht baby maakt niet uit|Prive|

Of course it wouldn't be an issue if some branches of the family became extinct as there are enough Parma's as it is. Same goes for several other families btw; in some cases it would actually solve a few issues (or create new ones :whistling:).
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Congratulations to Prince Jaime and Princess Viktoria! And let's hope this time it will be a boy...

Yes indeed a Prince would be welcome news,congratulations to the Prince and Princess.
Even if it's a girl, they still have time; Viktoria is 34, her sister-in-law - nearly 38.
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I wanted to write "34". Sorry, my mistake.
I'm a little late though congratulations to Jaime and Viktória! :flowers:
That makes two new babies to be born in the House of Bourbon Parma, and we also have the new arrival of Xavier Brenninkmeijer. Princesses Louisa and Cecilia and Alaïa-Maria Brenninkmeijer aren't short of playmates!
According to Vorsten, the baby was born in Rome.

Instead of baby presents,Princess Viktória asked her friends and family to donate the money to 'Save the Children' instead.
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Xavier , Carlos and Gloria,. 3 grandchildren for Princess Irene.
Ah another little girl:flowers: As Jamie said in an interview when they announced, he had no control over gender, when it was pointed out his dad had no legitimate grandsons. I am sure Jamie is over the moon with his precious new daughter, and little Xavier and Carlos have the grandson request covered. :)

Irene must be on cloud nine, three new little grandchildren in less than six months. Congrats to the parents, big sister, proud grandma and family.
For any unknown reason, I expected this baby two months earlier to be born. Maybe I got confused with English and German date writing.

In any case, nice to read this and congratulations!

We learn from this: the girls will defend their majority in the family, after two points for the boys :D
Congratulations to them! I was quite surprised by the news, but it's a lovely surprise. :flowers:
Is anyone else having problems w/this site? All I see is the first bit and it won't page down for me either.

Congratulations to the Bourbon-Parmas on the newest addition to the Family!! Gloria Irene is such a pretty name and here's wishing her a long and happy life!!

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It works for me. There's a translator over the site. Here's the link without the translator: Nieuwe foto's van prins Jaime met gezin - Vorsten
Omg how cute!

I don't like the Name Gloria Irene, but the little name bearer is adorable.

The first time a see a pic of Zita with a child's face. As a baby she looked as babies just look like ;) - but now I can see the face of a real person :)

She seems to come after her father, not after her beautiful mother. But likeable and interesting.
Oh, those photos are too precious! Jaime and Viktória have a charming little family now. I already sense from these photos a little snippet of Zita's personality, she seems to be rather lively and curious to me. Her dress is pretty and great for summer. Baby Gloria is beautiful and seems so peaceful in her mother's arms!
It seems that the other two people are the ambassador to Italy & spouse. I am not sure that Princess Viktoria actually wore one of Van den Krommenackers designs before, but they are a favourite of Princess Irene and her daughters.
HRH Princess Gloria Irene de Bourbon de Parme,2nd child and daughter of TRH Prince Jaime and Princess Viktoria de Bourbon de Parme and sister of Princess Zita,was baptised today in a ceremony at the Onze Lieve Vrouw ten Hemelopnemingkerk at Apeldoorn.

Princess Gloria was born in Rome on May 9th this year,her father Prince Jaime is the Dutch Ambassador to the Holy See.

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:previous: Those are sweet photos, thank you for sharing. Gloria is a sweet little one and I especially love the photo of Zita kissing her (Gloria's reaction is priceless!). It looks as if she has a flower sewn on to her christening gown, which is a charming detail.
The godparents of Princess Gloria de Bourbon de Parme are:

- Princess María Carolina de Bourbon de Parme (sister of Prince Jaime)
- Pieter Maurice Kraan, CEO of the Foundation Save The Children (Princess Viktória is Lady Patroness of the foundation)
- Daniël Povel, CEO of Triodos Bank (friend of the parents)
- Barbara Bühlmann, partner of KPMG Switzerland (friend of the parents)
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