Prince Jaime (1972-) and Princess Viktória (1982-) of Bourbon-Parma

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I've always admired the way that the Dutch RF has supported each other through happy and sad times.

He is only 41 and already an ambassador. He must be very talented, though the cynics under us may think that nepotism plays a part in this quick carreer.
Or he relied on the intercession of a favorite relative and lit some very special candles. ;)
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Prince Jaime, Netherlands' ambassador to Vatican City, after the presenting of his credentials to Pope Francis at the Vatican.

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The Pope spoke to Prince Jaime for around 30 minutes. Also Princess Viktória and little Princess Zita were presented to the Pontiff. It wonders me why the Prince wore no any Order, his (stylish) white tie with black gilet (Vatican protocol) was virginal without any decoration.

Usually a Dutch Ambassador at the Vatican wears an official costume, look at Prince Jaime's predecessor:
Yesterday the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands at the Holy See, Prince Jaime de Bourbon de Parme, made a stroll through Rome with his spouse Princess Viktória and their daughter Princess Zita.

For decades the Netherlands sends countless flowers to Rome, to decorate the Piazza San Pietro for the Easter Mass and the blessing Urbi et Orbi. This not only is about the flowers, it also includes dozens of trucks, chauffeurs, volunteers, their travel, accomodation, etc. A costly operation but it delivers goodwill for the Netherlands ánd is a nice honour to the Pope. The Prince and his family were given an explanation on this year's decorations.

Prince Jaime, Princess Viktória and Princess Zita with Mr Charles van der Voort, leader of the project

Example of Dutch splendour in Rome

Another example of Dutch splendour in Rome

Princess Viktoria of Parma has become the patroness for the Dutch branch of the organisation 'Save the Children', an organisation that focusses on childrens rights. Princess Juliana was patroness of the organisation from 1980 to 2004.

Before Viktoria accepted the position she travelled to India in January, to get to know the work of the organisation. Although the princess lives in Rome, she will be present on Monday for a fund raising at the Efteling amusement park.

Prinses Viktória boegbeeld Save the Children - Vorsten
I like the Hungarian writing of the name: Princess Viktória. Sounds like a lady strolling the chique Andrássy Boulevard in Budapest and drinking an espresso at Ruszwurm Grand Café...
I like the Hungarian writing of the name: Princess Viktória. Sounds like a lady strolling the chique Andrássy Boulevard in Budapest and drinking an espresso at Ruszwurm Grand Café...

Okaaaay... you do realize that there probably are lots of Viktoria's in Hungary and probably not all are chique ladies?
Of course I do, that takes not away I like the name "Princess Viktória".

I like it better than "Princess Estelle", for an example. Tastes differ.
Great to see Princess Viktória in public. And for a very good cause. :flowers:
On May 4th the prince, his wife and daughter attended a WWII commemoration service in the church of Santa Maria in Trastevere, Italy. They were invited by Mgr. Punt. The service was attended by 800 pelgrims from the bishopric Haarlem-Amsterdam. The choir sang the Requiem of Gabriel Fauré.

Bisdom Haarlem-Amsterdam - Nieuws

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:previous: Thank you for sharing. :flowers:

It is interesting that they attended an event in Italy as even though they are members of the House of Bourbon-Parma, they appear to spend most of their time in the Netherlands.

I wonder why Princess Zita-Clara was brought to the event, nevertheless, it's lovely to see her as we haven't seen her for a while (not since her christening I don't think). She's very sweet.
Well, the Prince of course also is Ambassador of the kingdom of the Netherlands at the Holy See. When the Prince welcomed the pilgrims from the Diocese of Haarlem-Amsterdam he reminded them that he also has lived in the same diocese (in the city of Amsterdam).

It was more as a private person, as a Dutchman, as a faithful from his "old" diocese and also as an Ambassador (it was a Remembrance ceremony) that the Prince was there. Not so much in his "capacity" as a Prince of the House de Bourbon de Parme, I think.

Prince Jaime attended the opening of the exhibition "Rome – The dream of Emperor Constantine" at the Nieuwe Kerk in Amsterdam today, October 1st:

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The weekly program Blauw Bloed (Blue Blood) had a short encounter with Prince Jaime de Bourbon de Parme. An excellent diplomat and well-formulating gentleman. He told about this great exhibition, with artefacts from the Vatican musea, in the New Church "once a Catholic church, then Protestant and now a secular building, very much fitting in the changing of times".

The Prince thought it was exciting to be Ambassador during the papacy of the current Pope, who seems to trigger the public and is -also by non-Catholics- seen as an authority. The Prince also stated that the Vatican may be small, its "organisation" is immense, has a world wide presence and reaches all places on the globe. The Prince mentioned that he was stationed in Iraq, Afghanistan (and Brussels) but being an Ambassador at the Holy See added a new dimension.
It looks like a highly interesting exhibition and possibly the first time the Nieuwe Kerk has had so many Catholic Bishops present since the Protestant take over in the 1570's.

Princess Viktória as Patron of Save the Children and Princess Mabel as Chair of Girls Not Brides attended an expert meeting on child marriage organized by Save the Children in Den Haag today, October 7:

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Princess Viktória as Patron of Save the Children attended the Stuffed Toys Action for Better Education at the Paperclip School in Krimpen aan den IJssel today, November 9. The event is an initiative of IKEA, Save the Children and UNICEF.

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They're expecting their second baby together!
The Dutch tv-program 'Blauw Bloed' announced this on Twitter some minutes ago.

Blauw Bloed ‏@BlauwBloedtv 6 min.
Wij mogen bekendmaken dat prinses Viktória en prins Jaime hun 2e kind verwachten. Gefeliciteerd! #blauwbloed

We can announce that princess Viktória and prince Jaime are expecting their second child. Congratulations!
Congratulations to Prince Jaime and Princess Viktoria! And let's hope this time it will be a boy...
Great news! Congratulations to the couple. Princess Irene thus far has 6 granddaughters and no official grandsons, so a boy could be a nice change.
Congratulations to Prince Jaime, Princess Viktoria, Princess Zita and the other members of their family.
a boy could be a nice change.

A nice change and also a possible heir to secure the succession within the descendants of the late Duke Carlos Hugo.
Wonderful news! Congratulations to the couple!
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